Austin House Hunt {Part 2}

I was really hoping the Part 2 (Austin house hunt: Part 1) of this post would be… “We’re home owners, and look how cute she is (or is going to be)!” But, no. The house hunt continues, I’m trying to be more positive and put out the happy house hunt vibe. So, no complaining allowed in this post. On the upside, clearly the ecnoomy is doing better (at least in Austin,TX) if so many people are buying houses, right? It’s insane out there. Here’s how it works:

  • I go see a house within a couple of hours of it being listed on the MLS (Sometimes Andy has not even walked through it)
  • We make and submit an offer within the day
  • By the end of the day, the seller says something like, “We are allowing offers until x day at x time and will make a decision by x time. Please submit your highest and best offer.”
  • We submit our highest and best offer, anywhere from 5-12% over the asking price.
  • The super cute house we fell in love with gets 5+ offers. (One time up to 10!)
  • We don’t get the house.

Austin house huntWe’ve looked at eveything from super pretty and remodeled to “Yikes!” Here a few of the treasure we’ve found so far.

Specimen 1: Great price, decent location, screened in porch, nice backyard, corner lot, hardwood floors… by the time I looked at it (2 days after it went up on the MLS) it was already pending. Boo. Not to mention, highway 290 was in your front yard, the house had clearly been added on to multiple times, and the kitchen was super crusty. Bye bye cute little turquoise door.

Austin house hunt Jamie

Specimen 2: Super awesome location. Backs up to a creek. Large lot. Expensive. Window units. Plus the two most awful words in real estate (if you ask me):  Multiple Offers. I very much dislike the whole multiple offer situation. It’s awful. Here’s the dealio: This little treasure went on the market, I saw it (Andy did not), and we made the very first offer. By noon the next day, we were told to put in our “best and final”, it was a multiple offer situation. We wrote a letter, included a picture, made a little video with song and dance (not really, but it felt like it)! Waited on pins and needles and… major house let down number 41,047. We didn’t get it.  But, what I thought was so weird about this one is a week later as Andy and I were doing our Saturday open house drive bys, we saw the “Open House” sign go up. Since Andy had never actually stepped foot in the house, we decided to check it out… We talked to the sellers agent doing the open house fully aware that there was a contract pending. The seller was doing an open house to get back up offers! Moving on…

Austin Real Estate Jamie


Specimen 3: It’s a bathroom, can’t you tell? And if you can imagine, this little gem was at the tip top of the ol’ budget. Location was pretty awesome. But we ended up walking away from this one without actually making an offer.

Austin house hunt


At this moment, we are trying to decide if buying is even the best option. We do own a condo in Austin, and although it is currently being rented, the lease ends on May 31st. Maybe we’ll just move back in! Don’t worry, I’ll keep you updated and over share all the exciting house hunting deets, ha! Follow along on instagram for up to the minute house excitement. It’s super thrilling, promise. Anyone else on the house hunt? How’s it shaking? Is it a sellers market everywhere? Or are we just extra lucky in Austin right now?  I’d love to hear…


  1. It’s such an emotional roller coaster. Hang in there!

  2. Yup, experiencing same in Leander, north suburb. We are settling in Burnet, 45 mi. n/w of Austin. Zero rush there to do anything, including selling homes.

    • Jamie Dorobek says:

      Wow… I thought it was just because we were looking central… Enjoy Burnett… it’s pretty up there!

  3. Buying a house is so stressful (and we did it when it was “easy” to find a house!) but SO worth it in the end!! I think those houses are really close to where my sisters live — like right around the corner. I LOVE that area of Austin! My sisters and Austin friends keep trying to get us to move there from Houston….but I’m not ready to go through that process again! Best of luck to you! Can’t wait to hear about your end result! :)


  4. Jamie, house hunting can be so tough….a extreme of highs and lows. Your house is out there, and you will find it. Everything happens for a reason, right? It will all fall into place when it’s meant to be! Hang in there!

  5. Wow! That is crazy! Kelley said you guys were having trouble, but I had no idea how crazy the market was. I should have guessed though. When we were just looking for a rental, we would look on craigslist at night, call in the morning, and it would already be taken! Ugh! I’m sending lots of positive thoughts your way!!

    • Jamie Dorobek says:

      Thanks, Lauren! That’s sad for me to hear that is the same with rentals… I can’t take much more rejection, ha! Happy y’all found a place! Yay for living in Austin (after you find a place to live)!

  6. I’m not central Austin, but I’ve got one I’d sell ya. Walk in and unpack your bags. It’s a BIG place plus a BIG workshop.

  7. (A realtor friend of mine said that real estate in the Austin area is hot right now. Prices are up and good homes are selling fast.) Good luck, Jamie! Even if you have to stay a bit in your condo, I’m sure the right place is out there just waiting for your creative touch.

  8. Hi Jamie,
    Just saw your photo on the front page of the Statesman described as a DIYer. Had to look you up. How cool for you! There are two houses across the side street from me for sale right now off of So. Congress on Leland St. (and one for rent). I don’t think they advertise to sell houses in this neighborhood. I never see them in the paper. Your have to troll for them, but there are still unique fixeruppers around, if pricy . Best of luck.

    I am also a serious DIYer and live in a largely self created home which was once an Extreme unique fixerupper….long ago. Besides being an upholsterer of over 30 years and an inveterate “oh I can do this, I can fix that” kind of girl, I make and sell doll furniture on Etsy when my designers are having a slow moment. This endeavor has taken me into the photography and doll accessories Universe. So, I started a wordpress blog to share my accessories with DIY doll owners.

    It’s pretty fun and you can get a lot of idea from it for doll stuff and even extrapolate to home decorating ideas. Unfortunately, I have so much fun making the accessories and doing the photos I don’t get as much furniture done as I might. Oh well. It’s really all about fun anyway. I had a thought that a great blogger would find my stuff interesting and turn others onto it. Check me out at and if anything is of interest to your audience please feel free to share. I am eternally appreciative of all the people on the internet who have turned me on to great tutorials, project ideas and projects gone awry fixes.
    Very best wishes,

  9. Thankfully we are not house hunting right now, we bought our home 3 1/2 years ago. However, the market in Denver sounds pretty similar to Austin. The inventory is very low and houses are selling pretty quickly. Good luck with whichever decision you guys make!


  10. We finally sold our house in OKC – 7 MONTHS after it went on the market, and for $30,000 LESS than it was appraised, just to be done (we got transferred to NH). It was horrible. The buyers made unreasonable demands – NEW Kitchen & Bath cabinets, floors, and appliances, plus $20K off (umm, we are thousands of miles away, we priced it LOW to begin with, and it’s AS IS because we can’t fly back to put in a whole new kitchen, especially when the appliances ALL WORK!). We did put new carpeting throughout before we moved and painted the whole house, new fence, new landscaping, etc. It felt like wasted money in the end:/ We may end up in Austin eventually though, so I hope the market there improves for buyers soon :)

  11. I feel your house hunting pain! We actually bought a crack house – not really, but that’s what it looked like! That was after one year of searching and losing a house due to multiple offers! But it ended up to be the best thing in the end since I got to renovate the ugly old crack house and turn it into something amazing!

  12. Bummer that you still don’t have anything! I can’t believe the housing market is like that in Austin. Maybe you should move to Atlanta! :)

  13. It’s hard to find a house, especially in Austin because it is growing exponentially. Most of my friends ended up building or moving to Lake Creek, Lakeway, Buda, Kyle, so some are located in pockets off of Capital of TX Highway. Have you tried South Congress area? Expensive due to the growth there, but very charming older homes. I used to live in the Hyde Park area, also a nice area too.

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