Christmas Tree in a Box {+ free printable}

I think most college kids, overseas military men and women, someone on a mission, or anyone who has to take an extended business trip in the month of December would appreciate a Christmas tree in a box. Andy moved to Florida in August 2011, and I did not move here until February 2012. Anyhow, he spent the month of December in our unfurnished apartment all alone. Don’t feel too bad for him, his family came to visit him and we met back up for New Years!

How to make a Christmas tree in a box

Here is the Christmas tree out of the box, and on your wall:
homemade christmas gift
What comes in a Christmas Tree in a Box:
  • One strand of lights
  • As many clothes pins as number of pictures
  • Pictures of friends and family to use as ornaments
  • M&M’s- or the person’s favorite treat to eat while “hanging” the tree
  • 8 or so tacks- to hang the strand of lights
  • Printable manual (in this post)
  • I also added some of these in as ornaments.
It’s an easy little project to put together. The only actually crafting involved is decorating your clothes pins with sharpies. This is how the recipient will hang the pictures from the strand of lights. 
homemade christmas gift
Gather pictures, strand of lights, and tacks. I put the tacks in an empty Altoids container for easy shipping.  I also added some blank card stock for DIY ornaments. (Andy did not utilize the DIY ornaments, but it was an honest attempt at encouraging creativity!) I think the right person would love DIY ornament materials (me! me!). The M&M’s are a just a yummy treat to eat while decorating your tree. Andy loves peanut butter M&M’s, but any tasty treat will do the trick. Hanging the tree is super easy. It takes 15 minutes, and the handy manual gives you the tree hanging low down. Just double click, save, print, and add to your Christmas Tree in a box package…
homemade christmas gift
As far as shipping goes, grab a medium flat rate box from USPS… It’s $10.85, and the weight does not matter.
homemade christmas gift

homemade christmas gift


What do you think? Do you know someone who needs a Christmas tree in a box this year…


  1. This is a PERFECT idea to send my friends who are serving at war overseas during the holidays. I'm off to make this box for them pronto!

  2. Girl this is good for military men too! I have to celebrate every holiday in a box with mine most of the time.

    love the idea =)

  3. This is such a cute idea! I have a good friend who lives here but travels for Christmas so he never gets a tree. I think I just found him a solution! Thanks!

  4. Very cool idea! I love the cute clothes pins. Adorable!!

  5. Jamie , waht a great Idea! I love it you should link up at my new party with it , you can link up as much as you want but I think everyone would love seeing this!


  6. What a great idea Jamie!

  7. omg, this is the sweetest thing ever!! I should do this with my mom full of pictures of my kids. She is so upset we live across the country from her. She would love it!

  8. Such a sweet idea!

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