Christmas C.R.A.F.T. #7: Modern Tree

This Christmas tree is perfect for a small 
space or a small budget! [or both]

Materials: String of lights, paper, safety pins, tacks

1: Finding a good spot is important. I choose this wall because it has an outlet, and a smoke detector :) (The smoke detector become the tree topper!)

2: Use tacks to tack corners of the tree into place. I only used 6 tacks on the entire tree.

3: Time for ornaments! [Let the kids make these!] I cut circles out of scrapbook paper, and used a safety pin to attach them to the string of lights.

christmas tree ideas

The BF attaching his ornament :)

christmas tree ideas

4: Make a tree topper. I am not totally in love with mine. I will probably experiment with a few more before I choose one :)

christmas tree ideas

The hole in the star is for the smoke detector!

christmas tree ideas
This would be a fun kid tree, don’t you think?


  1. i did this same exact thing for my bedroom!…i ended up using white corded lights!…i think i like it better than my actual tree that's downstairs!…

  2. wonderful tree


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