Google Valentine Card {+ free printable}

Happy heart day!  Did ya get the bf/hubby a gift? No? Perfect! I’ve got ya covered. This is a quick, easy Valentines day card that you can print and hand to the husband like you worked on it for eva! Sound good? I made a hand made version of the google card for farther’s day a few years ago. I’m getting fancier in my old age, and decided to whip up a Valentines Day google card on the ol’ computer!

Valentine sayings

If you want to give the love of your life a clever little Valentines Day card just print out these two sheets.

Google Valentine Card {here}

Google Valentine Card Inside {here}

I said I was getting fancier above, but that’s only half true. If I was really fancy I would have printed the card all on one sheet of card stock. I tried, really, I tried hard. But, the gosh darn printer/ spacing on Microsoft Word made me have to print out the inside on a separate sheet, cut it out, and glue to the inside of the card! Grrrr. I personalized the inside of my Google card to Andy with silly inside jokes. Don’t worry, the Google Valentine Card Inside printable above does not look like this… it’s fill in the blank style!


valentine day card

I made the printable version a little more generic, that way anyone can use it! Download it {here}, if you’d like.

Valentine Printable

If google found it, it must be true, right? Ha!

Valentines Day Card

Clearly, I’m kind of obsessed with this cheesy valentine thing. I’m pretty sure I can come up with a cheesy saying for any food/ tool/ toy out there! It’s really becoming an addiction… In the dollar section at Target, all I can think about is what silly saying works for Flipz pretzels or chap stick or flower seeds?! I like my C.R.A.F.T.’s to have a purpose. The google card is for Andy.  I like you a whole lotto was for Young House Love. You’re like a fine wine, Valentine was made especially for my friend, Rachelle. You’re sew special to me, was a few years ago for the bro in law, and we’re the perfect pair was a party favor for our Valentine’s Day pizza party!  I’m in cheesy valentine denial over here, justifying my madness on the blog, ha! I will not buy random crap to make a valentine for no one! (OK, fine I did that once or twice!)  If you need some more ideas here’s a list with 100 + valentine day sayings and items to pair! Happy Valentines Day, Friends!


  1. Wow!!! That is seriously amazing! Thank you!

  2. For a girl who is still figuring out her Valentine’s night, I say “Thank you”. This is adorable!


  3. Too cute and awsome! Googlelicous 😉 thank you for the printable and happy V-day

  4. Thanks for the template! I made one and my hubby thought it was pretty cool!

  5. Hahah, this is really cute! Thanks for the lovely printable <3

  6. Love this card! So awesome!

  7. Sorry, maybe this is obvious but I can’t figure out how to personalize this card. It has the lines but how do I make it so it really looks like a search results without filling in his name on the blank line?

    • Jamie Dorobek says:

      Stacy! I made i with the thought that you would just print it out and fill in the blanks with a pen. You could save it as a .jog and it upload it to picmonkey or photo shop and add his name if you would like!


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