Thanks for be’an my friend!

If you’ve been following along on C.R.A.F.T. for the past couple of weeks, you now I’m totally obsessed with cheesy valentines. (Here’s the list of 100 valentine day sayings that got me started!) I did a whole series of cheesy valentines that included 8 clever sayings paired with treats AND free printables! ! It’s a problem. Seriously! I come up with catch phrases for e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.! Someone is changing a light bulb, and I think, “I like you a whole watt!” I stick a piece of my favorite green extra gum in my mouth and “You’re extra special!” pops in my head. It’s outta control. Maybe I’ll calm down when Valentine’s day is over. Or maybe I’ll just move onto Hoppy Easter, ha!

cute valentine sayings


This is a super easy candy treat. It doesn’t have to be for valentines either. It could just be a happy little treat for your friends or co-workers on a random Wednesday! That could be fun. Note: Can you find the mistakes in the printable in the picture below? I fixed ’em in the downloadable version!

All you need is:


 valentine sayings



Print out the printable on card stock (or regular paper) and fold on the dotted line. Cover the top of the envelope and staple. Super simple. 
cute valentine sayings

Thank you be’an patient with me as I maniac all objects into valentines : )
valentine sayings Download the “Thank you for be’an a great friend” printable {here}

Are you doing anything special for heart day? Have you made any valentines for grown ups this year? Here are 2 fun grown up valentines, “You’re like a fine wine, Valentine!” and “I like you a whole lotto!” Are you DIY’ing valentines or buying ’em for the classroom? I’d love to hear…


  1. These are super cute Jamie! Happy Valentines Day!

    Take care,


  2. I love cheesy Valentines too! The beans are so cute and crack me up. What a fun idea. Thanks for sharing :)

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