DIY Stick Figure Costume

Yep, today’s post is about DIY stick figure costumes from Halloween 2014! Better late than never, right?  You can pin it now, and thank me later! So, the stick people idea has been lingering in my head since 2012 when I bought the black one piece spandex things for Andy and I. I attempted to stitch the glow sticks to the outfit a few hours before we were supposed to leave and well, that was an epic craft fail. Not to worry, we whipped up a 70 year old and a 70’s girl costume in 5 minutes flat and Halloween-ed it up!

I was prego for Halloween 2013 and wasn’t feeling the spandex suit, ha! (We went as Bob Ross, Happy Tree, and a squirrel) So, Halloween 2014 I was bound and determined to figure out these stick figure costumes! It worked, but there were issues. Here’s what you need:

  • Black pants and shirt (or full body spandex if you’re feeling wild and crazy.)
  • A minimum of 14 necklace size glow sticks per adult costume (I’d buy a few extra packs just to be safe, a few of our packs had bad sticks that didn’t glow.)
  • Clear packing tape

DIY Stick Figure Costume


In theory, it’s really easy… Just layout your black attire and use your clear packing tape to tape on the glow sticks in a stick figure shape. Now step into your masterpiece and tape on your stick head. I literally just taped it to my forehead and chest. So, in the dark, your stick figure is awesome. See below. But, in the light, you look like a hot mess. This costume is perfect if you’re a kid and running from house to house in the dark or an adult attending a Halloween party where you are 100% sure it will be very dark. A few other things to consider:

  • Bring extra packing tape, your limbs will start falling off
  • You make a crinkle tape sound with every step you take
  • Bring extra glow sticks because some of them just don’t last very long


DIY Glow in the dark Stick People

Here is a close up of how much tape I used on my chest:

DIY Stick figure costume

And to see the DIY glow in the dark stick person in all of its glory, watch and listen to the crazy crinkle sounds you make:

In the end, I decided to ditch the glow in the dark stick figure costume and put on my can of coke costume from the night before! I love the idea, but it is not the most practical costume I’ve ever made! In conclusion, this is an awesome last minute costume idea for a kid who is going to run from house ot house in the dark and is not self conscious about spandex!

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Quick (& yummy) candy business cards

DIY business cards are cute, fun, memorable and easy to make. Oh and a heck of a lot cheaper than getting business cards printed! I’ve made a few varieties in my day including: cereal boxes, paint chips, and even coffee sleeves! For big events, when I need more than 50 or so, I do get business cards printed (these are the ones I’m currently using). But for smaller events, I like to keep it crafty! Here are my latest DIY business cards made out of candy!

DIY business cards


These are the easiest business cards I’ve ever made. All you need a giant bag of Laffy Taffy, mailing labels, and a printer! I’m using Office Max brand mailing labels. So, printing out the labels is the only thing you really have to do. Open a blank document in Microsoft Word. Then go to “Tools” and “Labels”. My mailing labels are Avery #5260. Once you type that in, the computer magically sets up your labels for you!

Print out your awesome labels and adhere them to your candy! Easy as pie. Or candy. Whatever!

DIY business cards


The hardest part? Not eating all of the strawberry ones while I stuck on the label. Seriously. Notice the picture below is off yellow and purple ones. Yea, red is my favorite one.

DIY business cards


Have you ever made your own business cards? I’d love to hear…

Year in review {2014}

I shared the top 10 C.R.A.F.T. posts from 2014 according to page views, but today I want to share my favorite crafts and DIYs of 2014! (Here are my faves from 2012 and 2013.) My very, very favorite DIY in the history of ever happened in March. #Shocker So skip to that month for the really good stuff! But, honestly looking back, almost everything I did revolved around my sweet munchkin from the DIY nursery to baby showers to onesies to learning how to take care of the little guy! Cheers to 2014!

Best of 2014 on C.R.A.F.T.

January: January was full of cheesy Valentines and the start of our bathroom remodel! Me and my giant belly got to go to Salt Lake City for the product launch of the Cricut! I whipped up tons of  cheesy Valentines: Don’t ever change, I’m so glad we’re in the same school, and You’re the highlight of my day!

Bathroom remodel


February: My friend threw us the cutest black and white baby shower and my mom and I finished up the black and white nursery. My friend, Kristen, took awesome maternity pictures,  we made the easiest valences ever and whipped up some picture ledge shelves for the nursery.

Maternity pictures

March: Maxwell was born and I became a mama! Here is our natural birth story and 15 things I’ve learned about taking care of infants.



April: I pre scheduled a few posts so that I could enjoy my tiny nugget! I still love my super simple instagram collage that disguised a light switch in our home. Oh and of course I love Maxwell’s birth announcements! I also made Maxwell a bazillion onesies with iron on vinyl… it’s so esay!

How to make a simple instgram collage


May: You’re going to be shocked, but one of my favorite posts in the month of May was about Maxwell’s newborn session! I left baby boy at home with dad for a few hours and hosted a Cricut craft night in Austin! Oh and Vanessa whipped up some super cute, free printable Fathers Day cards for us. I also love this round up of 50+ nutter butter creatures!

Cricut Explore


June: We celebrated my 30th birthday in a foreign country and we were in an earth quake! I wrote about how to get a passport for an infant, useful gift ideas for new moms, and I whipped up a free printable for the Happy Song that I love so much!

Happy song printable


July: I spoke about Google + at a blog conference called Alt Summit, and Martha Stewart was the keynote! We also took Maxwell on an 11 hour road trip to meet his great, great grandmother which led me to write a post with tips for traveling with a baby in a car! Maxwell went on 12+ plane rides before he was 4 months old, so I decided to compile my airplane riding with baby tips here!

traveling with a baby


August: I did not get a lot of crafting done this month, instead Maxwell an I travelled to the northeast! I put together a fun guide of free things to do in New York City with kids, 40+ PVC pipe projects, and Vanessa whipped up this really cute “Stop and smell the roses” free printable!

Smell the Roses free printable

September: I loved attending the Celebration of Service campaigns with The Home Depot! I got to do it in Austin and Houston! I also started crafting up Halloween costumes for Maxwell… baby koala is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen! I also made some really easy duck tape pumpkins!

Celebration of service day with Home Depot


October: I started getting really excited about Halloween and made Maxwell a few more costumes… 5 more to be exact! Maxwell was an organic carrot, a cheeseburger, a panda bear, a Game boy, and a baby Bob Ross!

Homemade Halloween costumes for babies


November: I was still finishing up Halloween costume posts in November! Andy and I were Crown and Coke! And Rachel shared these adorable free printable turkey pillow boxes! I also spilled the beans about out ornament Christmas cards this month.

DIY Crown and Coke Couples Costumes


December: I gave Andy and Maxwell their Christmas present early and we went to Comfort, TX. We also attended a hideous Christmas party and whipped up some more really awesome (hideous) costumes…  mind of course was made out of Duck Tape!

Christmas Costume Ideas


And those are a few of my favorite posts of 2014! Cheers to happy, healthy, crafty 2015! And a giant thank YOU for reading C.R.A.F.T.!