Halloween activity for kids

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This craft would have kept me busy for hours as a kid. Ok fine, it kept me busy for hours as an adult! This simple Halloween activity for kids is easy peasy. Just take the kiddos on a nature hike to hunt down some rocks or if you’re hosting a Halloween party, ask each kiddo to bring a few rocks over, for crafting with (not throwing!). Then all you need are neon Sharpie markers, butcher paper, and preferably a black light to work under so your rock craft can glow!

Halloween activity for kids


Me and Sharpie markers are good friends. I have the mega fats, the super skinny ones, and now the fancy neon ones. I use the skinny ones all. the. time.

Halloween activities for kids

Sharpies on rocks are so much less messy than paint, and make just as vibrant colors on rocks. It’s as easy as taking the lid off off the marker and drawing on your rock. Voila!

Halloween activity for kids

Then, just add some spooky, Halloewen-y designs to your rocks. I did end up using the thin black Sharpie to add the face on one of the pumpkins and the witch in the neon moon.

Sharpie 3

Words are fun for any age kiddo. The crazy circle technique is one of my faves.

Sharpie 4

I think the witch riding her broom stick through the full moon is my favorite rock!

Sharpie 5


Would your kiddos enjoy Sharpie rock decorating as much as I do? Are you a Sharpie hoarder yourself? Have you tested out the new neon Sharpies? It’s good stuff, y’all! Oh and I almost forgot to tell you, if you need the neon Sharpies, use this $1.00 off coupon at Target! The 5 pack is only available at select Targets and the coupon is good while supplies lasts! And for more fun Sharpie craft inspiration follow Sharpie on Pinterest and Facebook.


  1. Super duper cute, Jamie!!

  2. SO MUCH FUN!!

  3. Oh … that’s just a perfect low cost kid craft! Thanks so much for sharing! xx, b @ being-bianca.com

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