DIY Vertical Planters (Workshop on April 11th!)

Note: This post is sponsored by The Home Depot.

So, we finished the DIY planters and we added rock to our back patio! I had big plans of painting the planter all kinds of funky, and I did. And then I hated it. I’ll show you pictures, but first check out the final project. This is what I’ll be teaching y’all how to build at The Home Depot in South Austin at 1200 Home Depot Blvd on April 11th at 10am! This DIY Workshop is being held throughout the country at most Home Depot store locations.  Click here and enter your zip code to find a workshop location near you.

DIY planters


I thought I wanted a little color in the backyard, so I painted some color block action on the front of each of my planter boxes. I painted all 6 of the planters with varying yellow (left over from this project), turquoise, and white stripes. This is the only picture I took before deciding to do a last minute switch-a- roo. We installed the first 3 boxes and I just wasn’t loving it. It looked too… kiddy? Messy? I don’t know. Something wasn’t right. So, for the top 3 boxes we just turned them around and faced the painted sides towards the fence. We ended up un screwing the 8 board that I painted on the bottom 3 planters, turning them over, and screwing them back in. Which is why you see the black stamp on the 3 of the boards on the bottom planters. Welcome to wonderful world of DIY! I definitely wasted some time and paint painting the planters, but in the end I’m so happy we didn’t leave them like that. I want to the plants to be the stars, not my paint job.

DIY garden planters


Ready to build your own? Here are the materials you will need to build my customized version of the DIY planter:

  • Three 8-foot 2×10
  • Five 8-foot 2x4s
  • Sixteen 8-foot 1x4s
  • 1 roll of wire mesh with half-inch gap
  • 1 roll of weed barrier
  • 1 box of 3-inch exterior deck screws
  • 1 box of one-and-a-half-inch screws

The project is 5 simple (but just being honest here, time consuming) steps.

1. Prep and cut

2. Assembly

3. Add Mesh and plastic

4. Attach the fence

5. Fill the planter!

For Step 1, you’ll need to make these cuts:

  • Eight 11-inch 2×10 pieces (These are the end pieces of each of the smaller planter boxes)
  • Seven 15-inch 2×10 pieces (These are the end pieces of the large planters and braces for assembly of the planter)
  • Forty 30- inch 1×4 pieces (These are the sides of each planter)
  • Twelve 27-inch 2×4 pieces (These are the bottom boards of each planter)

Tip: Using a saw with a built in laser makes cutting wood so much easier!

DIY planters

For step 2, you will assemble each of the 6 planter boxes. For the smaller planters, attach two 27-inch 2×4 pieces to two 11-inch 2×10 pieces. This is the hardest part of the assembly process for me! It’s an awkward angle and you need to make sure that everything is square. We don’t have a fancy workspace, and found that using the ground was the easiest way to ensure that things were staying square.

DIY planters

Then, pre drill all 6 holes and attach three 30-inch 1×4 pieces to each side of your planter frame.

DIY planters

Then add screws to your pre drilled holes.

DIY planters

Step 3 is to add wire mesh and weed barrier, this is pretty easy. Use wire cutters to cut the wire mesh, and attach it to the bottom of all 6 of your platers. Then you can use scissors to cut the weed barrier and cover the inside on each of your 6 planters. Attach with a staple gun.

Moving on to step 4: Attach to the fence. High five, friend! You’ve got all 6 of your planters assembled and prepped! Here are some tips for attaching the planter to your fence.

  • Make sure your first 2 boxes are level.
  • Attach the planter to the fence so that it can not fall over, especially if you have little ones!

Step 5 is the most fun… fill ‘em up with pretty stuff!

I’m excited to show y’all the before and after. Ready?! Here’s the patio upon moving in…

DIY planters


Then Andy ripped out one row of bushes and we painted the free patio furniture. Woah!

How to spray paint patio furniture

And then we built a DIY planter and extended the patio with rock! We still need to get another load of rocks to fill the last bit of dirt you see in the picture above, but it’s about 85% done. Oh and that big metal stick you see in the middle of the picture? That’s a sprinkle. It was that tall because of the bushes that used to be there. We need to cap off that sprinkle since we don’t need to water our rocks or cement.

DIY planters

What do you think?

DIY garden planters

I can’t wait for my plants to fill in! Want a DIY planter in your backyard? Click here and enter your zip code to find a Home Depot workshop location near you. I will be at The Home Depot in South Austin at 1200 Home Depot Blvd on April 11th at 10am teaching you how to build the planter you see in the picture below. The beauty of Doing It Yourself is that you can customize projects to fit your exact needs!

The Home Depot DIY Workshop: Vertical Planter

DIY Easter Basket

Need a quick, free Easter basket for this big hunt on Sunday? Me too! I whipped one up for Maxwell and he’s been carrying it around all day! Best of all, you probably have everything you need on hand. And for an extra dose of cuteness in your day, there’s Maxwell with his first Easter egg when he was only 3 weeks old!
Easy Easter Crafts Here’s what you need for this DIY Easter basket

  • carboard box
  • XACTO knife (or even just scissors)
  • white paint pen or black Sharpie or white out pen
  • rope

Here’s the very complicated process. 1: Use XACTO knife (or scissors) to cut off flaps. 2: Use your XACTO knife to cut2 tiny holes in the sides of your box. 3: Poke your rope through the holes and tie in a know.

DIY Easter Basket

4: Doodle on cuteness with a paint pen, Sharpie, or white out pen.

DIY Easter Basket

And here are 5 more fun up-cycled Easter baskets that you and the kiddos could make tonight!

DIY Easter Basket Ideas

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Free iPhone Wallpaper

Hello lovely C.R.A.F.T.ers. It’s Rachel of Lines Across here again to share a fun freebie with you today. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I’ve gotten really obsessed with watercolors lately… and spring… and flowers… and one thing that I love to do is to turn watercolor paintings into free iPhone wallpapers.

Spring inspired free iPhone wallpaper

Now you can use these free wallpapers for your iPhone, android, or any smart phone device. I’ve sized them for the iPhone 6+ (because it’s the largest), but you can easily zoom in or out to make them fit your phone. Just make sure that the perspective zoom is OFF.




free iPhone wallpaper

There are two really simple ways to get these free wallpapers to your phone:

1. Visit this page from your phone’s browser. Follow the link to and download the image directly to your phone.

2. Download the image to your computer. Email it to yourself. Open the email and save the image to your phone.

I hope you enjoy! You can also check out this collection of 24 free graphic iPhone wallpapers, and these watercolor brushstrokes wallpapers I shared recently. And if you’re interested in learning to paint with watercolors, check out my latest series on watercolors for beginners.