How to make a chalkboard wall

This post is long overdue. But, hey at least I can honestly say that I have had this chalkboard wall calendar on my wall since September 2014, and I still love it in February 2015. Be hold, my giant, glorious wall calendar!

How to make a chalkboard calendar on your wall



Here’s what I was working with…

How to make a chalkboard wall


Here’s the chalk board paintI used. Oh and I used a 2 inch, angled Purdy paint brush.

How to make a chalkboard calendar


So, to make a chalkboard wall I started by taping off the edges of my walls and ceiling with paint tape. I typically use this green tape to paint. Then, start painting! The chalkboard paint dries pretty fast… I let the first coat dry for 30 minutes and then used a small roller for the 2nd coat.

How to make a chalkboard wall


Here’s my lovely wall before I went to bed that night. After you apply 2 coats of paint you have to let it sit for 3 days before you can condition the chalboard. Torture. How to make a chalkboard wall

The next morning, I took all of the tape off and cleaned up. Now, it’s wait time. Maxwell and Andy seem to like the black wall! Maxwell loves that dang giraffe! My baby was only 6 months old in this picture, and will be one year old next month, ahh!

How to make a chalkboard wall


After 3 days, it was time to condition my chalkboard!  This is a very important step. Don’t skip it. It’s also a very messy step. All you need to do is rub a piece of chalk across the entire surface of the wall. I got bored with one color which is why you see the rainbow! And I totally did not plan what happens next…

How to make a chalkboard wall

I figured I might as well use my cute rainbow chalkboard and decided to erase a little welcome sign onto my board… Then, Maxwell woke up frmo his nap, and Dad flew him into see what I was doing! And this super cute picture happened!

How to make a chalkboard wall


Remember I said the conditioning part is very messy? Here’s the residue after erasing the above “conditioning”.

How to make a chalkboard wall


Erasing takes some time. I used an actual eraser and then just a cotton rag. I erased and erased and erased.

How to make a chalkboard wall

Until, I got this bad boy. My chalkboard wall is ready for action!

How to make a chalkboard wall


Here’s how I made my calendar lines:

How to make a chalkboard wall

Oh and I’m jsut using plain ol’ sidewalk chalk. Really old chalk for that matter. It was in our garage from my days as a teacher!

How to make a chalkboard calendar

September: The first ever Dorobek family chalkboard wall calendar… woot woot!

How to make a chalkboard wall

October: Yea, don’t mind Andy’s legs. This is the only picture I could find of my cute pumpkin “O”, ha! He was just proving to me that he can still do a handstand!

Chalkboard calendar decorations

November: I was really proud of my feather! Not exactly sure what it has to do with November… turkey feather?

How to make a chalkboard calendar

November addition: I hosted a little dinner party for Andy’s birthday and used my calendar as decoration!

Chalkboard calendar decorations

December: My chalk skills are getting better and better! I think it is time to invest in some chalk markers. Anyone ever used those? Do they actually erase? At some point between nSeptember and December we got a new light fixture! I love it.

Chalkboard calendar decorations


Here’s another shot of my calendar with the old chandelier!

How to make a chalkboard calendar


Anyone else ever made a chalkboard wall? I don’t suggest it in the bedroom. It’s messy. But, I love it in the kitchen! It’s a good excuse to actually mop/ vacuum the floor at the beginning of every month, ha! And it keeps Andy and I on (almost) the same page! Does anyone else’s significant other never have any idea what is going on?!

PVC Pipe projects

PVC pipe is cheap and oh so useful! Check out these 40+ clever ways to use PVC pipe to organize every room of your house!

40+ PVC Pipe crafts


1. Headboard

pvc pipe project ideas

2. Camp chairs

3. Bike rack

4. Wreath

pvc pipe project ideas

5. Play house

6. Mirror

7. Snowflake

8. Movie screen

9. Bird feeder

PVC Pipe projects

10. Crazy sprinkler

11. Sand table for kids

12. Lemonade stand

PVC Pipe projects

13. Shuttle launcher

14. Easel

15. Book caddy

PVC pipe crafts


16. Marshmallow gun

PVC pipe toys

17. Puppet theatre

18. Soccer goal

19. Drive through sprinkler

20. Ladder golf

21. Photo booth backdrop

22. Play house

23. Wine rack

pvc pipe craft


24. Tee Pee

25. Bubble blower

PVC pipe craft ideas

26. Bow and arrow for kids

27. Telescopes

28. Play tent

29. Bud vase

30. Swords

PVC pipe craft ideas

31. Bowling

32. Shoe organizer

pvc pipe project ideas

33. Craft paint storage

34. Utensil holder

35. Tooth brush holders



pvc pipe project ideas

36. Snowman ornaments

37. Lawn tool organization

pvc pipe project ideas

38. Coat rack

39. Umbrella stand

40. Colorful vases

pvc pipe project ideas

41. Drawer organizer




How to hang a bike from the ceiling

Where do you store bikes? Back in our Austin condo, we had to store them in our laundry room. That wasn’t fun. And in Florida, we had to cram them in a tiny hall closet on the 16th floor of our apartment building. Needless to say, the garage thing is so nice. And the fact that you can just hang bikes from the ceiling seems like a miracle! Not to mention it costs less than $4 a bike to hang! Back in December, Andy and I organized the heck out of the garage and stuck these bikes on the celing.
How to hang a bike from the ceiling Here’s our bike storage system before the the magical hooks… Our mountain bikes rested against the back wall and the tandem lived in the middle. Oh, and that 4 wheeler is my parents’, it does not live permanently in our garage, thank goodness! Cheap bike storage So, the first step is to collect your materials. You will need:

  • some long screws
  • sheet rocks anchors
  • the bike hooks from above (2 per bike)
  • scrap plywood pieces (2 per bike that you want to hang)

Then you need some tools:

  • screw driver
  • drill
  • stud finder
  • tape measure

Here are the miracle-maker bike hooks from Home Depot for $1.87 each: Hang your bike from ceiling After you have all of your tools and materials gathered, start searching for studs in the ceiling. Ideally you will be able to hang your bikes in the same direction that your studs are running. This will allow you to anchor both bike hooks into a stud. Due to the layout of our garage, we had to hang bikes in both directions (parallel to the studs and perpendicular to the studs). This meant that only one of the bikes could have both hooks secured to a stud. Andy had to secure some of the bike hooks to the sheet rock without being able to hit a stud because the spacing between the bike wheels is not the same as the spacing between the studs. Hanging things from sheetrock only makes Andy nervous, so he puts enough anchors in the plywood to hold up hundreds of pounds! Andy located the studs and made some pencil marks so he knew where to place the screws. Then he measured the space between the tires. The trick to this is to see where one tire touches the ground and to measure from that spot to where the other tire touches the ground. This is the amount of space you want between your hooks. Andy pre-drilled holes in the plywood for the bike hook and for the screws he was using to attach the wood to the ceiling/studs. Pre-drilling holes is a good idea to avoid splitting the wood.       Cheap bike storage   Andy wanted the plywood up there to give the bike hook a little more “meat” to screw in to. If studs are available, you can screw the hook right into a stud and forego the scrap wood pieces. This is Andy over engineering all things hanging… see this giant mirror and this mirror. Hang your bike from ceiling

Once you have attached the plywood to the ceiling/stud in a couple places, just screw in the bike hook to your pre-drilled hole. And voilà, you have instant space in your garage!

Hang your bike from ceiling

Hallajula! The bikes are on the celiing! And we can walk in our garage now. Woot woot! How do you store your bikes? I’d love to hear…