22 DIY lampshade makeovers

I love a good makeover! And here are 22 ways to makeover a crusty shade. You can use anything from balsa wood to paper! No more excuses, spruce up your old crusty shade today! Or if you are in need of a light fixture, check out these 20 DIY light fixtures made out of things like paint sticks and ping ping balls!

DIY lamp shade makeover ideas

1. Balsa wood

DIY lamp shade

2. Decoupage

DIY lampshade makeovers

3. Seagrass

DIY lampshade makeovers

4. Pom poms

DIY lampshade makeovers

5. Fabric

DIY Lampshade makeover

6. String

DIY Lampshade makeover

7. Yarn

8. Stencil

9. Flowers

10. Hand painted

Lampshade makeover

11. Zip ties

12. Embroidery

13. Fabric

Lampshade makeover

14. Handwritten

DIY Lampshade makeover

15. Vintage slides

DIY Lampshade makeover

16. Paint

DIY Lampshade makeover

17. Globe

DIY Lampshade makeover

18. White muslin

DIY lampshade makeover

19. Sweater

20. Map

21. Ribbon

lampshade makeover

22. Paper

lampshade makeover

Which one is your fave? I love the handwritten shade and the paper triangle shade at the bottom… that owl lamp base is pretty awesome too!


  1. I looove the globe lampshade. I have been mulling over doing a travel theme for my oldest son’s room. This would be perfect. Can’t wait to check out more details.

  2. I just shared a cute lampshade makeover today, it must be lampshade day on the internet. Happy Lampshade Day!

  3. They are all ingenious but the ribbon one is the one that catches my eye.

  4. Hey! Thanks for the link. I love your balsa wood shade bee tee dubs.

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