GIVEAWAY: Mend it Better (closed)

Remember when I did an extra special book review? :) Today we get to give a book away to a lucky C.R.A.F.T. reader! 

It’s an awesome book with lots of great information… but, my favorite page is still page 65 :)
Yep, there’s my name (and Andy’s jeans!)… I still can’t believe it!


Have you ever wondered about the evolution of sewing, what the heck darning is, or possibly, the proper way to secure a thread? This book has answers baby! I guarantee that all crafters would enjoy this gem of a book. 

I love this quote from the Mend it Better website, “A rip isn’t the end, it’s the beginning!” 

Giveaway Rules: 
– Leave a comment on this post about the first project you will mend!
– Only ONE entry per person
-Leave your e-mail in the comment so that I can contact you when you WIN :)
– Giveaway ends Saturday, 3/24/11 at 12am.


  1. My favorite pair of shorts has a hole in a rather unfortunate spot, and I'd love ideas as to how to fix it. redherring at gmail.

  2. My favorite pair of shorts has a hole in a really unfortunate spot, so getting some ideas as to how to fix it would be awesome. (redherring at gmail)

  3. I have a little leather child's vest that I would love to mend for my grandson to wear. and, 200 or so pairs of pants that need to be not mended, but hemmed! I hope there's an easy solution about that in the book!

    Heather f

  4. my husbands work shirts!

  5. I have a whole pile of clothing that needs mended but I don't know where to begin. This book would be a HUGE help!

  6. Well…my mending could certainly use bettering :)

  7. I would love to 'surprise' my teenage daughter and mend her torn jeans… hehehe!!!

  8. i have a lot of patching to do with my boy wonder tearing through his clothes!

  9. Gosh! I think I would mend some jeans… I have a few that are in desperate need of TLC. danny[dot]heyen[at]gmail[dot]com.

  10. What a great giveaway. I'll finally start mending all those pants my husband has been bugging me about! He'll be so happy! revamphomegoods(at)gmail(dot)com.

  11. I would mend some elbow holes in some sweaters. THANKS for the giveaway! nehesse at gmail dot com

  12. I want it! I want it!

  13. i would attempt to mend my favorite pair of jeans. they have been perched on my closet shelf for a few weeks. i am afraid they are to far gone. it will be a sad sad day.

  14. My favorite pair of workout pants. I just can't part with them…and I also can't wear them in public. Hopefully this book could help! Thanks! (hampton1202 at gmail)

  15. My favorite t-shirt had a pink spot and i made a ruffle to cover it! Have a look at the following link :-) ! By the way, perfect book for a crafter! Thanks so much!

  16. I the first thing I would mend is a zipper on one of my favorite shirts. Its stuck and I need to put a new one in!!

  17. My boyfriend had ripped 3 pairs of shorts… So I would make sure those are fixed first! I have a few hems I need to work on… Great giveaway! e-mail: mylifeasmindy{at}yahoo{dot}com

  18. My own pair of jeans could use some work :)

  19. My husband is hard on his jeans and the idea you gave is just up my alley.

  20. Hi, I very much remember the review, i loved the book so much that i pinned it on my craft board in pinterest so i could keep an eye out for it. :) I have to mend a cuff on my daughters school jersey 😀 Is it an international giveaway?

  21. Little boy jeans – the 2 year old hid behind the couch with a pair of contraband scissors and went to town the other day. At least his chubby legs went unscathed. They'd be the first thing to be fixed! Thanks!


  22. actually i don't understand the word ' mending ' ( english is not my language ) so I am very curieus about it and i'm sure the book will explain it to me 😉

  23. I dont want to sound morbid !!! My oldest so pastaway 5 yrs. ago was 45 yrs old Im a senior. Have some of his little boy shirts & 2 jeans & favorite shirts etc. so I would make a book & give to my 23 yr. old granddaughter. She still nhas a few rough days. I cheer her up long distance every time she needs me. LOVE to you and all the talented firls who share.

  24. I hope this is open to Canadians (I have a US mailing address if necessary). Hopefully there are some tips on mending socks!?
    swak50 at hotmail dot com

  25. Well, it's about time I do what I promised 3 years ago, and mend my BF favorite pants, isn't it? today is the first day of spring and these are made of a light cotton fabric so hopefully he'll have them back for the summer… Thanks for reminding me (and I'm sure he'll be thanking you as well!).

  26. My friend just gave me 2 pairs of her son's pants to mend. I also need to mend a hole in my sweater and multiple shirts. My patch jobs are functional but could use a little finesse. myriadofpossibilities (at) gmail (dot) com

  27. My husband's overalls always need mending. I make him wait until there are several things to patch.

  28. Some of the kid's jeans probably, may even try your idea! 😉

  29. Hopefully I'll be able to mend my jeans.

  30. What a cute and SMART book!
    Hope I can join too. After all, I just live right around the corner! Of Earth. ; )
    Love your blog!
    Ingrid from Norway.

  31. I have a pair of jeans that fit my daughter fantastically (no easy thing) and both knees need to be fixed in some way so I would love this book to give me some ideas and helpful hints to make them look neat and respectable.

  32. I have a couple pairs of jeans I really need to fix some holes in. I would love to win this book! Good luck to everyone. stacie and adam AT gmail DOT com

  33. I've gota few pairs of jeans and a sweater taht really need some fixin' up. My fingers are crossed.
    jennifer DOT sciarra AT gmail DOT com

  34. I'd love to win, I can use a little advice as far as sewing goes… jakenkait28(at)gmail(dot)com

  35. I know just the shirt — I bought a work shirt at a consignment store and then hastily ripped the price tag off, creating a rip in the cotton under the arm… I couldn't part with the shirt. Maybe this book will give me different ways to save it!!

  36. The first thing I will mend will be my fav sweatshirt with the holes in it :( its already patchy so It should look fine!

  37. The first thing I will mend is my husband pile of jeans with holes.

  38. So many clothes to mend. Honestly though, I think I would use the book toward taking up my hubby's old clothes, he lost 70 lbs and replacing a whole wardrobe is pretty rough. In the mean time, repairing and down sizing a few would be awesome. Getting rid of some of the tears would work wonders!

  39. My boys are always getting holes in their pants. I make monster patches but some new ideas would be fun.

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