Handmade Mothers Day Gifts

Note: I’m at the Kentucky Derby this weekend, whahooo! I’ve got 2 fun hats to wear, a real hat and a fancy little fascinator, ha! If you want to see pics, I’ll be over posting on instagram! Happy Friday, friends!


Mother’s Day is May 12th, and all mom’s love handmade gifts from their kiddos, right? Here’s a Mother’s Day gift guide, complete with 9 handmade goodies you can make your mama in a couple of hours.
Handmade Mothers Day gifts

1. For the flower lovin’ mama: handmade etched glass vase filled with flowers

Handmade mothers day gift

2. For the sentimental gardener: Stepping stones

 How to make stepping stones

3. For the puzzle lover: A puzzle cube Creating Really Awesome Free Things
4. For the mama who likes quirky garden art: A dino planter
Creating Really Awesome Free Things
5. For the picture lovin’ mama:  tiny poloraid magnets for the fridge
6. For the hopster mama: dino magnets
Creating really awesome free things
7. For the mom that loves Draw Something (like mine!): a handmade card

handmade mother's day gift

8. For the crafty mom: a personalized paint by number
Creating Really Awesome Free Things
9. For the scraperbooker: altered scrapbooks
altered books
10. And a tasty treat that any mom will like (unless their alergic to nuts!): Free printable Mother’s day treat
handmade mothers day gift
Do you love paint by numbers? Do you usually make or buy your mom a present? Oh and if you just want to get your mom a little something, check out this list of 100 cheesy gift sayings paired with small items. What’s your favorite handmade mother’s day gift idea?



  1. Great ideas Jamie!!

  2. Hi , is there some more creative ideas that are simple ? like only by using cards , glue , markers and pencil > and some stickers? i would love to know !.

  3. So many great ideas! I especially love that draw something card. My mom would love it!

  4. So clever! I’m loving the tiny polaroid magnets. CUTE!

  5. I love the tasty treat! mom will surely like it… :)

  6. I love the tasty treat! mom will surely like it… :) so excited to go home and have a late celebration… :D

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