22 DIY lampshade makeovers

I love a good makeover! And here are 22 ways to makeover a crusty shade. You can use anything from balsa wood to paper! No more excuses, spruce up your old crusty shade today! Or if you are in need of a light fixture, check out these 20 DIY light fixtures made out of things like paint sticks and ping ping balls!

DIY lamp shade makeover ideas

1. Balsa wood

DIY lamp shade

2. Decoupage

DIY lampshade makeovers

3. Seagrass

DIY lampshade makeovers

4. Pom poms

DIY lampshade makeovers

5. Fabric

DIY Lampshade makeover

6. String

DIY Lampshade makeover

7. Yarn

8. Stencil

9. Flowers

10. Hand painted

Lampshade makeover

11. Zip ties

12. Embroidery

13. Fabric

Lampshade makeover

14. Handwritten

DIY Lampshade makeover

15. Vintage slides

DIY Lampshade makeover

16. Paint

DIY Lampshade makeover

17. Globe

DIY Lampshade makeover

18. White muslin

DIY lampshade makeover

19. Sweater

20. Map

21. Ribbon

lampshade makeover

22. Paper

lampshade makeover

Which one is your fave? I love the handwritten shade and the paper triangle shade at the bottom… that owl lamp base is pretty awesome too!

Things to do with an old crib

Y’all know I love a good up-cycle… you know, turn something into something else! (garden planters, pallet projects, paint chip projects, DIY light fixtures) And cribs are perfect for this because what else are going to do with an old crib once your kiddos are big or heck, what if the crib gets re-called! You could always give it to a pregnant friend or family friend! Just please don’t throw that sucker in a land fill. Here are 19 clever ideas to turn an old crib into something really awesome!

things to do with an old crib

1. Kid’s table

old crib

2. Wall hanging

what to do with an old crib


3. Bench

recycle a crib


4. Trellis

recycle a crib

5. Chair

recycle a crib


6. Outdoor love seat

recycle a crib


7. Magazine rack

recycle a crib

8. Plate rack

old crib

9. Book rack

old crib

10. Craft organizer

old crib

11. Wagon

recycle a crib

12. Herb garden

13. Easel

14. Jewelry Organizer

recycle a crib

15. Chalkboards

16. Playhouse

recycle a crib

17. Picture hanger

recycle a crib

18. Fabric organizer

19. Plate rack

recycle a crib

What do you do with old cribs? Have you ever turned it into something new? I’d love to hear…

DIY Lamp shade {balsa wood}

I was in a shady contest… As in a lamp shade contest, hardy har!   I posted about the diy shade contest last week, but left you hangin’ with no deets. So, I’m back today with a shady tutorial!How to make a balsa wood lampshade

Let’s start with the inspiration shade from Pomp and Circumstance. It’s awesome and made out of balsa wood.   lamp shade Of  course, I wanted to make the shade my own, and I’ve been really into mixed woods lately. I made a jewelry organizer out of leftover floor samples last year and decided to go for the same multi wood shade look with the lamp shade. CRAFT Jamie Dorobek

For the contest, lamps.com gave each of us this free shade for the contest:

diy lamp shade
Here’s what you need:

  • 7 strips of as wide and thin balsa wood that you can find  (I got mine from Hobby Lobby. 7 strips cost me $17)
  • brown acrylic paint and water
  • bowl
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun

First, I painted my strips of balsa wood with acrylic paint. I painted a few strips a darker color, then watered down the paint, and painted a few more strips, etc…
diy lampshade



Here are my painted and dried balsa wood strips ready to be cut.
lamp shade makeover


I used scissors to cut each wide strip into multiple pieces. This saved money! I made my strips all different sizes. The thin balsa wood can easily be cut with scissors!
lamp 12

Now it’s time for assembly. Be patient, it will get frustrating. First, hot glue one piece of wood around the top and bottom of the shade. If you have a large shade, like me, one piece will not fit… cut up another one and  do a little patch, like so…

lamps shade diy


I only glued the edges of the balsa wood down. You need to be able to tuck the ends into each other. Also, only the first few strips can be put on all in one piece. After that I started cutting the strips to fit specific spots and go under/ over certain pieces. I tried to keep the pieces as tight to the shade as possible.

diy lamp shade

The weaving process takes time and patience! My mom helped me a lot… I was getting frustrated! Many of the pieces in the pic below are only a few inches long. It’s not going to be perfect… it has issues… and that yellow wall was not helping the color in this picture either : /

lamp shade

Here she is full view, and you can’t really see the issues. I’m love her. She’s pretty. I’m hoping one day she might be a pendant light! We’ll see…


diy lamp shade


Once upon a time I was in another lamp contest… this was to win the ugly lamp award, ha! I also recently did a lamp makeover with paint and water and gave it a giant yellow shade. Anyhow, what do you think about my balsa wood beauty queen? I smitten with my new shade, and I hope you are too. Oh and if you liked this lampshade makeover, check out 22 more really awesome lampshade makeover ideas!