DIY wall art {perfect for a rental}

The diy felt art cost a grand total of $1.45! One dollar and forty five cents. Cheapest. Art. Ever.  I had all of the materials on hand minus the sheets of felt! Here’s what you need to create your own one of kind wall art…

  • 3 canvases (different sizes could be fun too)
  • 5 pieces of felt
  • a sharpie
  • yard stick
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun

diy wall art

In the midst of the makeover, I knew I wanted the 3 canvases to be hung on the wall vertically. That side of the room needed some height. I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do with them., so I just hung them up and started for a day. Then my Target  inspiration pillow came through again! I decided to pseudo mimic the pattern on my canvases. I thought about painting, but then realized making a stencil would take tons of time, and frankly I’m impatient. I was Michael’s on the hunt for felt for the bottom of the coasters when I discovered felt comes in a bazillion colors, and it’s cheap! Only .29 cents a sheet, and my mom said it always  goes on sale!diy art

Sadly, I made the deicsion to paint over my Painting with a Twist creations. They used to live in my laundry room, but there is no place for them in Sunny.  No more laundry room for me.


I spray painted the canvases with left over grey spray paint. The spray paint it left over from the desk makeover.

diy art

After I spray painted, I use the yard stick to mark off 4 inch marks down all the canvases. I used a sharpie to make thick black lines on top of the spray paint. Also, you can see how my felt shapes are similar to my Target pillow… I cut out one felt shape and used it to make all of my shapes.

diy art

To make the cutting easier, I cut all the felt into strips, add then used my felt shape template to cut the strips into parallelograms. diy art

The fun part f or me was arranging my shapes! It gets a little tricky, but I kept it random… there is no rhyme or reason to my color and spacing. After you get all of your felt pieces laid out, heat up the glue gun and start gluing those bad boys down. I patiently glued down all of my felt shapes one canvas at a time. I ended up cutting a few felt pieces to make them appear like they are running onto the next canvas.

diy art

Another thing I really like about canvas is that  it’s light, and can be hung on the wall with only one of my rental miracle hangers. Here is the home made diy wall art hung up on the wall…  For $1.45, I’m totally lovin’ it.
diy art

diy wall art

Have you worked with felt lately? It’s my new favorite stuff… cheap and so easy to cut! How aboyut DIY wall art + felt? I’d love to hear…
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  1. I like it! It’s cute and stands out (but not too much) :)

  2. How clever! I agree a lovely way to add color to place if your renting or not.

  3. Wow! I love this! And since I definitely have a felt obsession…. that makes this project even cooler. We have never done wall art out of felt, but we have done some jewelry!

  4. I love it!! I love the pillow too! Great idea!

  5. this is awesome!

  6. Absolutely lovely!! I have a deep-seeded love for all things felt AND have four small canvas that need some major updating. This could be my answer!!! :)

  7. I really need to make this art for my bathroom! I have the matching Target shower curtain! I wish I found that pillow! I love it!


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