Halloween 2012

Happy Halloween, crafters! Oh wait, that was last month. I’m a little behind over here, forgive me! I suppose a happy belated halloween is more appropriate. A quick round up of our DIY-ed Halloween pasts (read more about the costumes below, here)…

homemade halloween costumes

We had big exciting costume plans for this year. That’s right, we were going to be stick people. Check this out:


I ordered black second skin suits for Andy and I and bought lots of glow stick in the dollar section at Target. I didn’t think much more about it, until the day of Halloween. I just assumed I hand stitch the 10 glow stick onto our suits. Halloween afternoon I started this…

homemade halloween costumes


The sewing was easy. I whipped out 2 costumes in an hour. Bam.

homemade halloween costumes


And then I tried it on… It was all down hill from there. A big fat disaster to be exact. The glow sticks slipped right out of the stitched loops I made. In t-minus 7 seconds, I was a stick-less person… more of a black blob with a few dangling sticks by my side. I didn’t even take a picture. I was too annoyed. Just now, as I embed the you tube video into this post, I read a little diddy about how they made their stick figure costumes: clear packing tape. They further explained that if the clear packing tape is not sticking well to your clothes, do a duct tape and  clear packing tape sandwich with glow stick in between. Yep. Could have been that easy. I like to make things tricky, I’m a fancy crafter, don’t ya know! Trying to sew glow sticks to black unitards, geez la weez.  Andy came home from work minutes after my stick cotastrophe and discovered his costume did the same thing. Moving on the plan B: raiding the closets and costumes of Halloween pasts!

We went with the theme of 70. Andy was 70 and I was from the 70’s! Andy whipped up his grandpa costume in 5 minutes complete with a pillow shoved in his pants for a nice under the belt pooch. Laura and Kristen (my instgram buddies!) said Grandpa needed big round glasses and a wadded up handkerchief… and I totally agree!  Oh well, the free costume did the trick and now we know for next time!

Homemade halloween costumes

Homemade halloween costumes


I, on the other hand, had major costume drama. I had lady bug wings and a red dress, but no black spots. I had most of the peies for a Wilma costume, but with no Fred, what fun is that? I dug a little deeper in to the costume box, and found the red pants my mom and I sewed together in high school. We sewed these red pants for decade day my senior year, ha! I wore the exact same outfit I wore for decade day, 10 years ago. Good thing the red pants have a funky tie thing as a waist band! The polo is a classic straight from my aunt’s childhood closet, the Lennon glasses and peace signs were gifts for the high school costume back in the day.

Homemade halloween costumes

He’s 70 and I’m from the 70’s:

Homemade halloween costumes

In conclusion, if you want to be a stick person, tape is the way to go. If you need last minute costumes, I totally suggest grandpa! Have you ever had a major costume fail? What were you and the fam for Halloween? I’d love to hear…

What’s the best costume you’ve ever seen? What are you planning on being this year?  Plus check out these 19 homemade costume ideas for a group and 36 handmade animal costumes for kids and adults! Still want more really awesome handmade costume ideas? Check out my new site, Really Awesome Costumesfollow!


  1. Jamie Myers says:

    Way to go on figuring out quick costumes!! I had to work my waitress job, but I was able to dress up. I dressed as Flo from progressive and everyone loved it. A table even asked to take a picture of me….perhaps I can be flo’s sister on the commercial some day. Haha!!!

  2. Jamie, I’m sorry that your costume didn’t work out. But I confess that I was totally in awe and copied the idea. I had never seen those glo stick people before and we had to try them. We were going to be glo stick family, so ordered a HUGE box off ebay. On the day, things didn’t work out and we could only get 2 of the kids in glo stick gear, (with normal dark clothes and cellotape) and they were awesome! Hubby and I didn’t get time to dress as anything this year, but thank you for the idea- it was brilliant for the kids and it took 15 min to put their outfits together. Hope it works out for you next year, but you looked great anyway!

    • Jamie Dorobek says:

      Katie, I’d love to see pics of your stick figures! It’s my own fault for not reading up on how to do it! And now that we have the black outfits we can be stick figures any year :)

  3. Juliane Lewis says:

    I’m creating this type of costume for my son this year. I saw an image where the glow sticks were hot glued (at the connectors) to the kind of pins you would use to make a brooch. The glow sticks were then pinned to the black suit in several locations. I don’t think I would have come up with that on my own. Thank goodness for clever, outside-of-the-box thinkers!

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