Ladies Night: Painting Peacocks

As many of you know, I’m in the process of a big ‘ol move to Florida. We and our stuff are safely here in the sunshine state (minus a few banged up chairs). The apartment is getting cuter by the hour… I’ve got lots to share and show you! More on that later.

Painting peacocks at Painting with a Twist with my Austin blog ladies actually happened last Wednesday, January 25th. (remember the PWAT giveaway?)

I must have been on some kind of drug to think that packing up my entire house, organizing a blog date, and sending out 102 package pal emails all in one week was a good idea (PP will happen again in April). Thankfully, it all worked out (and I’m drug free, just in case you were wondering. I don’t even like taking Advil for headaches!)
Back to the painting class…
Painting with a Twist rocks. End. of. story. I’ve done it 3 times now, and I’m hopefully going to organize another blogger meet up at the Painting with a Twist in Miami (I need some girl friends in FL) ! See my fancy little peacock at the bottom… that’s what we painted.
Here we are with our finished peacocks… from left to right… Dana, Allison, me, Shelley, Jessica) Thank you, Dana, for snapping some cute pics and sharing them with us! painting with a twist
Here’s how Painting with a Twist works. You sign in, they hand you a blank canvas, and you go find your name and paint on the paper plate where your easel is all set up. Shelley is modeling this for you. Don’t forget the wine next to the canvas!
This is the only class I have been to that gave us a template… we traced the bird body on the canvas. Anyone. can. paint. this. peacock!

Dana and Jessica about to get started!

Me,  Shelley, and  Allison were on the other side of the table…

This is where the teacher teaches. They always have a model painting at the front and paint with you step by step. The Bob Ross picture cracks me up!

First step… trace the peacock stencil and painted the background black…

My fancy blue bird! People think you can’t erase paint… but I beg to differ. Black paint covers everything and if it’s wet, it wipes off!

Next, we added tear drop shaped feathers… a little swooping action is all it took.

Tweeting, facebooking….  bloggin’ it up in class.

Everyone tweaked their colors a little. We’re crazy bloggers like that…

Check out all of the amazing peacocks… told they all turned out wonderful.painting with a twist

Don’t feel like playing that game? OK, I’ll show you…

Want to see more peacock painting madness? Visit Allison and Dana!


  1. That is so awesome! I would love to do a class like that especially one painting peacocks!

  2. I have this thing for peacocks! Love these paintings!

  3. I love the paintings and am so glad you made it to Florida safely! I am sorry I flaked and we never go together before you left! I can't wait to read about your new adventures in the Sunshine state though!!!

  4. Thanks for the vote mention, Jamie! Love the 'Where's Waldo' game.

  5. Super cute peacock JAM! And yes, I'm calling you JAM now:) I finally have a nickname for you! WHOOP!

  6. I wish I could attend a class like that. How fun!!!

  7. This looks like so much fun! I looked it up and of course they are way too far from me to go to. Maybe on vacation this year. How cool!

  8. Great to see such a positive site. I wish I’d had that attitude when I was your age. I probably wouldn’t have so many cracked teeth from worrying. On top of my not so happy attitude, I have MS. I look for positive things to help me and your attitude and cheerfulness was my today “happiness”. I found you on Have a great time in Florida. I wish you the best.


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