It’s a real living room

We moved into our new (really old) house in early April, and 3 months later our living room is finally starting to look/ feel like ours. We spent about a month figuring out how we naturally use the space. Like where we like throw our keys and bags… Where did the shoes naturally pile up? Where should the tv live? Where does my purse land? Then we started moving stuff around. And around. And then we painted the beige walls, hunted down lots of new to us furniture, and hung some pics on the wall. By no means is she done, but she’s certainly feeling a lot more like ours.

This is basically the same set up we had in our Florida apartment. You can see the pocket door in progress on the left side of the picture. (Lots more on that soon.)

CRAFT Living Room Before

And then I found a pillow box… yay! What a difference a few pillows make.

CRAFT Living Room Before

Here’s the view from what is now a pocket door looking into what we call the fireplace living room, because well, it has a fireplace!

CRAFT Living Room Before

I tossed our DIY thumbprints on top of the mantle for some instant cuteness. The walls don’t look so beige in this picture, but the lighting is tricky because the walls are the same color as the celling!

CRAFT living room

Here’s a full room view. And we basically lived like this until my mom showed up in mid May and kicked my butt into gear! I could not decide on a paint color. I stared and stared at those walls and looked at bazillions of paint chips. I wanted something neutral that would show off the molding. Grey. It’s the cool thing to do, I guess. But, it’s just a nice neutral color. Picking the perfect shade of grey… that’s a story for another post.  
living room before 4
My mom is pretty awesome. She came and stayed with us for a weekend and turned our living room around in no time! My birthday is at the end of June, so she bought me a few birthday presents! She bought us Karl from Ikea. It was a super, super deal. I had my little heart set on white version of this bad boy, but then we saw the black one near the check out line in the “As Is” section of IKEA (one of my favorite spots in the whole store!) My mom and Andy convinced me that black is better than white anyway, and my mom said that since it is such a good deal she would buy us a few more goodies, Sold! We got a black KARLSTAD Ikea couch for the living room! And let me tell you, this couch is about 100 times more comfortable than the fancy futon in the above picture. I vow to never buy an armless  couch again. Oh and say hi to Lacie, my mom’s poodle!

Jamie Dorobek CRAFT

Here’s the super good deal part:

IKEA Furniture

So, with the $415 left in the budget mama bought us a FALSTER table and 4 TOBIAS chairs for the other side of the room. The table is meant to be an outdoor table, but it’s working perfectly for us indoors, and it’s so dang pretty! We are really happy to have it. I’ve always admired the TOBIAS chairs for some time now, so when mom said she was getting us chair, I literally ran to show her my long lost IKEA chair crushes! The rug is another item I’ve been crushin’ on for years! I would swoon every time I saw it in Taylor’s instgram pics, and I knew one day I had to have her! The LAPPLJUNG RUTA rug is a killer deal at only $69.99 for 6’7″x 6’7″. So here is the other side of the fireplace living room.

Ikea furniture

I’m getting way ahead of myself because now you’re looking at the painted walls, which was a big fat mess. But, while I’m at it here’s one last pic of the whole room, so far. Oh yea, if you follow me on instagram, we did add a giant mirror to the opposite wall of this room too (see that pic here)! Instagram is where you can see the real time house/room updates! I’m a little behind on the ol’ blog.

Living Room CRAFT


So, there she is, as of now. I still need to spill the beans about how and why we built a pocket door, the brass cleaning madness that happened to the free bar we picked up in FL, the grey wall fiasco, the shadow box I made rom the goodies I found in the cabinet (it’s above the bar!). Anyone else in the midst of a room makeover? Painting walls grey? Buying lots of fun IKEA furniture? Do you have a white couch and love it? Would you never buy a whiter couch? Spill the beans, folks… I’d love to hear…


  1. Love the rug, obviously!! I have a funny rug story… I had that rug for a year and its my favorite thing and my youngest son pooped on it one day right before we moved hahaha! I couldn’t get it out so I had to trash it :( then I drove back to ikea and bought it again! I figured its so cheap I can buy it twice haha! Also I LOVE those ghost chairs… Those are next on my ikea list for my “studio”

    • Jamie Dorobek says:

      ha! and ewwww! So happy you got another one! I LOVE that rug. Oh and the ghost chairs rock. Get my table and couch… we can be IKEA twins, ha!! xo

  2. We have KARLSTAD sectional and I swear it’s been one of the best purchases we’ve ever made for our home. It’s the Sivik Grey. I swear I want a white couch for the basement but I know it won’t stand a chance against my kids. They killed 2 rugs in less than 2 years in our living room. We still don’t have a new one.

    • Jamie Dorobek says:

      I did not see a grey couch! How did I miss Karl in grey? The black is very practical and you can’t beat the deal! I feel ya with the white couch dilemma… They’re so pretty!

  3. I love the gray you chose for your walls. I’ve been to every paint store I can find looking at gray paints but can’t decide. What brand and color is this (if you don’t mind sharing)?

    • Jamie Dorobek says:

      Of course I don’t mind sharing! Like I said above, the paint was a pseudo disaster. But, I started with 2 cans of Martha Stewart Driftwood Grey and added 2 cans of Wal Mart white to it!

  4. When we bought furniture, we went with a brown couch, with a white slipcovered chair. The chair is never white, ever. White furniture always looks great in magazines, but is sadly not very practical in everyday life. I love the black sofa in your room.

  5. I love how your room turned out! And what a sweet deal for that couch! We just bought an Ikea couch this weekend also. We actually just posted a time lapse video of us putting it together! Feel free to come check it out :) We went with the Ektorp Sectional.

    • Jamie Dorobek says:

      Thanks, Kenzie! Another awesome thing about buying in the “As Is” section is you don’t have to put anything together! PS love your new couch!

  6. Your place looks great! We actually have some of the same pieces (the throw pillow on orange chair, Ikea Tobias chairs). P.S. It was really great to meet you at Alt NYC! :)

  7. Great living room ! Love your new couch with the yellow pillows make such a great combination !

  8. Anyone else buying lots of fun IKEA furniture? Yes! Here!
    My whole apartment is made out of IKEA (and heirlooms). I’m a student, I’m allowed to do so! :)

    Your living room looks really great, I love it!
    The rug is really great, I’m just not really a rug-person, so I think I would never buy it… but it looks so great!

    And the giant thumbprints – I need one of mine. Definitely!

    Love, Midsommarflicka

  9. Looks amazing! Can’t wait to see it in person next month!

  10. you have beautiful furniture and a beautiful home!
    Gem :)

  11. It does take some time to make a house feel like a home, right? Love the way it turned out. I am particularly drawn to the thumbprint pictures – have to check out your tutorial.

    PS The Ikea discount section sucks most of the time, but once in a blue moon it really is a goldmine, right?

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