Bambino gets a crib

How was your Halloween? Are your kiddos still on sugar highs? Andy and I went to a fun Halloween party with lots of awesome DIY costumes, I’ll give you the low down next week!

As for the igloo…We find out the gender of the tiny human growing inside my belly next week! As of today, I’m 20 weeks pregnant, ahh! I’m halfway through this thing they call pregnancy and so far so good! Honestly, I can’t complain… I feel great! Andy and I finally decided what room is going to be the nursery and I’ve made a few design decisions. Here’s the original nursery plan. And here is all about painting the nursery igloo white. My mama’s birthday is today (Happy Birthday, Mom!), and she is coming to help me do a few things in the ol’ nursery and celebrate her b-day this weekend. So, I wanted to share the state of the nursery before mom. Here is the one half/ fake decorated side of the room. The biggest difference is that the crib fairy came and assembled the Jenny Lind masterpiece! I also moved the rug, a few pillows, and colorful pouf from the living room in here, just to see how it looked. I wanted to make sure the color scheme I have brewing in my head was working. I kinda love it all.

DIY nursery ideas

Let’s start with the crib, we opened the box and Andy was pleasantly surprised to see that the crib came in 5 pieces (4 rails and a mattress support). He literally said, “Wow, that’s it.” He claims he was expecting to have to put together each rail of the crib! But, in reality there were lit-erally (Parks & Rec fans?) only 14 screws for the entire crib. The crib only took about 15 minutes to put together.

crib 2

See, this is all of the hardware needed for the crib… DIY nursery

I made him get out the instructions to ensure that the screws were going in the right place. I want this baby to be safe in his/ her bed! He claims the crib is so intuitive easy to put together that he didn’t need instructions. Geez la weez, what a boy.¬†Crib 3

As for the crib mattress (after I realized cribs didn’t just come with one!), I decided on the L.A. Baby organic cotton mattresses from I looked at tons, and read lots of reviews, but ultimately I liked that this one was made with¬†100% U.S. grown organic cotton and has a lifetime warranty. It also has all of these fancy little features…

diy nursery crib and mattress

So, now we’ve got a crib, mattress, and and triangle wall decals, oh my!

crib 4

Then, I started bringing in some fun stuff from around the house, you know just to see what it looks like… I drug the rug in from under the dining room table, stole pillows off of the couch, and grabbed my colorful pouf! Oh and that globe has been hanging out int garage! Much cuter in the nursery.

DIY nursery ideas

Here are a few of the plans for when mama arrives. Don’t mind this super pathetic sketch up, if you can even call it a sketch up! Oh and really don’t mind that black dot on the colorful poof, I don’t know what happened.

  • Hunt down a round mirror, maybe this one?
  • Craft up a mobile, maybe out of wooden spools?
  • Paint the last wall black, maybe chalkboard, maybe use felt on the doors? (That’s why I made the mirror reflect black.)
  • Finish putting up the triangles on the wall and add outlet covers back.

crib 7


And now for the full room tour. I thought about using that mirror in the corner that I already have for above the crib, but it’s a tad too small and rectangular.

diy nursery ideas

I’m standing in the globe corner… You can see Bob Ross’s hair and my leaves and the corner of the wall that still needs to be painted.

Crib 9


And here’s the other side of the room. Ahhh.


Crib 10


But, look at Jenny Lind’s casters? Isn’t she pretty! Oh and the crib sheet is from good ol’ Target for $10!


crib 11


What are you up to this weekend? I’ll be spending lots of time in the igloo! And just so you know, gave me the crib and mattress. I picked ’em out myself, and would have bought them anyway! All crib building opinions are my own, well that’s not true, they’re Andy’s opinion, but you get the point! Happy Friday!


  1. So cute! I knew that rug looked familiar!

  2. This nursery is turning out to be sooo adorable! I am forever in love with the black triangles against the crisp clean walls. Our walls are super textured or I would so be all over that! Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. This made me laugh because usually when I do room-posts, I perfect ONE side of the room and the other looks like a tornado rolled through! I’m loving the nursery so far. Super modern and cool!

    By the way, I wouldn’t have thought a crib didn’t come with a mattress either ūüėÄ

  4. The room is ADORABLE! I looove the yellow casters on the crib (lil pop of cool color), and totally smitten with the triangle decal (soo cuuuute!).

  5. Love your crib. I still can’t believe your nursery is half done! After Thanksgiving the guest bedroom furniture gets packed up and we are getting real! lol.

    • Jamie Dorobek says:

      haha! My mom has helped me a ton! It it weren’t for her, it would not be half done!Good luck with yours… it’s a fun job :)


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