16 Modern Cross Stitch Projects

My mom is the queen of cross stitch. She had stitched 100+ pictures, pillows, and stockings over the past 30 years. I love them, and have many of her pieces hang on my walls. I’ve tried to continue the cross stitching tradition, but I’m bad. I can’t follow the patterns and mine always turn out wonky. Here are 16 faux cross stitch or cross stitch inspired crafts that I’ve got my eye on.

cross stitch

1. Dresser

2. Dino onesies with waste canvas

3. How to make a cross stitch pattern

4. Painted mural

5. Giant Canvas

6. Mini canvas

7. Office supplies

8. iPhone cover


8 modern cross stitch projects (via @thecraftblog )

1. Table runner

2. Chair

3. Coasters

4. Screen door

5. Necklace

6. Pen and ink

7. Candles

8. T-shirt


I want to cross stitch all of my tees immediately and my screen door (that I don’t have) and I NEED a cross stitched necklace. I also love that little cross stitched dino on the onesie. Are you a stitcher? Which one is your favorite? I’d love to hear…





  1. My mom was a master at cross stitch, it was the one needlepoint craft she was good at….. I can’t even tell you how many cross-stitch pillow she had in her house!

  2. I love the cross stitch screen door. How awesome is that!

  3. I have been cross stitching for close to 20 years and find it relaxing. My favorite of all these projects would have to be the chair. What a unique way to update a plain chair.

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