Halloween mantle

Note: This post is sponsored by Martha Stewart Decoupage, but all opinions are my own. 

Halloween is almost here! Oh how I love Halloween and candy and costumes! And I now have a mantle.  Which brings me to my first ever oh so spooky, spunky Halloween mantle! Check her out:

A spunky, spooky Halloween mantle

Here’s the story, I got this juicy box of Martha Stewart Decoupage in the mail and was told to craft up something awesome for Halloween. One thing. But, I love Halloween and I want to craft lots of things! So, I made a whole mantle with my goods. The only thing I had to buy was the spider webs and they were one whole dollar at the grocery store. Here’s what you need to make a similar Halloween mantle:

  • 4 yellow frames (I sprayed these yellow for my living room in Florida.)
  • 1 orange frame (I used Martha Stewart craft paint and painted a white one I had on hand.)
  • 1 blue frame (Bought 3 of these last fall also for the Florida living room.)
  • Martha Stewart Crafts Decoupage paper cutouts (That’s the skeleton in the orange frame.)
  • Martha Stewart Crafts Decoupage spider web paper  (That’s what Eek is made out of.”
  • Martha Stewart chalkboard paint (I painted the spiders face with that.)
  • One paper plate and lots of cardboard
  • Hot glue gun

It’s crazy town, but I was searching through our new house posts, and I did a whole post about our living room and never showed you the mantle?! What is wrong with me? The only mantle picture I ever shared was on instagram, 4 months ago. But, I haven’t changed it a bit since then! So, here is the everyday casa de Dorobek living room mantle I was working with for Halloween. As you can see, I re-purposed a lot of these goods.

Dorobek mantle

Here’s the part where I started collecting random things from around the house and trying to decide how I wanted to lay out the Halloween mantle. I wanted to incorporate our giant black and white thumbprints because there is really no where else for them to go, ha! I have a ton of handmade banner letters, so I whipped out a few to see how I liked the “Eek” thing. I was feeling it! Halloween mantle

I clearly needed something big and fun in the top left corner of the mantle so, I decided to make a giant spider to go with the web decoupage paper! To make the giant spider, I used a bamboo plate, card board, and a handy dandy hot glue gun. It was just a little cut and paste and paint action. Mantle 1

I cut out each leg in 2 segments and painted the cardboard with Martha Stewart craft paint. mantle 2

I used chalkboard paint to paint the spiders head so that I can give him different kinds of faces. mantle 3

For the framed “Eek” I cut out letters from the awesome web decoupage paper and decoupaged them onto white card stock. Then, framed the card stock. Super. duper. easy. Just so you know, Martha Stewart Decoupage can be used on any surface… even glass, fabric, metal and wood! I Since I’m decoupaging to paper for my mantle this wasn’t a big deal, BUT I also love that all decoupage formulas are dishwasher safe, machine washable, and can be used indoors or out. Oh and they are non-yellowing and dry hard with no tack!Mantle 5

I added a floating skeleton cut out to frame I painted orange, and voila!

Halloween mantle

The last step was to hang the spider and drape the mantle in webs! Here’s the mantle in final form:
Halloween mantle


One more close up of our Martha Stewart inspired Halloween mantle:

Halloween crafts


For more Halloween inspired Martha Stewart Decoupage inspiration check out Plaid on Facebook and Pinterest! Oh and you can find all of Martha’s Decoupage products at Michaels. What do you think of my first ever Halloween mantle? I love it!


  1. I love the skull in the orange frame!

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