C.R.A.F.T. #84: Dinosaur Planter

Everyone needs a dinosaur planter in their life, don’t you think!
diy planters
I originally saw this idea at a farmers market in Austin by a company called Plaid Pigeon. Their dinosaurs were spray painted bright neon colors, like THIS one. At one point  Plaid Pigeon had an etsy store, now all I can find is their facbeook page. I stumbled upon this pentaceratops in the dollar section at Target, and decided it was time to make my own :)
diy planters
Here are the dinos at Target…I think there were 5 variations…I bought a few of this one and the brontosaurus (the green one in the bottom right hand corner)
diy planters

I used an exacto knife to cut a hole in his back. Sorry for the morbid picture.

diy planters

I ended up making a long rectangle…

diy planters

I used my handy dandy Plaid craft paints to paint the dino white. He got 2 coats…

diy planters

I planted an Africa violet… this little dino makes me smile every time I look at him. As for the books, I’m not a vegan, I don’t have a pre schooler, I do love the 5 love languages, and Mere Christianity was a gift… all of the books were chosen for the colors .

diy planters

I did a little photo shoot with the dino :)

diy planters
Remember the post from a few weeks ago, about moving things around all. the. time…(read more about my obsession with switching things up)… the dino made me do it this time :) I took down the paint chip pictures, and moved my picture canvas of Austin around.
diy planters
I’ve made lots of dinos! Here’s a pink one I gave to my office mate…
Dinosaur Planters
My mom hates my dino. What do you think?
*UPDATE: I highly suggest using an air plant in your dino planter! 


  1. As I said on Facebook (LOL) I think he's cute and would make an excellent, inexpensive gift for a science teacher!

  2. Nice! I don't like dinos, but I'm sure I can find some other animal toys like this that would be cute painted white!! Good idea!

  3. LOVE it! I'm obsessed with them too, thanks for showing how to make our own!!

  4. You know…I could see this with a cactus or something in a boy's room. It would be fun to paint the dinos all funky with stripes or polka dots first…I wonder what else you could stick in them : )

  5. I think he's cute!

  6. how can you not love a dino planter?? xox, d.

  7. I think its actually really awesome. And Im thinking it could make for an excellent thank-you gift for a coworker.

  8. My daughter and I made two for her room today! She love them! Thanks.


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