Painting the igloo

The nursery plan has been put into action! I’ve been calling it an igloo, because that is the name of the paint color I picked. But, before I get to that… here is the back story to the choosing of the nursery room. We bought a 3 bedroom house in Austin, TX back in April (2013), all 3 bedrooms are about that same size. The one bedroom that has a bathroom attached is far away from the other 2. So, we’ve turned that into a guest suite. We moved ourselves into this room early on:
DIY nursery


My mess of an office is about 5 steps away down the hall and the large full bathroom (with a bathtub and chipping green paint) is also in this hallway. The bathroom will (fingers crossed) get a major makeover before the bambino is born. Chipping paint and crawling babies don’t seem like a good mix. Oh and the bathtub is super crusty. More on that later. Any-who, we bought a king sized bed! And since the office room is actually a longer room, and ever so slightly bigger, we decided to move ourselves in there and make the nursery/ playroom our old room. We moved ourselves out of the room, and here she sits… that’s the crib and mattress in the box!

diy nursery

The entire house (ceilings included) were painted this color before we moved in. It’s a beige with lots of yellow and brown? I like to call it sandy. This picture doesn’t even really do the color justice. I’ve decided to go fairly gender neutral in the nursery and do a black and white vintage thing. So, 3 walls and the celling got a coat of Dunn Edwards no VOC paint in igloo. Here is a more true to color picture where you can really tell the difference between the old color and the new igloo white!

DIY Nursery


And then the fun began… I put up my triangle wall decals from Urban Walls! I could have made ’em or I could have even painted the triangles, but I was feeling pregnant and lazy, ha! And 50 triangles only cost about $30 (There is a 15% discount if you like them on facebook, which I did!), I decided to order them. Here’s the igloo white wall before it got triangled. The crib is going to go in between these 2 windows. Look how white and bright is is in here even at night!

diy nursery

I only had 50 triangles, so the main goal was to spread ’em out evenly on the wall. I ended up placing them 36 centimeters apart. My method was not exact. Honestly, Andy said it was painful to watch me, ha! My theory is, as long as it looks normal-ish to your eye, it’s perfect! So don’t bring your ruler to my house, pretty please! The triangle wall decals are easy to apply. They are shipped on a single sheet, and then you have to roughly cut each triangle out. (Side note: I did not get paid or free product for this post, I just loved these little triangles!)

DIY nursery


After you cut them out, you peel off one side of the triangle, stick it to the wall, and rub it on. It’s easy. They are not re-usable though, so make sure and stick it in the right spot. You can see my peel and throw method below:

DIY nursery

And here we are today! The plan is to get the crib set up and then I will use my last remaining triangles around the crib. I think I have 12 left! Look how pretty the igloo is during the daylight… ¬†Oh and we did end up ordering this Jenny Lind crib in white with golden casters! I can’t wait to see it on my pretty little wall! Fingers crossed that happens tonight when Andy gets home from work. See, on the little dresser, the 2 cans of chalkboard paint… that’s happening this weekend when my mama comes to town!

DIY nursery

I’ve also been on a major hunt for a rocker/ glider. At this very moment, I’m leaning towards this one in grey everyday velvet. I took a little trip to the outlets and that rocker was there, but it was only in a cream color which isn’t really going to work with the black and white vibe I’ve got kickin’ right now. What do you think about the triangle wall decals? I love that if or when I get tired of them I can literally just peel them off. Anyone else obsessed with Jenny Lind cribs? How about igloo white walls? Any awesome suggestions for a comfortable, reasonably priced rocker/ gliders to go in a nursery? I’d love to hear…





  1. Aww, Jamie, it’s perfect! I love the triangles, and I can’t wait to see how it looks when it all comes together in the end! :)

  2. I have the cream walls in my entire house too and wish they were white so bad! Jenny lind cribs are the cutest!! Obsessed too.

  3. We have a Jenny Lind crib for my girl- we love it and the price is great!

  4. Love the triangles! Cant wait to see the whole room!

  5. What a cute idea with the wall decals. I love the white and black color scheme. Have fun furnishing your nursery.

  6. How CUTE! I love the little triangles! And I can’t wait to see how the chest and bed turn out too. Since I’m reading this a few weeks late….I bet with just a click I’ll see it all. ūüėČ Are you going to add a pop of color? Maybe I’ll see that too. LOL!


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