A week of Valentine Ideas

Note: This post is sponsored by Creative Collection by Neenah Papers, but all opinions are 100% my own!

Valentine’s Day is Saturday! The last 3 weeks here on C.R.A.F.T. have been all about cheesy, awesome Valentine ideas, mostly for the kiddos. (Minecraft Valentines, anyone?!)  Today, I’m sharing a week worth of heart day cuteness that is perfect for your significant other! I made a cute small treat and hid it somewhere I knew Andy would look like the refrigerator, his car, or the bathroom! Andy got his week of love last week. Don’t worry, he’s used to celebrating all of the holidays a little earlier 😉

I used the Creative Collection Valentine’s Packs to make the cards for each of the treats. These fun little packages are a quick, but cute way to personalize Valentines! Oh and Creative Collection Valentine’s packs are available at select Walmart locations throughout the U.S.

A week of Valentine Ideas for your husband

Monday: You are the milk to my cookies! I used the kraft paper to make a tiny cookie card, and tied it to a bag of cookies. This little treat was hidden in the refrigerator so he would see it on Monday evening!

Valentine ideas for boyfriend or husband

Tuesday: Neenah Papers has the cute pre made heart banners. The package comes with string, and red, bright pink, light pink, and withe heart cut outs. All you have to do is string on the hearts! I snuck out to his car on Monday evening and hung up a heart banner for him to see in the morning. I wrote a thank you on each of the hearts.

Valentine ideas for boyfriend or husband

Wednesday: I used inspiration from this classroom valentine I made. Each pack of Creative Collection Valentine’s Packs comes with this handy dandy envelope template and envelope liner template! I used my free printable and the pink polka dot paper to make the card. The envelope is made out of the kraft paper

A week of Valentine Ideas for your husband

Thursday: i used another one of my pre made cards…. We go together like cheese and crackers card. I printed it out on plain white printer paper and attached it to red card stock for a little pop of color. I made a mini envelope out of kraft paper! This little treat was hiding in the glass cabinet, where he always goes right after work to get a glass of water!

Valentine ideas for boyfriend or husband

Friday: On Friday afternoon, I hung up another cute heart banner on the front door. This one says: U+ rhymes with picture of cake+ R+ hearts+ smiley face. Put it all together and it says: You make our hearts happy!

Valentine Ideas

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Share the Love: I’m beary happy you’re in my class!

valentines day ideas

Today is the last day of the Share the Love series! Don’t be sad, there are tons of cheesy, awesome valentine options from Share the Love 2013 and Share the Love 2014! Oh and the Share the Love inspiration post has 153 valentine day sayings paired with treats! So, last but not least, I give you a beary cheesy valentine that you are sure to love! Plus look for a round up post next week of all 10 Share the Love posts from the last few weeks.

"Beary" cute valentine card ideas

{Download free Valentines printable here}

Click the link above to download the free printable! It includes 3 beary cheesy sayings all on one page. Print out as many as you need.

  • I’m so beary happy you’re in my class
  • You are so beary nice
  • You’re beary sweet

Print out the free printable sheet, cut around the call out bubble (or cut them into squares because let’s face it, that is way easier)! And then hole punch and tie a ribbon or some rafia onto the package of gummi bears. Or staple. Because that is easier and after all, these are just little classroom Valentines for kids to tear open and eat! And here is the cute little Valentine done speed style! Still fun, right?!

Beary cute Valentine ideas


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