How to clean patio furniture with Tide OXI

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I heart this IKEA patio table. We actually bought it for our living room, but then found a super steal of a deal on a new dining room table, and so this little beauty moved outside!
How to clean furniture with Tide Oxi

Just for fun, here’s our patio table when it lived in our living room.

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We inherited a ton of patio furniture when we bought our house, but no table. We gave the old patio chairs a major paint makeover and then built a cinder block bench. The table was a much needed addition to our existing patio furniture (the octagon coffee table got ruined in the rain… it was a $5 estate sale find!).

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Fast forward one year, and our lovely patio table looks like this…basically just covered in water stains and dirt. Boo. We use Tide OXI for laundry issues, and I’d noticed that it said it could be used on patio furniture too! Time to give it a test run. Y’all! It’s kind of awesome. Check this out…

How to clean furniture with Tide Oxi


Here’s how to clean patio furniture with Tide OXI:

1. Mix 1 part Tide Oxi to 4 parts warm water.

2. Mix it up.

3. Use a rag and squeeze the water over the stains, and let soak for 5-10 minutes.

4. Then scrub with your rag!

5. Admire your pretty new table you thought might never be clean again!

Clean furniture with Tide Oxi

And here she is all squeaky clean! I’m happy to know that a 10 minute rub down makes this patio table look brand spankin’ new.

How to clean furniture with Tide Oxi


How do you clean patio furniture? Have you ever used Tide OXI Multi-Purpose Stain Remover? I’d love to hear…


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