Eating placenta (+ 11 other things to do with your placenta!)

Have you heard about moms eating their placentas after giving birth? It’s happening folks. I mean even the Kardashion’s are getting in on the placenta eating. Although, I chose not to eat my placenta, I did do something else kind of weird (see below)! I gave birth in a birthing center (birth story here), and was given three options for things to do with my placenta. But, after posting on C.R.A.F.T. faceebook, I discovered that most women who give birth in a hospital are not given any options. So, while some of these things on the list seem very bizarre to me, it is a complete list of things that you could possibly do with your placenta. And I like options, y’all!

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Things to do with your placenta

I’ll start with the 3 options I was given:

1. Dehydrate and pill your placenta: From my brief research, this is the second most common option, next to allowing the hospital to dispose if it. For an another extra cost, a midwife at my birthing center would take your placenta home, dehydrate and make it into pills for you to take after giving birth. Friends who have done it, swear by it. I have actually had the opportunity to watch a placenta be cooked! Does it work? Who really knows. You can find article after article about the benefits of eating your placenta including increase milk production and balancing hormones. But, I did find a few that claim it might actually be harmful. And here’s another one about a woman here regrets eating her placenta. Oh and getting your placenta out of a hospital can be quite the feat. Apparently, in Texas you have to have a court order to take your placenta home. But, in Hawaii and Oregon you are legally allowed to take home your placenta.

2. Donate your placenta to a canine police dog academy to be used in human remains detection training: This is the option I chose! My birthing center made it super easy. I did nothing with the exception of signing a piece of paper. If you are thinking you’d like to do this, I would contact a local canine police academy and ask. I’ve heard of centers proving a donation kit and then sending someone to come and pick the placenta up. If you are in Austin, TX you can donate yours to the Travis County Search and Rescue. Just email Amanda at  @ and she’ll get you all set up!

3. Dispose of the placenta: This is the defaultoption for most placentas. I asked a baby nurse friend of mine how hospitals dispose of placentas. Here is what she said, “Hospitals contract out companies that deal specifically with medical waste. Medical waste includes things like amputated limbs, excess skin, and placentas. The hospital bags up the medical waste into special containers and then the company comes and picks up the bins when they are full and takes them to be incarcerated.”  Not all states consider placentas to be “medical waste”. Every state has different laws regarding placentas.  Hawaii and Oregon allow mom’s to take home their placentas without a court order!

And now onto some other interesting and crafty things to do with your placenta:

4. Have Alex Green make you a teddy bear out of your placenta: 

Eating your placenta

5. Bury your placenta and plant a tree: Not a bad option in my opinion, especially if you are having a home birth and don’t know what else to do with it! Some cultures do this symbolically to repersent the babies link to the Earth.

6. Turn it into a necklace: After a little research, I found two ladies on who can do this for you. The one below is made from an encapsulated placenta pill.

Eating your placenta7. Make a print: Now here is a quick and easy DIY option, make a print of your placenta! Here’s a detailed DIY placenta print making tutorial!

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 5.08.04 PM

8. Placenta lasagna: There are lots of recipes for placenta lasagna on the ol’ internet! Sounds like you just cut your placenta into tiny pieces and cook it with the ground beef.

9. Placenta Tincture: According to this site, you can mix a piece of your placenta with vodka. Then and add a few drops to water and drink.

Things to do with your placenta10. Placenta Photography: I snapped a picture of mine.  It’s not cute. I will spare you the details!

11. Placenta smoothie: If lasagna isn’t for you, how about a smoothie? Katie DiBenedetto wrote a book called DIY Placenta Edibles. That’s all I know. Well that, and if I was forced to choose I would definitely go smoothie route over lasagna.

12. Donate your placenta to science: This is only an option for women having a planned C-section.

So, did you have placenta choices when you gave birth? Would you consider one of the above options? Do you think it’s gross to eat it? I’d love to hear…


Free Things to do in New York City

Note: Did you know that we’ve got guides 30+ with 10 fun, free family friendly things to do in cities all over the world! Check out the complete list here. I like to call it Creating Really Awesome Free Trips! 

I love New York City! The smell, the people, the action, the food, the shopping, the walking… there is so much to offer! Get yourself to the big apple, find a place to stay, and I’ve got an awesome list of free things for you to do while you are here! To do everything on this list would take a good month, ha! So, just pick a few things that you will really enjoy and that fit into your schedule. Oh and if you like cupcakes, be sure to checkout my lower Manhattan battle of the cupcake and 10 fun, free things to do with kids in downtown Manhattan.

And now for the giant list of 29 free things to do in New York City:

Free things to do in New York City!

1. Take a cheesy, but adorable picture in front of the love sculpture at 6th Avenue and W. 55th.

Free things to do in nyc, ny

2. Walk, jpg, skip or ride a bike across the Brooklyn Bridge: Bring a camera because you will absolutely want to take pictures of the Manhattan skyline… or the bridge! s
Free things to do in NYC, NY
3. Take the free Staten Island ferry for great views of Lady Liberty. Try to avoid the rush hour ferry from 5-6.  Enjoy a free ride around the New York Harbor and lots of fun photo ops. You will never have to wait more than 30 minutes for the next ferry!

Free Things to do in NYC   

4. Visit the Hello Deli from David Letterman take a picture with Rupert. The sandwiches are yummy too.
Free things to do in NYC, NYFree things to do in NYC, NY
5. Get free tickets to live tapings of TV shows: We’ve been to David Lettermen, but remember this requires planning ahead!
Be a part of these live audiences for free:
  1. The Daily Show
  2. The Dr. Oz Show
  3. The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
  4. The Voice
  5. Saturday night live ticket lottery: Send an email to: [email protected] 
  6. Late Night with Seth Myers
  7. The Rachel Ray Show
  8. Good Morning America
  9. The Meredith Viera Show
  10. Live with Kelly and Michael

 6. Sony Wonderland: Free Admission! This is a kid must do. Call (212) 833-8100 to reserve tickets at least 7 seven days in advance. The hours are: Tue- Sat 10-5 Sun 12-5. The address is 550 Madison Ave. at 56th St.

7. Farmer’s Market all over the city: Check this website for specific days and times of the market closest to you. But, we stopped by the Wednesday Tribeca market and sampled different varieties of peaches and apples, yum! Lots and lots of yummy samples and fresh produce!
 Free things to do in New York City with kids
8. Roosevelt Island: It is a tiny island between Manhattan and Queens.The tram from Manhattan to the island is a 4 minute ride and has awesome views! An adult ticket is $2.75 one way. But, up to three 3 children 44 inches tall and under ride for free on the Tram when accompanied by a fare paying adult!
9. One World Trade Center: Visit the 9/11 Memorial Plaza and and Museum. Memorial Plaza is free to visit, but you can also take a guided tour from a staff member for $15. The 9/11 Museum is free on Tuesday evenings from 5-8, the last entry is at 6pm. Below is a picture from 2008 that I took of the 9/11 site when it was still being built. 
10. St. Paul’s Chapel: Not only is it Manhattan’s oldest building in use, it also withstood September 11th, and played a huge role in hosting recovery workers after the attacks.  St. Paul’s Chapel sit directly across the street from One World Trade Center. Inside, there is a free museum about the tragic events of 9/11. 
11. Downtown Boathouse: Kayak in the Hudson River for free from the middle of May until the middle of October. You can launch a free kayak from Pier 26, Pier 96, and 72nd Street. Be prepared to get a little wet!
12. Strawberry Fields: A 2.5 acre area in Central Park that pays tribute to the late Beatle, John Lennon. It is located on the west Side between 71st and 74th Streets.
 Free Things to do in NYC
13. Shakespeare in the Park: A fun, free summer evening event in Central Park at Delacorte Theatre. From my expereince, this requires a little pateince to stand in line for free tickets! There are 4 places throughout the city to get your free tickets. This summer there are two performances: The Tempest (May 27- July 5) and Cymbeline (July 23- August 23).
14. Brooklyn Botanical Gardens: Free admission all day on Tuesday and on Saturday form 10-noon. Also free entry on weekdays November through February! Not able to go on a free day? Adult tickets are $12, and kids aged 12 and under are free.
15. Prospect Park: A 585 acre park in the heart of Brooklyn! There are lots of free, fun things to do with kids including playgrounds, basketball courts, nature walks, paddle boats, and picnics! There is a also a historic carousel that costs $2 per ride.
16. Bronx Zoo: General admission is free on Wednesday, but they do encourage a donation. Bring a picnic linch and make this is an all day event! It is also always free to kids 2 and under, members of the U.S. military with a vaild military ID, and to NYC undergraduate college students.
17. Socrates Sculpture Park: Always free admission!
18. Grand Central Station: The current look of Grand Central Station was completed and open to the public in 1913. It’s a beautiful station with  60+ shops and 35 restaurants. I suggest having a cupcake at the Magnolia Bakery!
19. Fifth Avenue: Window shop at the fancy stores. Be sire to check out St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the Apple Store glass cube, FAO Schwarz, and admire the fancy apartments as you head north alons Central Park. Oh and the Apple Store is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! See it, to the left of Andy?!
The Plaza Hotel is right across the street from the Apple Store:

20. MoMA: Free every Friday from  4-8pm. Get there early because the line can wrap around the block!  If you are not there on a Friday evening, adults tickets are $25, but kids 16 and under get in for free. Hours and admissions info here.

21. Whitney Museum of American Art: Pay what you want Fridays from 6-9pm. If you can’t make it on a Friday evening, adults tickets are $22, but kids under 18 are always free.

22. Hudson River Park: This is one of our go to spots in the Manhattan, it’s a huge 550 acre park, with 400 acres of river front property! We like to grab a few slices of pizza and hang out on the grass. The views are beautiful and Maxwell loves smelling the flowers and making new friends. Oh and the people watchign is great too.  So there is a lot more to do than picnic on the grass. I wrote another post with 10 free things to do with kids in downtown Manhattan, and have a lot more about the Hudson River Park!

 Free Things to do in NYC

23. Naked Cowboy: The Naked Cowboy can typically be spotted on  the corner of 45th and Broadway in Time Square right before lunchtime!

Free things to do in NYC

24. Federal Reserves Bank: Take a free 60 minute tour to learn about the role of the Federal Reserve System and money!
25. Rent Bikes: This isn’t free, but it is personally one of my favorite things to do in Manhattan, and it provides hours of fun! There are 3 parts to the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway: We like to ride on the Hudson River greenway because it is the longest, and the entire path follows the river and is separated from traffic. Check Groupon for a good deals on bike rentals, we typically get bikes for $20- $30 for the day.
26. Union Square: Take a free, 90 minute walking tour on Saturday at 2pm. Meet at the Abraham Lincoln Statue located along the 16th Street transverse. For more information, call (212) 517-1826. Union square comes alive at night and hosts street performers every night of the week!
27. Self Guided Walking ToursHere is a fun map of all of the Manhattan neighborhoods. The Little Italy/ China Town walking tour looks fun. This route is 1.6 miles and should include a stop for dumplings. I also love Greenwich Village where you can see John Wilkes Booth and Mark Twains houses, the “Friends” Apartment building, and the narrowest home in NYC (10 feet wide)! This is a 3.5 mile stroll.

Free things to do in NYC


China Town:

28.The High Line Park: The High Line was originally built to travel safer for trains and cars in the early 1930’s. Before 1930, 10th avenue was nicknamed Death Avenue because of all of the train and street traffic accidents. The growth of interstate trucking led to a decline in the use of railroads and the High Line. The last train ran the High Line in 1980. The park is renovated and fully opened to the public in June of 2011. Read more history here.
Free things to do in nyc, ny
29. Chelsea Market: Located directly below the High Line at 15th Street, this venue is always changing. There are restaurants, bakeries, artists, sample sales, concerts, and even a flea market! Grab a delicous brownie at Fat Which and enjoy browsing the goods with the kids!
Free things to do in nyc, ny


And there you have it… 29 free things to do in NYC. Have you and your family ever been to NYC? Do you love it? Do you hate it? Would you ever want to live there? What’s your favorite thing to do in in NYC? I’d love to hear…