Package Pals Linky Party (February)

First of all, happy leap day! (These would be fun and yummy to celebrate the extra day!)
Secondly, I almost forgot to put up the package pal linky party today… Thank you, Anna, for the friendly reminder :) If your new around here, package pals happens every other month. (see more info here) Sign ups will happen again at the end of March, and you will receive your package pal for the month of April! I’ve decided to limit package pals to 100 people, so sign up quick if you want to play! (I did not realize how much effort goes into pairing up people and sending out individual e-mails!)

The end of the month is when everyone shows off their crafty goodies… what you put together for your pal and what surprises showed up at your door! If you don’t have a blog and were one of the 100 people to participate, post your pictures on C.R.A.F.T. facebookfor all to see!A few things:

  • Please link to the blog post about your PP, not your home page
  • I will be featuring some of the craft goodies in the next month!
  • This linky is only for the 100 people that signed up for Package Pals
  • The linky will close in one week from today (March 7, 2012), but as with all linkies you can view ’em for forever :)

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the first PP. Leave me a comment if you have any suggestions/ideas/ comments to make it better next time!


  1. I mailed mine out today. :( I'm a day late, but I can't wait to hear from her once she receives it.

  2. This was so fun! Thank you for taking your time to do this :)

  3. No big deal :) Although, I would love to see pictures!!

  4. It was fun! And since I'm a new blogger, it was a fun way to get my "feet wet". LOL 😀 Thanks Jamie!! ~ Jackie

  5. Thanks so much for hosting this. I had fun and hope to do it again in April. I will be watching for the announcement in March.

  6. Thanks Jamie for doing this. Would to participate again. It was so much fun!

  7. Every one got such awesome stuff! I wish I could post a picture of mine that I got, but my camera is having issues. GRR! But thank you so much to Shannah!~ She sent me a fun box of crafty supplies to have fun with!

  8. Ok wierd! Third time I am trying this!

    I couldn't post a picture of mine because my camera isn't working for some reason….but Shannah sent me a fun package of crafty goodness! Thank you Shannah!

  9. I assume you cant sign up befor Wed th 21st ?? Im a newbie and would love to do it. PROBLEM I dont have a camera to show what I got?? Can I still do it??? PLEASE?

  10. Boo, I didn't get my linky up before you closed it. This was fun! I enjoyed trying to make something I thought (hoped!) my PP would enjoy.

  11. I didn't make it to the linky party, but wanted to share any way. Thanks for doing this. It is so much fun!


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