How to conserve water {in an apartment}

I like to Create Really Awesome Free Things (i.e. make stuff out of trash). My love of recycling/up cycling comes in part from my need to not waste things. I don’t like to waste food, paper, gas, scraps of fabric, basically I’m like your Grandma. I re-use cereal boxes! (Remember my business cards?) So, it probably doesn’t come as a big surprise that we like to conserve our water! Living in building certainly makes it trickier, but here our 10 ways we save our H2O. How to conserve water

1: Boiled water  never goes down the drain. We let it cool it off, and water the plants!

2: I learned about the toilet tank trick while researching for this post. This site claims the trick saves you 16% on your water bill. Below is a lovely picture of my toilet complete with the toilet trick. The video below that shows you how to do it. All you need is an empty container with a lid.

How to conserve water in an apartment

3: This one is super simple, don’t let the water run while bushing the pearly whites or shaving.

4: Try not to use running water to thaw out food. Just remember to put the frozen food in the fridge the night before you plan to use it.

5: Check for drippy facets regularly, and get ’em fixed when you find one! This is one major plus to renting… a drippy faucet = someone will come fix it for you!

6: Wash full loads of clothes. Who wants to wash more loads than they have to anyway? Save water and time!

7: Rinse fruits and veggies in a bowl of water in the sink, instead of letting the faucet run.

8: Save rainwater with a rain chain. Check out this awesome tutorial from Dollar Store Crafts.

How to conserve water 9: Since all shower nozzles are different, test wether a bath or shower uses more water in your house. Next time you take a shower, plug the drain and see how far you feel up the bathtub. Easy!

10: If you choose to take a shower, invest in a low flow nozzle. You can get a low flow nozzle for $15.99. You can take your nozzle with you when you move!

There you have it, 10 simple ways to conserve water in a rental. Do you have any other tips to add? I’d love to hear…


  1. I liked the ‘Toilet tank trick’! I have taken the liberty of posting your photograph along with a post on the same subject on Facebook – – an online community to spread eco-awareness. Trust this is fine with you. Thanks!

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