Creating Really Awesome Free Trips: Marfa, TX– Part 1

Rachelle and I took a Halloween weekend road trip to Marfa, TX. It’s the epitome of small town, west TX with a bustling population of 2,121 AND an approved public water system :) The combination of art, people, and small town vibe makes Marfa worth the 430 mile drive from Austin, TX. It’s funky, quaint, and makes life feel so… simple.  After one evening in Marfa, you will chat with the old man that played guitar around the fire the night before while you sample fresh salsa at the farmer’s market the next morning. Your waiter from the night before will be the boyfriend of the girl who works the front desk at your hotel. She also happens to work at the same restaurant, remembers what you ordered, and where you sat. In case you missed it, here are 10 free things to do in Marfa, TX!


Rachelle’s super nice co-worker, Beau,  gave us the low down on everything Marfa. Today’s post is all about where to stay and eat, next week I will fill y’all in on the 10 fun free things to do in Marfa!
Where to stay:
  1. STAY Marfa
  2. VRBO (Vacation Rental By Owner)
  3. El Cosmico This is the one we chose :) “There is a main bunkhouse that serves as the “lobby”. It is a huge field with old vintage trailers that have been refurbished, along with yurts and teepee – all for rent. Camping available, too. This is such a fun and peaceful experience.”–Beau
  4. Thunderbird “If you want an actual hotel, I’d recommend this one. El Paisano is the historic hotel in town, but rooms are not as nice. Thunderbird is one of only places in town that has a pool”–Beau

Rachelle and I chose the tee-pee route. We liked the ring of, “I slept in a Tee Pee last night!” We did a little research and it was also the second cheapest option we could find. Staying in a yurt at El Cosmico was the cheapest. It was 28 degrees one night, but with 11 blankets (we brought 7 from home) and a heated mattress pad (provided free of charge by El Cosmico) we were super comfy. The outside shower was un expectantly refreshing… We waited to take showers until the weather warmed up around noon. The shower had plenty of hot water!

El Cosmico has yellow wagons available to haul your stuff to and from your home!

Our cozy, 22 feet in diameter, Tee Pee! There were also 2 chairs, a small table, and big trunk.

El Cosmico is complete with a hammock grove :)
Where to find food in Marfa, TX:
  • Squeeze Marfa: Smoothies, fresh juice, eggs, omelets, waffles, etc. Beau’s favorite breakfast spot! They also have excellent chocolate you can buy. Owner is from Switzerland and her family owns the chocolate factory. Rachelle and I had oatmeal and a fancy juice concoction. D-LISH.
  • Cochineal: Fancier and more expensive then Squeeze, but super yummy. You have to try the sour cream pancakes and the pomegranate mimosa was pretty tasty too! Kind of hard to find, super small sign… next door to Q Cafe.
  • Frama at Tumbleweed laundry: Coffee and ice cream. Thoroughly enjoyed a Blue Bell ice cream cone with Rachelle on a bench outside the laundry mat. Did not try the coffee, but was very intrigued by the Espresso shot over ice cream (had a cute name that I can not remember!)
 How cute is the price board :)
Love the extra thick bulletian board covered in potato sacks…
  • Pizza Foundation: Best deal for sure. We rode our bikes here and each had a slice of pepperoni pizza. $2.50 a piece!
  • Q Café & Wine Bar: Order a glass of wine and watch all things Marfa pass you by on their great front porch. We thoroughly enjoyed are wine on the porch, we had just had pizza so didn’t try the food.
  • Food Shark: Trailer food. Marfalafel is my favorite! Very good and fun to sit outside or in their old converted school bus. Open Tuesday thru Friday, 11:30 – 3pm. We did not have a chance to try this one.
  • The Get Go: Best specialty grocery store ever! At least stop by.

 On the front porch at Q Cafe…

  • Cochineal: Did not eat dinner here. Some say best restaurant in town!
  • Maiya’s Restaurant: Bistro Italian. Oldest nice/fancy restaurant in town. Rachelle and I ate dinner here the first night, and were a little sticker shocked by the $25 lasagna. It was good, but it we are trying to create really awesome free trips don’t go here!
  • Miniature Rooster: Super cute interior combined with great waitstaff and southern comfort food wit ha twist. They are open for lunch and dinner, but check on the times.
View from inside…
Late Night Activities
  • Museum of Electronic Wonders and Late Night Grilled Cheese Parlor:  Owned by Food Shark people. Funky hours. Usually open from 10-midnight-ish. Serve the BEST grilled cheese ever on a bed of astro turf.
  • Padre’s– Bar food, usually good live music, and open till at least midnight
  • Planet Marfa– Our favorite bar of the weekend… we loved singing British folk songs around the campfire in the giant (partly underground) Tee-Pee. There is a free juke box, books, and games. It’s all outside and closes for the winter.
  • Lost Horse Saloon– We did not make it here, but heard it is a great little dive bar

What do you think so far? Want to go to Marfa? Have you ever been? The low down on all the free fun activities in Marfa is coming soon!



  1. This is awesome, I'm from and still live in the Houston area and I have driven right past but never knew it was so cool :) was anyone else staying there?

  2. If you were all the way out there, you could've stopped by Van Horn too! We stayed there once, I think the population is about the same as Marfa. If you ever go you should stay at Hotel El Capitan. Not free, but really cool!

  3. Love the tepee! and the grilled cheese looks delicious! Looks like a fun trip :)

  4. I love that price board at Frama. And that grilled cheese looks fantastic!

  5. Best road trip and partner a girl could ask for. I will NEVER forget it or our 7 hour (each way) life chats!:)

  6. Next time we will certainly stop in Van Horn! I want to go back and stay for longer than a weekend… there is so much to do and see out in good ol west TX :)

  7. I want to go there to see the Marfa lights! I'll need to figure out when is the best time to see them. Thanks for the info on where to stay and eat! Now I just need to find someone to take along!

    Sounds like I just had a novocaine shot!

  9. Can’t say much for your spelling.

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