How to clean stainless steel applicances

Check out my dirty, crusty stainless steel appliances… :)
specimen 1:
specimen 2:

Remember when I cleaned out the cabinets under my kitchen sink? It was super exciting,  you should definitely check it out :) I found  this free sample of the Bar Keepers Friend hidden away in the back corner under the sink. 

This stuff works miracles in minutes. It makes cleaning exciting. Well, as exciting as cleaning can be. It’s like vacuuming, but better. (does anyone else love to vacuum?) Instant gratification, you can see the sparkles! I really like vacuuming because it doesn’t take that long, it makes the air smell better, AND you can see the vacuum path! {tangent?} I’ve been told there is also a liquid version of bar keepers friend. But pictured below, you can see my concoction…

I used this lovely yellow rag, and was amazed at the amount of black grossness from just one swipe… see for yourself… Check out the upper left hand corner after just one swpie across MY fridge! Pretty gross.

*Make sure your rub with the grain…is that the right word for stainless steel?

Have you ever used this stuff before? Does the liquid version work even better? Do you know of a better stainless steel cleaner?  I would love to hear your thoughts?


  1. I use a regular spray cleaner to clean my stainless appliances….but after that I apply a thin coat of olive oil using a soft cloth. (My Misto Spray can works great for this, too!) It gets rid of the streaks.

  2. I've used the liquid and it's the best stuff EVER!!!

  3. I absolutely love that stuff!

  4. We LOVE B.K.F. over here! It is SO versatile and works GREAT!!!

  5. I was just cleaning out my stainless sink today and wondering what I could use to get it to sparkle again. Where do you get this stuff???

  6. i need to get this stuff! i have a whole stainless steel counter and it's a pain to keep it clean ! thanks!!!

  7. I L.O.V.E this stuff. it is my favorite cleaner for all that difficult stuff. I have seen it work identical miracles on stainless steel, but I used it mainly to clean the horrible white laminate counter tops in the last house we rented. pots and pans and pretty much anything would leave nasty grey markings all over it and BKF was the fastest easiest way to clean up… same for my sink as well.

    I am disappointed to report that since we just moved i am unable to locate it… I thought I bought it at Walmart in our old town, but our new Walmart didn't have it on the shelf :( I need to go on a cleaner hunt.

    Thanks for sharing you success!

  8. Oh duh, why did I never think of that?! I have used BKF for my glass cooktop for years and it never occurred to me to use it on my stainless as well! I love the liquid… Will try soon, thanks for sharing!

  9. I have been trying to find something to clean my stainless. Just bought the liquid on amazon because both stores by me did not have it. Can't wait to try it!!

  10. i love this stuff!! i use it everywhere too: bathroom porcelain sink & chrome fixtures, stainless appliances, cooktop on gas range, glass on front of microwave, glass on car to get the bug guts off, glass on inside of oven that has the baked on goo, my tea kettle, stainless pots & pans, glass vases that get grimy inside, corning wear dishes that have the baked on residue, & so many more. I prefer the power to the liquid – i can control the thickness and the liquid always seems super runny.

  11. I have been using Bar Keepers Friend for ages. Originally I presumed it was what pubs used for cleaning glasses!!! I agree with other comments it really is ideal for hobs cookers & stainless steel pans come up sparkling and shiny. Make a goo paste or just sprinkle a small amount on a wet cloth and rub gently. I buff off with fresh cloth immediately. Had no idea it came in liquid form, but I am more than happy to use the powder.

  12. Yes this is wonderful stuff! It is the only way i can get my porcelain sink white. It also gets rust rings off tge tub. I do have to wear gloves or my hands will be very dry. The liquid does not work as well in my opinion.

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