How to make postcards in Microsoft Word

The babe is due in less than 2 weeks! I shared all the deets from my one of my  baby showers last week. (The modern black and white shower and the Anthropologie inspired star baby shower deets will happen on Thursday!) So, today I’m spilling the beans about the DIY thank you cards I made to send to our sweet guests! I made a collage on and uploaded then used to Microsoft word to make the thank you post cards. It’s easy, y’all!

How to make postcards in Microsoft Word


First, make a collage of a few pictures and words on (Here’s a tutorial all about collage making on picmonkey!) I actually made 3 different collages to send to different groups of people. Here are my 3 collages:

How to make postcards in Microsoft Word


Then, open Microsoft Word and search for a postcard template, like this:

How to make postcards in Microsoft Word

I just picked the first one. Really all you want is the template, you will delete everything else anyway. Once you open the template, delete all of the hoopla and insert your collage from picmonkey, like this:

How to make postcards in Microsoft Word


Then, add your return address and date and voila! Post card made. Well, kind of. Now, you have to print it. I always take my stuff to Staples to print because it’s super convenient and my color printer stinks. So, if you are not printing it at home, here are some tips:

  • Bring your own cardstock… This will save you money.
  • Save the file as a PDF and email it to yourself. That way when you get to the print place you can forward them the email with the PDF file.
  • Ask to use a paper cutter. It’s free at Staples. They have a fancy cutting machine, but they charge you $2 a cut! I always just use the good ol’ paper cutter.
  • FYI: post card stamps are .34 cents (It went up one cent on January 26, 2014)

DIY postcards


Oh and tomorrow I’m gonna show y’all how I made glitter patterns on the front with Mod Podge!

Glitter patterns on post cards


Do you ever make your own cards? What program do you use to do it? Or do you do it by hand? Here are lots more snail mail cards I’ve made by hand: Pop up card, birthday cardsgoogle fathers day cardwords with friends mom day card, and happy wedding card.


  1. Such a great tutorial!

  2. This isuch a great idea!! My daughter is expecting her first child and I can use this tutural in so many way!! Thanks for sharing

  3. Fiona Wright says:

    This is inspiring! What kind of card stock do you use for these? Something that is firm/rigid enough for postcard that will have good resolution for photos to print on. Having trouble finding something suitable. Thanks for helping! And for posting…..Can’t wait to try this.

  4. Chelsea says:

    We are making our save the dates soon and were looking at Costco, but if we could design and print our own (without photoshop) that would be great! I’m having a difficult time finding semi-gloss “postcard” paper. Are your postcards glossy or matte? Did you just use regular cardstock or a special “postcard” type? Thank you!!

  5. percy mendoza says:

    What version of “microsoft word” use? ? 2007, 2010, 2013?


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