Freebies and First Look

If you’re tired of all of this moving stuff… just know that I’m tired of it too! It will be over soon, like today soon. I’ve got furniture makeovers, crafts, decorating plans, furniture arrangement, and mood boards galore coming up. I’ve blogged about  every pseudo interesting detail of this DIY move… from where to find free boxes, costs of moving yourself, and comparing your first home to your second home. I showed you around our new place we call Sunny. (Do you name the places you live?) In my adult life I’ve lived at Zen garden, The Egg House, The Beach House, Coop, and The Efficiency. We left the moving saga with the couch not fitting in the house. It’s Monday, January 30th, we have moved every item, just the 2 of us, from the moving truck, through the buildings 3 doorways, in and out of the elevator, through the hallway, and into the apartment. It’s dusky… around 6:00pm. The apartment looks like this:
You can see that we brought up the cushions from the brown couch (stacked on the gray futon) just to bring them back to the truck the next morning. #sadstory We eat a frozen lasagna, and Andy is determined to get the bed set up to sleep on a real mattress tonight. After all we slept on a blow up mattress Friday night, hotel Saturday night, blow up mattress Sunday night. Not to mention, Andy slept on a blow up for 5 months straight! Here is an elated Andy rolling up his blow up for the last tine.
Setting up the bed after the madness of packing, driving, moving, and unpacking for 84 hours straight.


I was hoping the magic unpacking fairy would appear in the middle of the night, but no… We woke up to this disaster in the living room.

 how to pack

Our sweet neighbor brought me a welcome to Florida orchid (see it… on the right hand side in the green pot. Below, you can see the doorway to the kitchen.
Andy ended up staying home from work on Tuesday due to exhaustion.  We took care of things like getting rid of this stuff:
Andy had accumulated quite a bit of free furniture in the past 5 months, some of which I’m excited about and we are definitely keeping and some that needs to go. When you live in a building and don’t have a truck it is a lot more difficult to  get rid of stuff than one might think.  We ended up calling Faith Farm Ministries and they scheduled a pick up for 3:00pm that day. Free pick up and they moved the stuff by themselves. Oh hallelujah. For the past 5 months, if someone didn’t know what to do with something they gave it to Andy. After all, he had an empty apartment minus the blow up mattress! Truthfully, I’m pretty sure people felt sorry for the poor guy who sleeps on a blog up mattress with no furniture in his house. 
Andy’s freebies:
  • 3 end tables- gone
  • funky part of a sectional (white thing above)- gone
  • old, super heavy, couch bed- gone
  • round coffee table- gone
  • side table that reminds me of a harp- gone
  • broken bar- last minute I pulled it out of the gone pile- keeper
  • cane chair with stains- kepper
  • 2 dressers- keepers

The wooden table and 2 chairs by the window is the one thing he bought himself at a thrift store for $50 before everyone started dropping off their hammy downs!

You can see the table better in this picture. We worked all day Tuesday on getting things pseudo usable and the big pieces in place:

By the end of Tuesday it looked like this, much better than it did 24 hours before!

The balcony was an easy set up… and where we have eaten dinner every night for the past week!
 The bedroom:
The closet:
Just a note to self and anyone else is ever going to move… don’t fold and tape your boxes like this. It makes the unfolding and un-taping way more difficult than it needs to be!

Tomorrow I’m going to introduce you to 360, the only piece of furniture I’ve ever built. She got a makeover and looks fabulous! She was brown before…you can see her sitting behind the futon in the living room pictures :)


  1. Jamie, y'all are making progress! The floors in your new place are GORGEOUS!!! Not to mention the VIEW – whoa!!! I know you'll make it fabulously great! Best wishes each and every day!

  2. Jamie, I am so loving this play by play…it's entertaining and fabulous…it's like watching a show on tv LOL :) Your place is so cute and your view is gorgeous! Looks like you guys are making some serious go girl!

  3. ah the joys of unpacking. I have done it so many times now. I moved to Denver for a job, took the weekend off to move, and the monday after. That allowed me to get all the "need" items to be unboxed and put away, along with getting groceries! I have become a packing and unpacking freak. Not looking forward to it again, but if I must so be it.

  4. looks like you're getting there! love the balc! i'm slightly embarrassed to admit that we have not only hand me down furniture, but also what we lovingly have termed *curb furniture* in our apartment…like as in furniture that we picked up off the curb in the college town where we live when the students move out..

  5. Jamie it is looking great. That view is amazing and I am completely jealous, not only of that but the warm weather. I'm from Michigan and it is chilly here :( . . . either way congrats on your move and hope you and Andy are all settled in.


  6. I feel for you! We have moved more times than I care to think about! The one good thing is that I got rid of stuff with each move (of course then I make up for it after we're settled)

  7. LUCKY YOU!!! We are still in the process of packing and getting rid of some furnitures at the same time…I am so worn out! By next week we can finally (woohoo!) start moving….Cant wait to see your 360 tomorrow!!

    Good Job!
    Have a Great day!!!

    Luisa May @ VotreAmie


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