Hometalk twitter chat: Pretty Organizing Ideas {5/14 at 3p CST}

Save the date! I’m hosting a twitter chat with Hometalk and 3 other awesome blog girls on Tuesday, May 14th at 3p CST all about pretty organizing ideas. Our twitter chat experts are: My real life friend and Snap conference roomie, Becky from Organizing Made Fun, Anna from Ask Anna, and Heidi from Honey BearLane. These ladies are organizing pros!

pretty organizing ideas

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To get our brains prepared for the big chat, I put together a board on Hometalk filled with pretty organizing ideas! See links to all of the ideas on Hometalk:

And here are some of my pretty organizing ideas on C.R.A.F.T.:

pretty organizing ideas

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Oh and one more funny thing:

I was recently showing my mom Hometalk on her iPad. I was showing her my profile, the comments on the post about her coffee table, and the outdoor craft projects board I put together. I was telling her how she would love it and it’s a great place for home project inspiration. And then this happened:

Mom: I’ve used this site before!

Me: You have?!

Mom: Yea, it showed me how to clean the dryer vent.

Me: Are you sure?!

Mom: Yea, the dryer wasn’t working right. I posted a question, and someone suggested I clean the dryer vent. And it fixed the dryer! (Here’s the how to clean a dryer vent post!)

Me: You posted a question, all by yourself….  on Hometalk? Not buyin’ it…

Mom: Well, I googled my question and someone has already asked the question, and Hometalk popped up on google, so I clicked it. I recognize the post and that site.

Let’s get this straight  my mom uses Hometalk to answer questions about her appliance drama, BUT she had no idea you can use it to find projects, DIY ideas, and room makeovers?! How could this be? Good thing I’m here to show her the ways of the intra webs!

So, what the heck is Hometalk? It’s the home and garden knowledge hub where you can ask questions, search for inspiration, and get involved in the community! I signed Mom up for an account at Hometalk and showed her around. Signing up is really easy, just click here, and you can login with facebook, twitter, or just enter your email. See:

Hometalk C.R.A.F.T.

Then, follow C.R.A.F.T. and my mom and start asking questions, making boards, posting projects and getting involved with the Hometalk community! Leave me a comment below letting me know you followed me, and I will be sure my mom and I follow you back!

Phew, that was a lot of info, here’s a little bulleted summary:

  • Twitter chat about pretty organizing ideas is happening May 14th at 3p CST! #hometalk
  • RSVP above to Twitter chat for a chance to win prizes
  • Check out tons of pretty organizing ideas here.
  • Sign up for Hometalk!
  • Follow me and mom.
  • Leave me a comment with a link to your Hometalk profile and we’ll follow you back!




  1. I’m following you on Hometalk, can’t wait for you and your mom to follow me back 😀

  2. Love the craft room organization. I so wish I had a real craft room so I could do something similar!

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