My halloween nook {halloween crafts}

I’ve never had a mantle. I take that back, we had a mantle in our house growing up. But as a grown up myself, I’ve never had one. I usually deem one nook in my house the seasonal nook and spruce it up for the holidays (here’s the Austin condo nook). This is the first holiday sprucing Sunny, our rental, as seen. It’s an awkward nook (remember, the decorating debacle). I rearranged/ stuffed things in closets and under beds to Halloween-ify the nook. I like the space a lot better without the iron pieces!  Here she is spruced up for Halloween…

halloween crafts

P.S. The orange chair does not really live there, just looked cute for the photo op!  I moved the 2 blonde chairs behind me to take pictures, but they are back in their spots today. I’m not ready to part with the 2 chairs, or iron pieces, but they didn’t exactly add to the picture! Anywho, this week I’m dedicating to halloween crafts. Here is whats in store for the next 4 days (+ a surprise outdoor craft on Friday!)

halloween crafts

Today’s craft is easy peasy lemon squeezy.  It will take ya 3 minutes to do, 20 to dry, and 2 to frame. Start to finish time= 25 minutes! I used Martha Stewart craft paint and stencils. You can get Martha craft goodies at Michaels. This one picture pretty much sums up this super tricky craft. I took a random section of newspaper, painted on bat, let it dry, and framed it. Voila. Easiest craft ever.

halloween crafts

I had the newspaper stneciled frames on the wall, but ended up liking all the Halloween goodies together in the nook.

halloween crafts
 And a close up, just for fun…halloween crafts

The garland is awesome because you can save it and use it again and again. I’ve used this same string of garland for just about every birthday party we had in our Austin house. (More about my handmade garland collection.) This garland is a great way to use up those tiny scraps of fabric. Eyeball and cut out lots of diamond shapes. FOld the diamond over the yarn and sew a few zip zags. I cut up a white and black t-shirt and used scraps from my t-shirt quilt. The black and white garland is great because black and white goes with everything!

halloween crafts

Here is the black and white garland in her favorite spot in out condo in Austin. halloween crafts

 Here’s a sneak peak at the  Halloween craftiness to come this week. And yes, this is my real deal crafting style. I like to have a few projects happening at once, and then I clean them all up at once. I also like working on the floor. Desks are too small. halloween crafts

halloween crafts

Do you have a mantle? Or a seasonal nook, like me? Are you decorating it for Halloween? Have you ever made homemade garland? Do you save it and use it over and over and over again? Do you craft on the floor? Andy think it’s so bizarre that I like to sit/lay on the floor and craft! I want to hear about your Halloween crafting habits…


  1. Super cute!!!!

  2. Super adorable Jamie, love that pumpkin art!

  3. Hey…why have your full posts stopped showing up in my Google reader?! Please make it come back! :(

    I like the newspaper art. Cute. I’m not a huge Halloween fan myself, but I can think of a few other ways to apply it.

    • I know it’s super annoying and I’m super sorry I had to do it! Other sites steal content through the RSS feed/ google reader. Sadly, it had to be done :/

  4. You are way too creative and darling! I’m looking for labels to download and sell on old wine and large craft beer bottles but everyone has their art tied up in disclaimers. I might just have to get crafty and do my own…anyway, thanks for the inspiration! I can totally relate to your little side stories.

  5. I wish I was decorating for Halloween. I work til 9 on Wednesdays and my bf will be out of town for work, so it would just feel like a waste. Next year…..

    Nikki Kelly @ the ambitious procrastinator


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