How to hang a bike from the ceiling

Where do you store bikes? Back in our Austin condo, we had to store them in our laundry room. That wasn’t fun. And in Florida, we had to cram them in a tiny hall closet on the 16th floor of our apartment building. Needless to say, the garage thing is so nice. And the fact that you can just hang bikes from the ceiling seems like a miracle! Not to mention it costs less than $4 a bike to hang! Back in December, Andy and I organized the heck out of the garage and stuck these bikes on the celing.
How to hang a bike from the ceiling Here’s our bike storage system before the the magical hooks… Our mountain bikes rested against the back wall and the tandem lived in the middle. Oh, and that 4 wheeler is my parents’, it does not live permanently in our garage, thank goodness! Cheap bike storage So, the first step is to collect your materials. You will need:

  • some long screws
  • sheet rocks anchors
  • the bike hooks from above (2 per bike)
  • scrap plywood pieces (2 per bike that you want to hang)

Then you need some tools:

  • screw driver
  • drill
  • stud finder
  • tape measure

Here are the miracle-maker bike hooks from Home Depot for $1.87 each: Hang your bike from ceiling After you have all of your tools and materials gathered, start searching for studs in the ceiling. Ideally you will be able to hang your bikes in the same direction that your studs are running. This will allow you to anchor both bike hooks into a stud. Due to the layout of our garage, we had to hang bikes in both directions (parallel to the studs and perpendicular to the studs). This meant that only one of the bikes could have both hooks secured to a stud. Andy had to secure some of the bike hooks to the sheet rock without being able to hit a stud because the spacing between the bike wheels is not the same as the spacing between the studs. Hanging things from sheetrock only makes Andy nervous, so he puts enough anchors in the plywood to hold up hundreds of pounds! Andy located the studs and made some pencil marks so he knew where to place the screws. Then he measured the space between the tires. The trick to this is to see where one tire touches the ground and to measure from that spot to where the other tire touches the ground. This is the amount of space you want between your hooks. Andy pre-drilled holes in the plywood for the bike hook and for the screws he was using to attach the wood to the ceiling/studs. Pre-drilling holes is a good idea to avoid splitting the wood.       Cheap bike storage   Andy wanted the plywood up there to give the bike hook a little more “meat” to screw in to. If studs are available, you can screw the hook right into a stud and forego the scrap wood pieces. This is Andy over engineering all things hanging… see this giant mirror and this mirror. Hang your bike from ceiling

Once you have attached the plywood to the ceiling/stud in a couple places, just screw in the bike hook to your pre-drilled hole. And voilà, you have instant space in your garage!

Hang your bike from ceiling

Hallajula! The bikes are on the celiing! And we can walk in our garage now. Woot woot! How do you store your bikes? I’d love to hear…

DIY organization for the office

Note: This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Krazy Glue for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

The whole office thing is kind of an issue here in casa de Dorobek. Me and my blog stuff don’t exactly have a spot. The sweet baby boy kicked me out of my original office, and now I have a desk against a wall in the living room. My desk it not tidy. I have a giant craft closet (not that close to my desk) where I try to keep most of my goods, but stuff ends up all over the desk and surrounding areas! I’m not scared to craft on the floor, y’all! Anyhow, there are certain things I use all of the time… scissors, highlighters, pens, skinny Sharpies, tape, etc. And I wanted them on my desk. So, here’s my simple, thrifty small office organization solution to my little problemo… a lovely little thrift store 2- tier caddy that literally took me about 15 minutes to make with the help of Krazy Glue, and only cost a couple of dollars!

Here's an awesome diy organization idea for the office!

Here’s what you need:

  • Elmer’s Krazy Glue maximum bond no run gel
  • Glass vase (From Good Will)
  • Filler (I used paper clips I already had on hand)
  • 2 different sized plates (I got mine at Good Will)

(I did not use the X-ACTO knife or the Krazy glue for crafts.)

Then it is as easy as gluing your clear glass vase to the large plate with the Krazy Glue. Fill vase with paperclips and carefully add glue to the rim of your vase and place the smaller plate on top! I stuck a few books on top and let it dry for a few hours. This step is tedious because you don’t want the glue to drip. It will dry cloudy. Krazy Glue worked great gluing together porcelian! (It also works wonders on pottery, glass, metal, vinyl and rubber!)

diy organization

And here she is in all of her organizational glory sitting atop my little desk.

diy organization

I think I might need one for our new bathroom too! 2 thumbs up to vertical storage. Wanna see more Krazy Glue? Check out their pinterest board with tons of  Krazy Glue masterpieces in minutes!  Oh and Krazy Glue wants to see your fixes… Share them with us here–> Krazy strong, Krazy fast. Just curious, how would you use Elmer’s Krazy Glue? Anything in particular you are dying to craft up?

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Organize a bathroom cabinet

Me and Rubbermaid All Access organizers go way back. Remember, I used them to whip my avalanching craft closet into shape? Welp, to make a long story short, I had the same dilemma happening in the bathroom, this time with avalanching towels, instead of fabric and paint. They were falling on the floor or my head every time I touched them. It was getting old. Not to mention, the rest of the cabinet was a big fat mess. Let me prove it:

Organize a bathroom cabinet

You can tell I had attempted some organization at some point, but it was clearly not working out very well. The white towels are the ones we use all of the time and they needed to be moved to a lower shelf. So, I got a few of the small access organizers in turquoise from Home Depot to neatly house the towels. Since we don’t use the beach towels very often, they get to live on the top shelf. You can see what used to happen to the white guys since I could not pull one off of the top very easily, I would grab at the bottom of the stack, thus tumbling them onto my head, every. single. time.

Rubbermaid small access organizers

And now:

Rubbermaid small access organizers

Since we only have 4 everyday towels, one organizer is plenty. The beach towels are thinner and one organizer is holding all 7 of them! As for the the rest of the cabinet, I threw stuff away and separated out Andy’s goods from mine. His 6 bottles of hair gel (true!) and travel case live on the middle shelf and my goods plus medicine  plus his shaving goodies live on the bottom shelf. I also sorted out a sunscreen/ bug spray bin and a medicine bin. Who knew we had 4 tubes of Neosporin and 3 rubbing alcohols. I used 2 fun chalkboard labels I already had on had to clearly label where to put the goods:

Rubbermaid small access organizers

And here’s the wonderful before and after the big bad bathroom cabinet:

Rubbermaid small access organizers

The Rubbermaid All Access organizers are kinda miracle workers. Oh and did you know that the organizers are made to stack on top of each other? So you can either stack the bins on top of each other or stack other things on top of the bins, like washcloths, and still easily access all of the contents inside. Do you have bathroom organizing issues? I’d love to hear…

Open up the possibilities of easy access with Rubbermaid® All Access™ Organizers. The All Access™ line features a clear drop-down door so you can easily see and retrieve the items you want, even when they are stacked! Visit your local Home Depot to see why organization just got easier!
This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Rubbermaid® . The opinions and text are all mine.