39 homemade halloween costumes for adults

I’ve done lots of DIY kids costumes lately (carrot, cheeseburger, koala bear), but adults need costumes too! If you haven’t noticed, I really love handmade costumes! Here are 39 homemade Halloween costumes for adults! If you still don’t find what you’re looking  for, check out ReallyAwesomeCostume.com for bazillions of more DIY adult costumes, couple costume ideas, and even group costumes

homemade halloween costumes for adults
1: Dorothy, Cowgirl, and Nerd– Andy and I were Dorothy and the tin man. I whipped up the nerd costume at Good Will for our friend, Marcus. Natalia pulled together the cowgirl costume from her closet!

Homemade Halloween costumes for adults
DIY adult Halloween costumes
Homemade Halloween costumes for adults

5: Lady Bug- I already had the dress, and I just pinned black felt circles on the dress. I found the wings at Good Will for $1 and made a headband with pipe cleaners and black pom poms.
Last minute DIY Halloween costumes
6: Indian- I made this from an XL Hobby Lobby T-shirt 

 8: Jack 

Jack In The Box head

 9: I-Phone
Cardboard Iphone Halloween Costume

Hamburger Dress Front

homemade adult costume

12: Bat
(perfect for Austin!)

14: Pinata

 15: Waldo

18: Cactus

20: Web

22: Mary Poppins and Bert

23: Rosie the Riveter

24: Carmern San Diego

25: Jelly Fish

26: Saved by the Bell

27: Jolly Green Giant

28: Grandpa

DIY adult Halloween costumes

29: Cyclists

DIY adult Halloween costume

30: Indiana JonesDIY adult Halloween costume

31: M.I.A.


Pop culture Halloween costumes

32: The BirdsDIY adult costume

33: E.T. and ElliotDIY adult Halloween costume

34: American Idol contestant

Homemade Halloween costumes

35: Willie Nelson

homemade halloween costumes for adults

36: 80’s prom queens

DIY Halloween costumes for adults


37: Crown and Coke

DIY Crown and Coke Couples Costumes

What’s the best costume you’ve ever seen? What are you planning on being this year? What is your favorite one on my list? I love the Jack in the Box and the Saved by the Bell! Plus check out these 19 homemade costume ideas for a group and 43 handmade animal costumes for kids and adults! Still want more really awesome handmade costume ideas? Check out my new site, Really Awesome Costumes


  1. Only handmaking 2 costumes this year, and I can't wait to get them on my blog. My little Sasha is going to be a peacock and her next oldest brtoher is going to be a lego man. My husband and I are going as an angel and a devil. Which one do you think I will be??? 😉

  2. Hi! I'm a new follower! This is my very first blog hop. I just recently got back into blogging :o)

    Loving Waldo by the way :)

    Feel free to visit my blog at http://www.macheriecreations.com

    See you around!

  3. I made fake blood for Halloween through this game http://www.pheon.org. Its a Facebook app game where you climb levels as you do crafts! All of you would be great at it!

  4. Very cute!

  5. I will being the most epic rainbow dash ever.

  6. I was a paper doll last year. It was pretty awesome, although some people didn’t get it.

  7. How was the sock monkey costume made???

  8. I loved the Where’s Waldo costume! The bun in the oven was a little tacky though… especially the “bun baker”, oh brother!

  9. The picture for the Waldo costume won’t load on my pc. Oh, the irony.

  10. Cute, but I’m not sure it’s ethical to include costumes from Etsy shops in a DIY blog post.

  11. My 86 yr old Dad’s KISS COSTUME last year – he won the contest! All homemade, including the cardboard guitar. His walker was decorated with KISS CDs and posters.

  12. As an etsy seller, I personally don’t think it’s unethical to list an item in any blog post (even a DIY one,) as long as the link takes you back to the item listing, and/or the creator is given credit. This one just happens to have been deactivated, maybe because the seller did it, or it’s possible etsy did. Either way, even if the item was copyrighted, someone crafty could make something similar for personal use (but, from what I’ve seen, not of the same quality unless they’re experienced with printing on fabrics!) Most sellers are up on their SEO and google stats, and it appears this one’s sales haven’t been hurt by their item being posted all over the web. 😉

    Anywho, I have loved that jellyfish costume idea for a while now! I have to give it to Martha, she and her team get pretty freaky for Halloween.

    I’m a sucker for Halloween and costumes in general. My hubby and I have been participating in our church’s “trunk or treat” for the past couple of years, and it’s been a blast. The first year we went as Dorothy and the scarecrow, and our trunk was Oz: http://buymelovestore.wordpress.com/2010/11/03/tuesdays-treasure-3/

    I made the hub’s costume from sweats, raffia and elastic, sewed the hat with fleece scraps, and painted his face.
    I bought my dress and added a layer of lace to the hem and a slip for length. My mom mercifully glitter-ified my shoes, and I made the backdrop from a mishmash of different papers, glitter glues, fake poppies, paint, and a plastic tablecloth.

    Last year, we were a mermaid and a pirate, and our trunk was my giant shell: http://buymelovestore.wordpress.com/2011/12/26/make-it-monday-a-very-belated-reveal/

    I made my ear “fins” from floral wire and tulle, and meticulously hand sewed sequins. I wore a nude tank top and pinned my hand sewn shells on. Then I sewed a fin, using a skirt as a pattern, and added tulle fins (again, meticulously hand sequined.) I was covered in glitter and blue and green makeup, and found that delightfully tacky wig at Goodwill. Don’t worry – it was new and unused!
    My husband’s costume was a combo of thrift finds, torn, tattered and stained. We added some eyeliner and a scar, a tattoo sleeve found at the dollar store, some fake jewelry, and, believe it or not, that scarf on his head and wooden sword at his waist are both his.
    I made the shell from 6 pieces of foam board, acrylic paint, glitter, and fishing line. (I cut a stool-sized hole in the bottom half so I could sit in my shell.) The “water” is an iridescent door curtain.

    Even though these aren’t from Halloween, I thought I’d share our last Comic Con costumes. We went as Tank Girl and Clark Kent: http://chelsealikeengland.wordpress.com/2012/05/26/dallas-comic-con-2012/

    The only thing I made for Kent was the tie, and that was just wire sewn into the tie and formed, bent, and sneakily safety-pinned around his collar. The rest came from my hubby’s closet.
    Tank Girl breakdown: shirt – mine, target painted on w/acrylics; shorts – mine, vintage; vest – thrifted, and I added patches and doodads; socks – hub’s and thrifted rainbow toe socks (one cut off as an arm warmer); goggles – dollar store; belt & holsters – my husband’s; weapons – dollar stores (I painted the bright orange gun); boots – mine; bat – thrifted kid’s plastic bat that I covered in contact paper and athletic tape. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to add wounds and bruises, but I did add some bandages. :)

    Anyway, now that it’s completely clear I’m a nut, I hope someone out there enjoys and can even use some of the ideas!

  13. I was a One Night Stand once. I wore a box that I turned it into a nightstand by drawing on drawers and gluing on drawer knobs. I glued an ashtray with a cigarette in it, condoms, and an old cell phone on the nightstand and wore a lamp shade on my head.

    • Classy.

    • jennifer kelsey says:

      Last year I was the school girl Brittany Spears with two baby dolls on a leash dressed as thing one and thing two, I would drop them and sing “Opps I did it again, I had everyone rolling,

  14. zomg. I know people from these photos! Did you live in the honors quad?

  15. My husband and I were the couple from the American Gothic picture. It’s super easy. Get a pitch fork and dress like an old farmer couple.

  16. meredith says:

    I like the mary poppins and bert and the Jolly Green Giant! I had some friends and they dressed up as “Moonshiners” with overalls that had the “seat” area cut out like a flap, so when ever the occasion presented itself they could “moon ” you! It was funny, mason jars with their drinks and a blacked out tooth here and there.

  17. I really like the Bert and Mary Poppins and the “bun in the oven” :) Last year my boyfriend and I dressed as Fry and Leela from Futurama and it was epic! This year I think we are going to be Dia De Los Muertos figures…

  18. I love how people have an issue with the “bun in the oven” costume but not with the “Indian” costume. How about I dress up as a Caucasian or an African American this year. Now that’s tacky, dressing up as an ethnicity haha.

    • i’m a real native american…honestly we don’t mind if people dress up like indians…actually i do it myself. really, most of us just don’t want people to get all racially guilty about such a little thing. it insults our intelligence.

      • I’m from a Native American family too. Never mind things like that either. We even have a football team :) Just wish the skins would play a little better. People get to uptight about stuff in general.

    • I think it’s okay too. A Geisha girl is popular. Caucasian stereotypes include little Dutch girls and drunken Irish men. Also hearkening from my background, I wouldn’t be offended if someone dressed as a Scot in full kilt etc. (especially if he has nice legs! lol), or the French stereotype: a beret, a baguette and a bottle of wine. I appreciate though that you don’t want to needlessly offend anyone.

  19. Last year, my son wanted to be Woody from Toy Story. And then he wanted friends. So I was Jessie, my husband was Buzz and my sister was Rex the dinosaur. All homemade. I loved that group. And I love the Carmen Sandiego costume from this list!

    My personal favorites from the last few years: Proper Young Lady, complete with leather bound “books” balanced my head and penny loafers; Mother Nature with butterflies, birds, leaves, and glitter all over and in my hair (inspired from Martha Stewart’s “Grey Lady” costume); and Medusa, a sheer black toga over leggings and a men’s long-sleeve black tee where i split the sleeves on the outside and cut the neckline to match the toga and decorated everything with gold and bronze paints, rope belts, decorated gladiator sandals, and snakes glued to hair clips that slithered through and stood up in my hair.

    My dream costumes are the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland, Rosie the Riveter, and a Domestic Goddess (which is already made, just haven’t worn it.)

  20. Taylor Wagner says:

    Without a doubt being Rosie The Riveter!

  21. Me and my two friends are going as the powerpuff girls this year. I will be bubbles. We are going to sew the costumes. So excited

  22. My husband and I went last year as Publishers Clearing House! I wore a robe and sweatpants with my hair all messy and makeup smudged, and he wore a suit. I made a giant check, and we bought balloons and red carnations. It was really fun, and I was psyched to be able to wear sweatpants in public because I was pregnant and uncomfortable at the time!

  23. I met my fiancee on Halloween, and he had to hand make his costume. He got a big box, wrapped it in Pink Wrapping paper, Put a Bow and A Tag that said “To: Women From: God” =] He was God’s Gift to women… Guess it worked.

  24. My husband is a big Halloween lover so we’re always trying to do something unique. Before we met, he did that “God’s gift to Women one”. Last year, he was a giant mudflap and held me up through armholes… I was the chrome girl (body paint). It was amazing with great reactions. Still trying to figure out how to top it this year. :)

  25. Hi, my daughter linked me here, love all the ideas for costumes. Our enlarged family has been doing Halloween for many, many years, and all the costumes have been handmade! My husband and I went as Sonny & Cher, he was Cher & I was Sonny, everyone loved it. Also, Hunchback & Gypsy girl, salt & pepper shakers, referee & football player, so many I can’t remember them all. Now once a month my sisters, our older girls, & our mom meet for a card night but we theme dress up: Harry Potter Night, Jersey Shore, Roman Toga, Nerd, and so on, we have so much fun doing it, take pictures, then we relax for the night. My neice made my mom a scrapbook of all our nights we’ve done, it’s great! Enjoy all.

  26. one of the easiest costumes of YEARS of loving Halloween and dressing up, is the BLACK EYED PEA … it is simple, green clothes, sweats … green all over and a black eye with the letter p ON THE FRONT AND BACK OF SHIRT~!!! ONE YEAR a cereal killer ,…. yep … white t shirt, with small cereal boxes attached, with a plastic knife stuck into the boxes and paint or blood dripping from ea box down the t shirt …. no one will ever guess this one !!! one year I dressed up like a hunter, wanting to look more like a man I needed a beard, so I spread a thin layer of corn syrup on face and took coffee grounds and patted on syrup for a scruffy beard, the smell of the coffee all day at work gave me indigestion, but no one knew it was me, because of the real looking beard, just washed off with warm water …


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