Gift guide for everyone on your list

Note: This post is sponsored by TinyPrints, but all opinions are my own. 

I love those people that are so easy to buy for, like my mom! Every year I get her a personalized calendar with pictures of all of her kids and this year, her first grand baby! I include all of our birthdays, anniversaries and school holidays. She loves it. I’m pretty sure she would actually be mad at me if I did not give her her calendar. Then I got to thinking, personalized gifts are fun for everyone! Why not make some for everyone on your list? I’m certain you could find the perfect gift for everyone on your list at tinyprints. Here are my ideas for brothers, sisters, teachers, grandparents, and best friends.


Gift guide for everyone on your list


1. For your sister that just bought her first home: A personalized pillow (I really like these pillows and there are so many fun options!)

Gift guide for everyone on your list


2. For your bestie that just got married or had a baby or became an aunt: Personalized iPhone caseGift guide for everyone on your list


3. For your kiddos preschool teacher because we all know she needs coffee: Personalized coffee mug (filled with coffee gift card)!

Gift guide for everyone on your list


4. For your sweet mother in law that lives in another state and doesn’t get to see her adorable grand baby as often as she would like so now she can snuggle him whenever she wants: Custom pillow with picture of dad and baby


Gift guide for everyone on your list

5: For yourself, because you sit at this desk everyday and it was ugly and these make you happy: Mounted prints

Gift guide for everyone on your list

6: For your brother that just landed his first real job and got an apartment without roommates and says he likes Hobby Lobby becuase that is where he gets decorations for his house: Personalized throw blanket

Personalized gifts


7. For Grandma or Bubbie or Grammy who can’t choose her grandma name, but knows she loves her grand baby more than anything: Personalized ornament

Gift guide for everyone on your list


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Advice for new parents: Beat the snaps

Have you read the book, Dad Is Fat? (Psst… That’s an affialite link!) It’s funny and if you’re a new parent and have time and free hands to read a little, this is a good one! What does that have to do with this post? Jim (the author and dad to 5) has a whole chapter dedicated to the frustration associated with crazy baby snaps! It made me laugh because it’s so true. And then I was given a onesie from Baby Gap and discovered the golden snap. Check out my most genius mom hack ever… the red snap. (Or whatever color paint marker you have in your junk drawer!)

Advice for new parents: How to beat the snaps!

Here’s the original from Baby Gap. I mean, duh, people. How much better is that. The golden snap snaps to the golden snap. Light bulb!

Advice for new parents: How to beat the snaps

Now, for whatever reason, not all Baby Gap onesies even have this special feature. It must just be a certain line, but this particular onesie I was given had a golden snap, and I had revelation! Why do all onesies with bazillions of buttons not have a golden snap?! I do not understand. It would be so easy to make one button a different color so that you at least have a starting place with the snap madness. Meet my red paint marker and my 2 minute craft that has changed my baby changing clothes life. All onesies with more than 4 snaps get this treatment. I just paint one button on each onesie red, and voila.

Advice for new parents: Beat the snaps


Your welcome, new parents! Or any parent with a baby wearing crazy snap things. And that, my friends, is my advice for new parents, color a snap. Bam. You’re golden. Or red. Whatever!