Living room (progress) tour & a plan

So far, on C.R.A.F.T. in the new Florida apartment, you’ve seen the most of the living room (vs the rest of the apt)… Here is Sunny with no furniture, Andy’s freebies, no paint stripes, new plan with the big wall, 360 gettin’ a makeover, and the wall tour. All of this happened within the fist month of living here, and for whatever reason, I haven’t touched the living room since (minus a few minor things). Even though this is where we spend the majority of our time. I’ve been busy making the kitchen livable and the craft closet safe for me to enter!


I’ve been making lists, checking them twice, and scratching things off like a mad women. (Andy doesn’t call me Luna (short for lunatic, sweet hubby I got!) for nothing.


Here’s the evolving view of the living room…


Nothingness… makes you want to do a cartwheel, huh? Or is that just me?
  Disaster struck… I moved in!
Getting the lay of the land…
Living room progress CRAFT
Eeek… it always gets worse before it gets better!
Workin’ it… The blogging desk moved to the other corner… the glare was insane in the membrane.
360 got made over, file cabinet in place, laundry hanging on the dresser (cheers to keepin’ it real), frames piled on the floor waiting to be hung…
Tape and frames go up…
Living room progress CRAFT
Tape comes down… more frames go up…
and here we are today…

Living room progress CRAFT

The rug is too small. Don’t you think?

It’s not awful in here, it’s clean and simple. I just feel like it’s a hodge podge of old stuff… Well, I don’t feel like that… I know that! I’m waiting for that inspiration piece to fall into my lap and have the whole room come together! By fall, I mean find at Good Will for $20 bucks! Wouldn’t that be nice : )

What’s that on the ol’ computer screen I see…? Yes. yes. It’s Pinterest. It’s pretty much always an open tab on my computer. You too?
Living room progress CRAFT
The other side of the room hasn’t changed at all from this post
Living room progress CRAFT


I have a saving up (it will happen one day) to do list and I have a for real (oh yea we’re poor) to-do list, ha!

The saving up list includes:
  • a new 8×10 (or bigger) rug… the 5×7 thing is not doing it for us anymore. That’s expensive and a big item commitment purchase… Those always scare me. I can’t just paint over, sand it, or recover it! This is a neat concept, but they don’t sell 8×10 yet. It’s also hard in a rental because the rug I’d buy for plain white walls is drastically different than the rug I would buy if and when I can paint those suckers.
  • a new couch… our cozy couch wouldn’t fit in the elevator and had to be put in a consignment store…Boo! We are now using the fancy futon from the Austin, TX guest bedroom as our everyday couch. It’s handy for overnight guests, but the no arm thing is getting old for watching DVR’d Parks and Rec, 60 minutes, and Seinfeld re runs, every night!
For instance, here is a fun rug from Amazon by Dwell Studio It would work with our grey futon. But, it still costs $461.00. For that kind of money I need to love something and preferably touch it before I ship that sucker home! Plus, I like chevron now, but I could see myself getting tired of it. Plus, I think it’s one of those rugs that needs a rug pad and gets messed up a lot. Not a fan.

I like this one, it’s more neutral, less expensive… but, do I love it? I don’t know. It is also the kind that needs a rug mat. I’ve never had a rug like that… good? bad? It’s $299 from Crate and Barrel. The couch is dark grey and I could throw some bright, funky pillow all over it. Hmm…

I love this this one is hand tufted, but I’m not sure about the blue grey color with my couch. I wish it was the opposite combination… you know more white than blue/grey. It’s $397.00 +$2.95 shipping from overstock. Great price for an 8×10 rug. Not to mention 85 reviews with a 4.5 star average. Look how nice it looks in this room with a white couch.This rug might be winning…

The reality check to do list includes:
  • lamp shade redo… My mom got me the gorgeous lamp for my b-day last year, but we never loved the shade. I’m just trying to decide on a rug and couch.
  • Recover the blogging chair. It’s old and super crusty. Andy got it for free from a neighbor.
  • TV piece of furniture… the dresser makes the TV way to high. I feel like we can find something cheap and give it a makeover. I’m on the look out.
  •  Recover the pillows on the couch to brighten it up and go with the NEW rug :)
  • Continue adding to my wall of frames. I want the floor to ceiling look (see more here). It takes time to find cheap frames!
  • Fix the black bar things Andy got for free. The magnetic doors are broken. It’s fairly annoying.
  • Paint those 2 chairs next to the bar. Maybe a little dipped feet look :)
  • Recover the dinning room chairs. Really, I want a new dining room top. I love the bottom, but glass is super not functional. It is always. dirty. Always. It’s yucky. I like the chairs, and I LOVED the fabric, but it’s time for an update.
I think that would just about do it :) I basically want a living room face lift. How do you feel about your living room? Have you ever had a thin rug that had to have a rug pad? Like it? Hate it? Tell me more…


  1. Hi, there! Just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to leave a comment. I LOVE how much sunlight you get in your living room! My house is dark and dreary during the spring/summer because all the yucky trees nearby. LOL. Anyhow, it was nice seeing the transformation of your living room! And I think you just inspired me to get rid of some of my blank walls with a nice collage of pics! :) If you’re free, stop on over to my blog to say hi! :) Love to have you!

    Thrift Diving

    • I totally understand the love/ hate with big trees. Our old house had that same issue…I love big trees, but don’t love that they block the light!

  2. Love the progress! I’m not in a new place, but I’m in the midst of destroying my craft room and bringing it back to life! My Sister-in-Law bought a huge rug on that’s pretty cool! They have 8×10 Chevron rugs right now for $126…not too bad! Not the gold, but some others! Anyhoo, thought I’d share!

  3. If you aren’t married to a plush rug, you could turn a piece of fabric into a floor mat with a few coats of acrylic sealer. This one looks like the chevron rug, is 54″ wide and only $7.48 per yard:

  4. ok you are at the same place I am!! I feel like my house is a collection of leftover/free/given to us/old stuff and it all needs a facelift! I mean I feel like some pieces like that are ok but I need some new stuff. My problem is I have a one and a two year old (boys) and then I have two small dogs who tee tee on rugs and throw pillows :/ I have no hope!

    Also, just throwing this out there… what if you stray painted all of the frames on your big white wall the same color? LIke all grass green or a tangerine? Or something right, then you could tie in a colorful rug in the same color pallete?

  5. I’m on the lookout for a new rug too!! West Elm has them 15% off this week, which is sooo tempting, but they’re still expensive. It is kind of hard to order a rug online, not having ever seen it in person. My living room is okay, but there are still things I would like to do, like add faux built-ins (IKEA Billy bookcases, trimmed out with crown and base molding), makeover my coffee table, and paint. One day…

  6. Marsha Boes says:

    Did you know that Lowe’s has large rugs – maybe 8×10. Fairly reasonable, too. What about the non-skid stuff that Dollar Tree carries. Maybe some in each corner????

  7. I have that SAME GREEN RUG from Pottery Barn in my living room. I got it on clearance there a few years ago when we moved into my house. I also want to replace it with something bigger. I also don’t like a lot of my options out there $ wise. I think I’ve been waiting for at least a year for some magical cheap yet stylish large rug fairy to come my way with a new one for me. It has yet to happen. I’ll keep you posted if I find something I’m in love with that doesn’t break the bank 😉

  8. I think it looks great!

  9. It’s looking so good! I love the gallery wall and your desk.


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