47 Grandmother names

This isn’t exactly a craft post, but it is very important information! (Especially if you are a soon to be grandmother!) My mom was and still is very concerned about what she will be called by Maxwell, her first grand baby. I asked on C.R.A.F.T. Facebook what people call their grandparents, and got a ton of fun responses so I decided to make a big ol’ list of grandmother names. (See the original facebook thread here.)


Grandmother names


1. Grandmother

2. Gandma

3. Grand (and your name) Ex. Grand Martha (My grandmother on my Dad’s side is Grand Martha!)

4. Gramma

5. Grammy

6. Gram

7. Mimi

8. Marmie

9. Grandmom

10. Lollie

11. Gran

12. Marmie

13. Gigi

14. Nana

15. G-bomb

16. Yaya

17. Honey

18. Memere

19. Gaggy

20. G

21. Grammers

22. Nanny

23. Mom mom

24. Bella

25. Nonnie

26. Momsie

27. Oma

28. Abulea

29. Naunie

30. Babcia

31. Grandma + First letter of name

32. Nonna

33. Meema

34. Nani

35. Momo

36. Big Grandma

37. Little Grandma

38. Gramma

39. Gaga

40. Mims

41. Neena

42. Nana

43. Ona

44. Cookie

45. Tootsie

46. Birdie

47. Maw Maw


What do you call your Grandmother? Grandfather? I’d love to hear!


A “Gourd”-geous pumpkin decorating class

If you haven’t noticed, I’m kinda into Halloween! Only 22 more days left, people!  Although, for whatever reason I have no idea what Andy and I are going to be for Halloween this year. I’m secretly hoping this bump will appear! I guess our DIY Halloween costumes are typically pretty last minute. Anyhow, I also kinda love pumpkin decorating. I super appreciate talented, clever pumpkin carvers, like the geniuses behind all of these pumpkin carving ideas. But, I’m way better at alternative ideas, and this weekend I was lucky enough to teach a “gourd”- geous pumpkin decorating class at Ikea! It was a family friendly event with lots of happy kids and parents! Here are a few of our fun thumb tack and paint creations:

Thumb tack pumpkin decorating ideas


The two pumpkins we were making at Ikea were the thumbtack pumpkin and the spider web pumpkin from this post. I also made a tiny cursive boo pumpkin for the occasion, that is not pictured below.

Pumpkin decorating ideas


We had all of the supplies to make these guys, but I gave everyone lots of options and ideas to use the thumbtack in other ways too. You can use thumbtack to make any design, monogram, shape or pattern your little heart desires. And I love that people came up with lots more ideas too!

Pumpkin decorating ideas

There were kiddos of all ages with big imaginations, one mom said her little girl named her pumpkin George Washington on the way to class and so she made George! Impressive, huh?!

Pumpkin decorating ideas


Here are 2 sweet sisters who used thumbtacks to make a skeleton face:

Pumpkin decorating ideas


Jenn made a fun monogram pumpkin and used thumb tacks on a faux pumpkin, and Lani crafted up a super cute chevron pattern! These girls are my real life blog friends, gotta love blogging!

Pumpkin decorating ideas


Tisa and her daughter worked together to make 2 really awesome pumpkins! One was a polka dotted thumb tack pumpkin and the other a blue spider web pumpkin:

Pumpkin decorating ideas


An action shot of the kiddos decorating pumpkins and me sticking my big head in someones pumpkin:

no carve pumpkin decorating

My Austin bestie, Rachelle, brought her BF, Andy so my Andy had a friend. Rachelle whipped up a fun thumb tack “Boo” pumpkin!

Pumpkin decorating ideas



Oh and I wish I would have gotten a picture of the final product, but this lady was working on a really fun Dia de los Muertos pumpkin, check it out:

Pumpkin decorating ideas


There was lots of thumb tack pumpkin inspiration! Have you ever used thumb tacks to decorate pumpkins? It will certainly make your pumpkin last longer! A giant thank you to everyone who came out to Ikea and decorated pumpkins with me!

For more pumpkin decorating and carving ideas, check these out:

If you need some DIY Halloween costume inspiration, here ya go!

Monday Funday #38 {fall recipes}

Happy Monday Funday! With only 25 days until Halloween, I’ve been spookin’ things up around here! I made some fun no carve pumpkins with thumb tacks, a round up of 16 DIY Halloween costumes for kids and adults, 21 clever ways to decorate a pumpkin, and a tasty, healthy, new veggie wrap recipe!
21 Unique pumpkin ideas
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