18 easy DIY adult costumes

I heart Halloween!  I really, really love DIY Halloween costumes, oh and candy! And pumpkin carving is fun too. In fact, I love handmade costumes so much I started a whole website dedicated to handmade Really Awesome Costumes for everyone! If you’re in the market for handmade costumes be sure and check out  these fun posts: 29 more DIY adult Halloween costumes, 29 handmade kid costumes, 19 group Halloween costume ideas, and 36 animal costumes for kids and adults!

18 DIY easy Halloween costumes for adults

1. Piñata costume

DIY adult costumes

2. Gangnam style

DIY halloween costumes for adults


3. Mermaid

DIY costumes for adults

4. Donut

5. Owl

6. Willie Nelson

DIY adult costumes

7. Grandpa

8. Captain Recycle

9. Flo the Progressive Girl

DIY halloween costumes for adults

10. Kim Kardashian

11. Bank robbers

12. Hamburgler

13. Paper doll costume

14. Snooki

15. 80’s prom queens

DIY Halloween costumes for adults

16. Cleopatra

DIY adult costumes

17. Tourist

18. Shooting star

DIY adult costumes


Did you like my 80’s prom costume? Pretty special, right?! What’s your favorite handmade adult costume from the list?

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