10 Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Hey guys! I’m Monica from East Coast Creative and I’ve rounded up ten DIY fathers day gifts for ya! These are top notch gifts that your man will actually love and use. The hardest part just might be choosing which one to give him!

10 Really awesome Father's day gift ideas

1. Father’s Day Coffee Mug

DIY Fathers day gifts

{Coconut Robot}

If your little ones can’t write or draw shapes yet, use vinyl alphabet stickers to tell dad how awesome he is on a new coffee mug. After carefully placing the stickers on the mug, let your kids go to town with markers or paint pens, allowing the artwork to dry in between colors. Next, remove the stickers to reveal your design, pretty cool right? Let the mugs dry again, this time over night, and then bake at 375 for 30 minutes to seal in your child’s handy work.

2. The Game of Love: Customized Bedsheet Board Game

This is a gift just from Mommy to Daddy! As parents it’s sometimes hard to find the time and energy to “connect” with your man. The Game of Love is a fun way to show him that you’re still head over heels for him and that even with kids, he’s still your #1.

The Game of Love is a bed sheet board game that you get to customize to fit your relationship just right!


Every Game of Love kit includes a fitted sheet game board, washable fabric markers, game piece/die, directions, and the coolest part… access to The Idea Vault- a collection of 100s of fun and creative ideas for you to write on your game board. Customizing your own game is easy and fun and will mean the world to your man!

Father's Day 2015

This father’s day, break up with your bedtime routine and give him a little reminder of just how it was that he became the world’s best dad!

{The Game of Love}

3. Handmade Father’s Day Card

DIY Fathers day gifts


Still need a cool card to go with the cool gift that you’ve chosen for your guy? Show him just how popular he is in a Google search, popping up in the top spot as “World’s Best Dad”! You can make and draw everything by hand the way Jamie did or print out a screen print of your actual Google search of “World’s Best Dad”, either way your guy will love this card better than any store bought one!

4. DIY Log Carrier

DIY Fathers day gifts

{Whip Up via We Wilsons}

Does your man chop wood for your fire place? My husband loves cutting wood for our house, but he doesn’t love lugging all those chopped logs into the house every time our stock runs low. Make things a bit easier for him for the upcoming fall and winter by making him a southwest inspired DIY log carrier! After you grab the tutorial from Whip Up, grab a few logs, wrap it up with a bow and you’ve scored a cute & practical gift. What guy doesn’t love cute & practical?

5. Homemade Beef Jerky

DIY Fathers day gifts

{Against All Grain}

OK, so maybe your husband is the guy who has everything, so what do you do? Make him homemade beef jerky of course! They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, right? The best thing about this recipe, you don’t need a dehydrator to make it! Danielle’s instructions include an oven method, which may take more time than a dehydrator, but will be well worth it in the end.

6. DIY Puzzle Cube

DIY Fathers day gifts


Is your guy a gamer, does he love solving puzzles and figuring things out, is he from the Rubik’s cube era? Then, this DIY puzzle cube is the perfect little gift to surprise him with this Father’s Day. Using a few items from the craft store, you can make him this rad gift for under $10…score!

7. Homemade Shaving Cream

DIY Fathers day gifts

{Food for My Family}

This Father’s Day gift might be made for him, but you’ll probably love the smell of it so much that you’ll want to use it too. He said you couldn’t borrow his razor, but he didn’t say anything about his shaving cream!

8. Custom Golf Balls

Handmade Father's day gift ideas

{Laughing Kids Learn}

How cute are these decorative golf balls? If your little ones can scribble, then they can help with this fun Father’s Day gift idea. Have your older kids draw polka dots and lines or even write their names on them to make each golf ball personal and unique so dad can tell who they’re from. Guys love gifts they can really use and girls tend to love pretty gifts- this project is the best of both worlds!

9. Swiss Army Key Ring

DIY Fathers day gifts


Some fellas have more keys than they know what to do with, but rarely keep them organized. Well, problem solved, now he can hide all of those keys with this awesome DIY Swiss Army key ring that you made for him. You could also use a wood burning tool to customize it with his initials or a fun pattern.

10. Drink Dispenser

Father's day gift idea


This is the perfect gift for the hipster dad in your life, what could be cooler than tapping into a granite stone to dispense your drinks from?! If you and your guy love to host dinner parties, then this is a must have gift for him.

Pretty awesome gifts for dad right?!? Thanks for letting me hang out with you today- come on over and visit my little piece of blog land anytime! If you love affordable DIY home renovations, check out my blog or my TV show “Knock It Off!”

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What is a baby sprinkle?

Have you ever heard of a baby sprinkle? Instead of a big rain shower, it’s just a light sprinkle! Get it? I love the idea of celebrating every baby, but let’s face it you don’t necessarily need all the baby stuff again. So, a little sprinkle is perfect. (Here are 21 more baby sprinkle ideas.) My friend, Annie, who helped throw me this modern twinkle, twinkle little star baby shower is having her second kiddo this summer and she only needed a light sprinkle!

DIY baby sprinkle ideasMy one big baby sprinkle craft were these do-nut balloons inspired by, DIY Studio. In theory, these are so simple. All you need is:

  • Do-nut balloons
  • Washi tape in a couple of colors (Purple, turquoise, yellow, and pink)
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Helium


Here’s the deal: I bought my donut shaped balloons from Amazon and had them filled with helium on Friday afternoon for their Saturday morning debut. On Saturday morning my donuts were dangling. Sad story. I ended up rigging them with fishing line and my favorite Command Party Hooks to make them appear perky on the table.


DIY baby sprinkle ideas

Making them is really simple, after they are filled with helium hold them down with your feet and paint a large ring of color. Let it dry and then attach pieces of washi tape to your balloon. Voila!

DIY baby sprinkle ideas

I filled 2 glass vases with leftover pretty, packing supplies and tied a rock to the bottom of the balloon to make it stay.

DIY baby sprinkle ideas

The menu was super simple too. I’m no chef and neither was my wonderful co-host, Vanessa so we opted to buy the goods! I got a tray chicken croissant sandwiches from my HEB. We did the same thing for Maxwell’s 1st birthday. Yummy and easy as pie. We got a veggie tray, and 3 different kinds of chips that were “sprinkled” with flavor. Ok fine, they came in bags and I just dumped them in cute glass vases. I used this awesome new chalkboard tape

The trick is to serve the food on pretty trays, ha! Don’t serve it on the plastic black ones everything comes on, then your secret is out! I like to pretend I cook for as along as possible. (I crock pot, that counts, right?!)

We also had sprinkled do-nuts and sprinkled cupcakes. Cute, yummy, and simple!

DIY baby sprinkle ideas



And I couldn’t help myself with Annie’s gift, I wrapped it in a good ol’ brown paper bag and doodled on a few donuts! (Brown bag gift wrap and doodle tutorial here.)


DIY baby sprinkle ideas

For the favors, I made up a super cheesy saying for the favors. Shocker! Y’all know I love a good cheesy saying. “You butter believe we are excited about Baby McBroom!” And I paired it with these fun bars of Shea Yeleen shea butter soap. They smell amazing and they are great for babies since the ingredients are all natural.

DIY baby sprinkle ideas


For the guest book, Vanessa’s sweet neighbor crafted up this giant water colored donut… kind of amazing don’t you think! And then we had guests use their pinky print to make a sprinkle!

DIY baby sprinkle ideas

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