32 week maternity pictures with Kristen

Andy and I have never had professional pictures taken! True! We got married in our living room with 4 guests and never got around to doing engagement pics. We meant to, but life happened, ha! So yea… I was super excited about taking maternity pictures! AND what makes them even more special is that the pics were taken by my sweet, real life friend, Kristen of Capturing Joy! She’s awesome and has written 2 books on photography and even has a video workshop you can purchase based on her first book, Say No to Auto!  I love her photography style and she makes picture taking e-a-s-y, not awkward and scary, like I thought it would be.

I’m 32 weeks in these pictures. I think this is my favorite of Andy and I… I love the light and colors and that my belly button sticks out, ha! We look so different from each other, I am so curious as to what this little bambino is going to look like?! There’s gotta be an app for that, right?!

Jamie Dorebek

Funny story about Kristen and our babe… I had not shared the baby news on the blog when I wrote this post about gender reveal ideas on Aug. 29, 2013. Kristen happened to be checking out the blog that day and commented on the post:

Maternity pictures

I wasn’t even 12 weeks yet, but it was true… I was pregnant! Of course, I emailed her back and told her the exciting news! So, she was one of the first to know! I spilled the baby news on the blog about a month later.
maternity 7

Here’s the final shot of the 32 week bump and fun blocks! It is still hard for me to believe there is a baby in there! (See more funny pics of Andy arranging the blocks on my belly in Kristen’s post here!)

maternity 8

 I couldn’t resist these baby TOMS. Why is everything so much cuter in tiny human size?

maternity 11

Oh and outfit deets: The pants are not maternity, they are very old and stretchy and fit nicely under the belly (I think I got them on sale at Anthro), the jacket was a super sale from Banana Republic a few years ago, it doesn’t exactly fit around the belly these days… the white tee is one of my very favorite Target maternity tees, and the scarf was a Christmas gift from my youngest brother, Steven! I love my brown Frye boots, and I’ve had them for years too! Andy and I aren’t exactly planners, honestly, I wasn’t even sure he was going to be able to make the shoot that morning because of work. He ended up surprising me and showing up at Kristen’s house… I’m pretty happy that baby and I got to have dad in the pics! All of that to say, I did not even think twice about what Andy wore to work that morning, but he showed up in a grey sweater, jeans, and his fun blue suede shoes and looked pretty handsome, if I do say so myself!

I wanted our pictures to be everyday us… the things we really wear and love in our regular ol’ life. I didn’t want to fret about what to wear or go buy special outfits for my fancy pictures. Anyhow, I think it all worked out pretty well…

Maternity pictures

You can’t see the bump very well in this pic, but I still really like it…

Maternity pictures

And one more cheesy, sweet pic for ya because everyone loves a good forehead smooch!

Maternity pictures

I like this little mash up of the whole series of pics! Check it out:

Jamie Maternity pictures

See lots more of our fun photo shoot over at Kristen’s blog, Capturing Joy!  And if you have a fancy cam, but aren’t sure how to use it… check out Kristen’s beginner photography video workshop! Or if you don’t have a digital DSLR camera, not sure what that means, or looking to upgrade your camera body, read her post on How to Decide What Camera to Buy. So, what’s in the video workshop? Great question, I’ve watched it a few times now so the video workshop will help you with…

  • How to find the right buttons to push on your camera
  • Aperture (f-stop)
  • Shutter speed
  • ISO
  • Lighting, examples
  • Lens suggestions
  • Flashes of each page of my Say NO to Auto e-book within the video

Kristen charges $150 a seat for her LIVE Say NO to Auto Workshops. The downloadable VIDEO workshop sells for $60.  The pages of the Say No to Auto e-book are embedded into the video! But, if you would like a copy of the book for your camera bag, you can buy the PDF e-book here for only $10! And because y’all are so awesome and Kristen is so nice, she gave C.R.A.F.T. readers a discount code! Just use the code craft10 to get $10 off the video workshop! That makes the video workshop only $50 bucks! How awesome is that?! You can find out lots more about the workshop HERE!

Beginner Photography Video

Here’s a little sneak peek of her Say No to Auto video workshop…! Don’t forget to use craft10 for $10 off! You can PURCHASE THE VIDEO WORKSHOP HERE for only $50!

Oh and here’s more on the baby front in casa de Dorobek:  The black and white nursery plan, painting the igloobambino gets a cribthe great rug huntthe big bad mirror, gender reveal party, and Graham the glider. I’m going to share lots of baby shower details, the final nursery pics, and lots more fun baby stuff the last week of February!



  1. LOVE your pictures, Jamie! Kristen did a great job! You look beautiful, mama! :)

  2. These are amazing!

  3. Too cute!! Only 8 more weeks :)

  4. Aww! Very cute pictures. They turned out great. :)

  5. Vanessa Esquivel says:

    Very CUTE!
    LOVE the mash up…

    what’s flying around his knee?


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