How to wall paper (the easy way)

Wall paper is cool again, but hanging wall paper the traditional way is not so cool. It’s hard. You have to measure and cut and do all kinds of crazy things. What if I told you wall papering was really easy? My crafty real life friend, Rachelle, recently bought a condo in Austin, and she’s sprucing it up big time. I’m kind of helping, ha! At least I helped with this wall paper project. We discovered a simple method that works like a charm.
How to wall paper

Here’s what you need:

  • Wallpaper tool kit
  • Paint tray and paint brush
  • Wallpaper paste
  • Thin sheets of paper
  • Ladder

How to wall paper

Here’s how it works: Apply a thin layer of wall paper paste on your wall, stick a sheet of paper to it, cover with a thin layer, voila… done! Well, continue the process until the entire wall is covered, but yea… it’s that easy. It feels like mod podge-ing your wall.

How to wall paper

We used a patchwork method to apply the the paper. We overlapped the sheets of paper just a tad, and we wrapped the corners of the wall. We like that you can see the seams!

How to wall paper

The 2 walls took us about 2 hours. It’s really that easy!How to wall paper

Have you ever wall papered a wall? I remember helping my mom remove wall paper back in the day…  that was not a fun chore! How do you feel about using wall paper? I’d love to hear…

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tshirt quilt



  1. Clever clever. Love how it turned out.

  2. Hi Jamie, I actually love the look of wallpaper but have always stayed away from it because I was so sure I would mess it up, get frustrated and waste time and money. Maybe I should rethink? Thanks for the great tips! Am pinning! Have a fabulous week!

  3. So cute! How do you think the removal process of this would be?
    I would love to do it but the hubby might freak out if its on there for life!

  4. Hi! LOVE this look, and think it would be MUCH easier than all the faux painting technique — cracked deep red on top of metallic gold on the wall at the head of our bed. Where did you find the red paper with gold on it? Thanks for the GREAT idea!

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