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Note: This post was originally posted on Inspired by Charm, but I decided to share it on C.R.A.F.T. today, with the hopes that you’ll be inspired to become an insta addict in 2013 (follow me here!)

Instagram Tips

Instagram is my new favorite thing, oh and Michaels gift shoppe too. It 100% deserves the prize for most awesome looking hotel gift shoppe in the world.  And instagram deserves a prize for best photo app in the world. You can easily see the instagram difference in my photo above and the original photo below. Michael and I are instagram addicts, and we wanted to share what we’ve learned with you. I’m thecraftblog, if you want to check out my pics on instagram. Instagram makes your pictures pretty with very little effort (18 filters do all of the work for you), and then lets you share them on twitter, facebook, your instagram network, or just save them to you phone all with a push of a button. My 10 tips are meant to get you started on instagram, a “what the heck do all these buttons do” kind of a thing. Don’t be scared. So, first things first, download the instagram app. You’ll be happy you did, promise.

1: Currently instagram is only available on iPhones and Androids. Oh, and it’s free.

FYI: 2- 10 correspond to the picture below:


2: The frame/ no frame button. All but 3 of the filters have automatic frames. Press this button and your picture can be frame free no matter what.

3: Rotates your pictures. It rotates your picture 90 degrees to the right with each click.

4: Allows you take a pic through instagram. Although, I recommend taking your picture with your iPhone camera, they’re better quality.

5: Blur. It’s fun. It gives you 2 options to blur. You can blur in a straight line or a circle. The X takes away all blur. You would use this, if want to really zero in on a detail in the picture. See pic below.

instagram tips

6: The X button basically a delete key. If you don’t like how the picture is looking, hit the X. Instagram will nicely ask you, “Are yo usure you want to close the camera? Your photo will not be saved.” You can hit “Cancel” or “Yes, I’m sure”.

7: The sun button. This is meant for pictures taken outside in sunlight. Instagram calls it the lux effect (more info here). It’s meant to makes your colors more vibrant and bring out the details. Doesn’t hurt to give it a try on all pictures. You just never know!

8: The big red X deletes the current picture on your screen, and takes you back to your camera or your photo roll. (Depending how you took the picture. Did you take the picture with your iPhone camera or through the instgram app?)

9: The big green check is means I’m happy with my picture and I’m ready to write a caption and share this bad boy.

10: The little arrow hides or brings back your 18 filters.

There you have it, instagram de- mystified. It’s easy and fun. Follow Michael (inspiredbucharm) and me (thecraftblog), if you’d like. Just one last tid bit, facebook bought instagram for 1 billion dollars in April 2012. Crazy town. Are you an instgram addict? Or better yet, will you be one soon? I’d love to hear…


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  1. Oh lame. My X in the blur area just removes all blurs. I want to blur in an X. Harumph. Im am instagram freak. Off to follow you now.

  2. Okay, prob a stupid question because I am an old lady attempting to take the techy world by storm…is there an easy way to print your pics? And by that I mean NOT on your own printer at home. Does instagram offer a printing service as well or is there somewhere you can send your instagram pics to have them printed? Be kind to the almost 40 chic trying to be hip please :)

    • Jamie Dorobek says:

      I know there are ways to print them, but I have never done it. :) I just did a quick google search and found… printstagram ? Looks like there are lots!

  3. Hey Jamie! Love this article! I signed up for instagram a long, long time ago but haven’t used it in forever…I’ve been debating starting up again. Would you mind if I linked to your article on my new blogging resource site? I don’t have any Instagram resources listed yet. ~Melissa


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