38 DIY Pegboard project ideas

Pegboards are an awesome and inexpensive way to organize almost anything! These 38 pegboard project ideas organize every room in the house from bedrooms to garages to kitchens! You better beileve you’re gonna see some peg board projects on C.R.A.F.T. soon!

38 creative pegboard projects for your home


1. Headboard

pegboard headboard

2. Craft organizer

3. Office organizer

4. Craft organizer

5. Wall art

6. Garden organization

pegboard garden tools

7. Garage organization

8. Water wall

9. Drawer organizers

pegboard projetcs

10. Colorful pegboard for crafts

11. Headboard turned crafty pegboard

12. Pegboard office closet

pegboard office closet

13. Pegboard cross stitch

14. Spinning display rack

15. Backsplash in kitchen

DIY Pegboard projects

16. Seating chart

17. Pot Rack

DIY Pegboard projects

18. Thread organizer 

19. Super simple headboard

DIY Pegboard projects

20. Laundry room wall

21. Paint tools organization

22. Yellow craft room pegboard

23. Jewelry display case

24. Tufted ottoman

DIY Pegboard projects

25. Garden tools

26. Nursery organization

DIY Peg board projects

27.  Gift wrap caddy

DIY Peg board projects

28. Instagram display

DIY Peg board projects

29. Navy framed tool organization

30. Room divider

31. Cross stitched coat hanger

peg board projects

32. Odd shaped office wall

33. Giant geo board for kids

peg board projects for kids

34. Jewelry organizer

DIY Peg board projects

35. Framed tools

36. Super simple jewelry organizer

pegboard organization

37. Garage caddy

pegboard project



38. Fabric covered pegboard

pegboard laundry room



So, what’s your favorite peg board project? I LOVE the cross stitch pegged board!


Super simple instagram collage

I think I might be a genius, ha! You know when you have a really good idea and it actually works and it wasn’t even hard? Yea, that happened to me recently.  Are you prepared to be amazed? First, just admire my super simple instagram collage above the old crusty clean bar

How to make a simple instgram collage

Notice anything interesting? I posted this similar pic on instgram right after I finished the collage, but I didn’t even mention my genius idea.  I wanted to see if anyone noticed. They didin’t! And that’s ok, that’s actually the point! So here’s the genius part, can you see it now?


How to make a simple instgram collage



If you’re very observant, you’ll notice I disguised my light switch with a fun little instgram pic! This was such an easy and cheap fix! Before I had a frame over the light switch, which proved to be pretty dang annoying.

How to make a simple instgram collage


Here’s what I did, I ordered 2 sets of 4 x 4 instagram pics from Printstagram for a grand total of $24 for 48 pics. (Oh and I was not paid or perked for doing this, I had just heard great things about printing instas with them and decided to test ‘em out!) Then, I literally just taped them up with washi tape, and used an XACTO to cut out the light switch holes for my genius idea! The light switch holes aren’t perfect, but I’m ok with that for now.

easy way to cover a light switch

I didn’t measure or anything crazy like that. I used the light switch as a starting point, because that sucker can’t move. Then, just decided how many pics I wanted my collage to go across and up and started taping. That’s the greatness of tape, you can move it!

How to make a simple instgram collage

Oh and notice anything interesting about our molding? I just realized I was going to tell you the molding tale in this post, back in August 2013, but never actually did! Basically, we just painted a white  line to fake modling, ha! Any who, this is one of the reasons I think you should save all molding during remodel projects (our bathroom remodel will soon solve this issue)! Do you have a light switch in an awkward spot? Do use instagram? (Follow me here, if you’d like!) What was your latest genius idea? I’d love to hear…


Quinny Buzz Xtra Stroller Review

Strollers. There are lots and lots to choose from. We were given one from a sweet friend at a baby shower, but with all of the choices out there I thought it would be fun to test out another and really get a feel for what I like and don’t like in a stroller. Here’s all you ever wanted to know about the Quinny Buzz Xtra stroller!

Qunny buzz xtra stroller review

Here are some of the features I think are pretty awesome about the Quinny Buzz Xtra:

  • Reclining seat- In the forward facing position, there are 3 positions including a full recline option.
  • Extra large height-adjustable sun canopy- The canopy has a hidden zipper with an extra 4 in of protection! (See video)
  • Height adjustable push bar- Handy for taller mamas.
  • Forward and rear facing seat options- It’s super easy to take the seat from rear to forward facing. (See video)
  • Adjustable foot rest- The foot rests has multiple options to ensure comfort from baby to toddler.
  • 4 color choices (purple, red, black, gray)
  • Super cozy, fabric seat cushion for the sweet baby’s bum
  • Air filled, all terrain tires for an extra smooth ride
  • Adapter included for Maxi- Cosi infant car seat (Love this!)
  • How dang easy it is to fold and un fold! (See video)

Here is my attempt at a video… I actually made it while I was prego (5 days over baked to be exact)! So, here are my 3 very favorite things about the Quinny Buzz Xtra. Check out 1:58 in the video to see “my very favorite thing in the world”, ha! (It’s how the Buzz unfolds, amazing I tell you.)

And here are baby boy Max and I enjoying our very first walk in the Quinny Buzz Xtra! He seems pretty happy in there!
Quinny Buzz Xtra
And because he’s so dang cute, here are a few more…
Max Quinny Buzz
And just for size reference, Max is 8 days old in this picture and weighs about 8 lbs. He’s very cozy!
Max Quinny BUzz Xtra
Have you ever used a Quinny Buzz Xtra? What do you look for in a stroller? I’d love to hear…