Pretty Party Series Grand Finale

After all of the party planning goodness these last ten days, we’re certain that you are itching to put a fabulous fete together yourself. To assist you in that endeavor, we’ve put together a Party Planner just. for. you. (well, to be honest, I use this planner to, so it’s not just for you). It even has designated spots for a cupcake topper, a garland, a treat buffet and a backdrop (some of the pillars of a great party).

It has been an awesome 10 days of Pretty Parties, wouldn’t you agree? We’ve shown y’all  3 Real Parties, 10 tutorials, 3 round ups, and a fall freebie!  Let’s recap the party greatness…

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Three Real Parties:
Child Birthday Party
Bachelorette Party
Baby Shower
Ten Tutorials:
Cupcake Topper
Using Candy Molds
Maid of Honor Speech
Bow Toppers
Group Gift
Paper Streamers
Flower Topper
Sparkle Streamers

Three Round Ups:
Nine Cake Toppers
Twenty Five Guest Books
Nine Sweet Garlands
One Freebie

Just curious, what’s the next party your planning? Halloween? That’s one of my faves! As for me, the BF turns 30 soon (beginning of Nov!)… I need to utilize that freebie and get this party planned! What themes have you seen or used for the 3-0?!

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