Handmade Mothers Day Gifts

 Mother’s Day is May 10th, and all mom’s love handmade gifts from their kiddos, right? Here’s a Mother’s Day gift guide, complete with 13 handmade goodies you (and the kids) can make your mama in a couple of hours. And if you’re a new mom, you are going an awesome job… Read this for a giggle!
 Handmade Mothers Day Gifts

1. For the flower lovin’ mama: handmade etched glass vase filled with flowers

Handmade mothers day gift

2. For the Southern, sweet tea drinkin’ mama: Iced Tea Pitcher Gift Set

DIY Mother's Day gifts

3. For the sentimental gardener: Stepping stones

 How to make stepping stones

4. For the puzzle lover: A puzzle cube Creating Really Awesome Free Things
5. For the mama who likes quirky garden art: A dino planter
Creating Really Awesome Free Things
6. For the picture lovin’ mama:  tiny poloraid magnets for the fridge
7. For the hopster mama: dino magnets
Creating really awesome free things
8. For the mom that loves Draw Something (like mine!): a handmade card

handmade mother's day gift

9. For the crafty mom: a personalized paint by number
Creating Really Awesome Free Things
10. For the modern scrap booker: altered scrapbooks
altered books
11. And a tasty treat that any mom will like (unless their allergic to nuts!): Free printable Mother’s day treat
handmade mothers day gift
 12. For every mama ever: A card with a note from her babies
Free printable mothers day card
13. For the nerdy mama: A handmade Google card
handmade father's day card
Do you have any Mother’s Day traditions in your house? I’d love to hear…
Handmade Mothers Day gifts
Do you love paint by numbers? Do you usually make or buy your mom a present? Oh and if you just want to get your mom a little something, check out this list of 100 cheesy gift sayings paired with small items. What’s your favorite handmade mother’s day gift idea?



How to give cash {ways to give money}

With only 3 days left until Christmas, here is a super simple last minute gift ideas. Cold, hard bacon! But it’s boring to just hand someone a card and a $20 bill. So, here are 21 clever ways to give cash as a gift this Christmas (or any holiday for that matter)! 
21 Ways to give cash creatively

1. Money bags

creative ways to give money

2. Matchbox money

ways to give money

3. Hide cash or gift card behind an embroidered canvas

Creative ways to give gift cards

4. Free printable pillow box

Fun ways to give money as a gift

5. Money balloons @ She’s crafty

How to give cash

6. Chocolate money @ Life as a mom

How to give cash

7. Origami money @ Homemade gifts

money origami heart
 8. Peppermint Money Rolls @ Martha Stewart

9. Gift Card Cuff @ It’s Toile Good

How to give cash

10. Canned Money @ What I live For

How to give cash

11. Money Tree @ Then She Made

How to give cash

12. Money Lei @ Lil luna

How to give cash

13. Scavenger hunt @ C.R.A.F.T. (and here’s another post about scavenger hunt games)

How to give cash

14. Money Lottery: My brother invented this method. He puts various amounts of cash in envelopes, fans them out and allows us each to pick one envelope. Typically this happens on Christmas afternoon. One year the big prize was $100!   I must say it is pretty exciting, and my siblings and I look forward to it each year!

15. Gingerbread “dough” +poem @ Heart and soul scrappers

How to give cash

16. Book Money- Hide a crisp $20 bill in a good book. Freakanomics, Matilda, or maybe even a cook book. The hard part is not telling the recipient. Just let the recipient find the hidden treasure as they flip through the book. I promise they will be excited…it is like finding $10 in your winter coat pocket!

17. Kleenex money box @ Lovezilla

How to give cash
18. Brown bag envelope @ Mish Mash
How to give cash

19. Frame money @ Create my event

How to give cash


20. It’s raining money @ The seasonal home

How to give cash

21. Pizza box

ways to give money


With Christmas just around the corner, I feel like this might be a handy post! Do you have any other ideas about how to give cash creatively? I’d love to hear…

How to give cash creatively