Make an envelope out of a magazine page {5 minute paper craft}

I heart snail mail. Doesn’t everyone? I send random letters as often as I can, I even host package pals a couple times a year on C.R.A.F.T. This is seriously one of my all time favorite crafts. It’s über speedy, cute, and I always have everything on hand. My. kind. of. craft. Magazine envelopes were actually one of my very first posts on C.R.A.F.T. But, that post kind of stinks, and it’s been on my re-do list for a long time now. Without further ado, how to turn a magazine into an envelope!

magazine page paper craft
All you need is:

  • magazine
  • greeting card
  • tape
  • washi tape
  • pen

magazine paper craft


Ready for the easiest craft ever? Pick a pretty magazine page. Rip it out. Lay card on magazine page and fold over the edges. Check the front of card to make sure the part of the picture you like is going to end up where you want it to. Tape it up.

magazine paper craft

Then use washi tape to close the envelope and add it to the front as an address label. Easy as pie. And look how freakin’ cute it looks in the midst of borring bills and junk mail…

magazine paper craft

Here are lots more snail mail letter and gift ideas for ya:

A special thanks to Angie and Carolina for the kick in the butt to get this 15 minute paper craft re-done! Be sure to check out their blogs for a ton of 15 minute craft ideas!


  1. Awww! My best friend and me used to make those when we wrote each other letters every day and brought them with us to school… Such a great memory :)
    Maybe I should start again making them and … oh, well … send them to her. Bringing to school is well and truly over…

    Love, Midsommarflicka

  2. What a great way to use old magazines! This makes me want to use extra wrapping paper as envelopes for my Christmas cards.

  3. What a fun and personal idea! I don’t think I’ve ever made an envelope like that!

  4. Yes I have made these and also kept those luscious pages filled with jewellery or shoes or bags or bags and used them for to wrap small gifts – according to the recipients interests.

  5. Yay! Love this! My husband Mark and I wrote letters to each other all throughout our dating days (we were long distance) and handmade magazine envelopes were a big part of that! I have a vivid memory of one he made me out of a brilliant photo from his SURFER mag…in fact, I still have it. All that to say, this DIY speaks to my heart, and I’m glad you’re sharing with the blogging world how to transform drab plain ole envelopes into vibrant personalized envelopes…fo’ free! (Score.)

    The Thinking Closet

  6. the PERFECT quick craft – love it!

  7. Wow, so neat…who wouldn’t love getting this snazzy envelope in the mail?
    Awesome idea, sharing!

  8. Cute idea!! I’m totally giving this a try. Thanks for the tute :)

  9. I have made envelopes from magazine pages for quite some time. I always use them to mail out checks when I pay my bills. I figure it’s gotta be pretty boring for the person opening all those water bill or mortgage payments having to look at boring old white envelopes over and over!

  10. Lovely to find a kindred spirit who also ‘hearts snail mail’! Your envelopes are completely cool, not to mention a fantastic ‘green’ way to promote recycling and the charm of snail mail. Meeting you via “InspireMeMondays” Create With Joy linkup

  11. That is a really nice and unique idea!

  12. Cute Idea! Thanks for sharing it with us at Inspire Me Monday at Create With Joy! :-)

  13. ohhhh fast, easy, upcycled and FUN! Love this idea and so want to sit down and write a dozen letters just to make the envelopes! Thanks for sharing the inspiration at Snickerdoodle Sunday. I hope you will stop by and link this post to our creative challenge upcycle party too (


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