The mirror hanging trick

Before I share the most amazing mirror hanging trick in the world, I need to stand up for my parenting skills, ha! I’ve gotten a lot of slack about this little round mirror hanging above the crib. I’m A-ok with positive and negative feedback on my silly little crafts. After all, it’s just decorating and we can all like different things. But, I guess I haven’t yet been attacked on the parenting front. That feels a little different. I 100% realize that the no mirror above the crib crowd is just looking out for our little bambino’s safety and I appreciate that. Here’s the big bad mirror:

Black and white nursery ideas


And here’s why it gets to stay above the crib at least until the kiddo can stand up and grab. It’s a 10lb. mirror from Hobby Lobby hung with 2 picture hangers meant ¬†for 30 lbs each. That’s 60 lbs of hanging power on the mirror. I think that’s pretty good. I feel 0% worried about the mirror falling on my baby. Andy way over engineers all hanging things. Remember the giant mirror in our living room? That sucker ways 86 lbs and has 400 lbs of hanging power. Now, when this little guy can stand up and grab things, I might re-think the mirror situation. I’ll either hang it up higher and lower the crib, or it might have to come off of the wall. Who knows. I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. Seriously though, the bambino and I thank you for your concern!

Moving on to the mirror hanging trick. This is a trick for hanging anything with 2 hooks, like this:

How to hang anything with 2 hooks


Just for the record, my mom saw this on pinterest and was super excited to share the trick with us! All you need is tape and a level. First, tape your piece of tape from one hook to the other and mark on the tap exactly where the hooks are.

Mirror hanging trick

Then, using a level, make sure the piece of tape is perfectly level and nail or drill in your picture hangers.

How to hang anything with 2 hooks

Stick your mirror on the wall and admire! Pretty awesome trick, huh?

Mirror 3


The book ledges are finally painted! And now I just need to take some pics, and write up the post! Has anyone else ever used this double hook hanging trick? It’s kind of a miracle! Oh and if you want more DIY nursery here’s all of them: The black and white nursery plan, painting the igloo, bambino gets a crib, and the great rug hunt.


  1. Cassie Bobbitt says:

    I have to admit, I saw a comment the other week when you posted the finished nursery, and said out loud,”COME on!!” I have 2 children (6&9) and so far so good. I often feel bad for new mamas being given “advise” – I mean, being a parent that YOU can live with everyday is hard enough!! No parent needs to be critized by others, that is our own job… To go to bed nightly wondering if you are doing it all alright. I am sure the “advise” was meant to save sweet Baby D in a rare, freak accident down the road, but “COME on!” Let’s all take a moment to think back on our childhoods… Is that you playing in the street with your neighbors til’ dark?? Me too! Let’s give each other the benefit of the doubt and remember that old saying, “don’t give unwarranted advise” (I think that’s how it goes…) The room looks great, and more importantly, do YOU like it? Afterall, you will be spending the next 18 months in there (unless you co-sleep… In which case NO comments people!) :)

  2. I guess I am missing out on the convo a bit, but I absolutely LOVE the baby room! I love that it is black and white and the patterns on the floor and wall are not traditional baby-ish patterns. LOVE it!

  3. I used this trick when hanging the new mirror in our downstairs half bathroom! It took me over an hour and half to hang that thing!!! Pathetic right?! I used the tape trick and put the tape on the wall and leveled it and drilled the holes and the put the anchors and screws in and hung the mirror, only to find it was crooked. It took me about an hour and half to realize that the screws in the wall were level, but the mirror attachments (hooks on the actual mirror) were not. UGH! Picture hanging wire fixed that. =]

  4. Love the nursery! Those triangles! Perfect

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