How to upload your own image to Cricut Design Space

Solid color onesies better hide in my house if they don’t want to get awesome! The Cricut Explore and I are on a roll with iron on vinyl.

Iron on Vinyl with Cricut Explore

Here’s what you need to make fun onesies:

  • Cricut Explore
  • Iron on Vinyl
  • Iron
  • Dish towel

So, first thing is first… You need to know how to upload your own image to Cricut Design Space! You can buy images from Cricut Design Space. They have tons of cute ones. They also have about 50 free ones, including the rhinos! But, you can also upload your own images fo’ free. Which is the route I took! I’m going to show you how I did it with the star on the grey onesie in the pic above. These directions correspond with the numbered image below!

1: Go to and upload a white square. Add the doodle star. The exact star on the grey onesie is part of the pic monkey royal package, which I pay for. But, you can use one of the free stars too! Then save the image to your computer.

2: Go to the Cricut Explore Design Space and click on upload image. Then hit basic upload.

3: This screen pops up. You’ll see the 3 simple steps: Select, clean, save.

4. Hit Continue to Step 1, and browse to find the image you saved from pic monkey to your computer. Then hit the simple image button and press continue. (I’m assuming you are doing a simple image, like a star!)

5: It takes you to the second step: Clean. This is where you literally just press all of the areas that you want to be cut out.

6: Then name and save your image to your desktop, and press insert image! Voila!


How to upload your own image to Cricut Design Space

7. That will take you back to your canvas with your star inserted.

8. Now, click on set canvas, on the left hand side of the scree.

9. Pick baby clothes and click done. Or whatever item you are going to make! This is just to help you get the size right.

10. I decided to make my star smaller. And then hit duplicate at the bottom of the layers pop up. (You can not see the duplicate button in my picture.)

11. Once you have all of your stars duplicated, it’s cutting time! Hit the green “C” go button at the top of the screen and the screen in #11 will pop up and show you that your stars are all arranged and ready to be cut.

How to upload your own image to Cricut Design Space


So, now you’re ready to cut your iron vinyl with your Cricut Explore! It’s pretty straight forward… I used the directions that came in the Cricut Explore project materials folder. Here they are:

Iron on vinyl instructions  Cricut Explore


Some tips and tricks I learned along the way:

  • Make sure that when you place the vinyl on the cutting mat it is shiny/ liner side facing down! Don’t wanna waste your precious vinyl!
  • If you are using text, you must click the mirror image button once you get to the Mat Preview page.
  • I cut each of my stars into individual squares first. And then pulled the access vinyl off of each square piece. No vinyl wasting over here.
  • You will ruin your vinyl if you do not use a dish towel over your vinyl image when applying heat.

How to upload your own image to Cricut Design Space

It seems complicated, but I promise once you do it once, you’ll be a pro! Plus, how cute are these little things?!

Iron on vinyl with Cricut Explore

Oh and here’s Maxwell sporting his fave onsie:

Iron on vinyl with Cricut Explore

Have you ever use iron on vinyl? Do you have a cutting machine? If not, you need one! If you’re interested, here’s my post with lots more deets about the Cricut Explore and what it can do! Do you have a think for sprucing up plain white onesies? I’d love to hear…

DIY garden markers {handmade gift}

Need a last minute gift idea? Here’s a fun and functional DIY gift idea that doesn’t take too long to whip up! The DIY garden markers are a really fun project to make and I love that you could even give the gift recipient all of the materials to make their own rock garden markers (rocks, paint, paint brushes, and white paint pen)! I made myself a set, and I just love how they brighten up the garden.

DIY rock garden markers

Here’s what you need:

  • Flat, smooth rocks
  • Acrylic paint in multiple colors
  • Paint brush
  • White paint pen

Garden markers 5

Paint each rock a different color, and wait for them to dry. This is the hardest part, ha! Oh and my rocks needed to coats of paint. Then whip out the paint pen and label the rocks with various herbs and veggies. To give as a gift, I would go with basic herbs and veggies like: Basil, mint, cilantro, tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, or squash. Another thing to do would be to include a paint pen and allow the gift recipient to have a little creative freedom!

Garden markers 7

Also, if you paint both sides, each rock can double as 2 garden markers. So you could do summer veggies on one side and fall veggies on the other!

Rock garden markers from C.R.A.F.T.

When you’re all done, package them up pretty and gift away!  (Here are 11 really awesome ways to package gifts on the cheap!) Oh and if you’re looking for more DIY gift ideas, an etched glass vase is a fun one for mom’s and grandma’s, a dinosaur planter for your quirky friend, balsa wood memory game or personalized coloring book for the little ones, or how about a 3D puzzle cube for the boys in your life! Are you DIY’ing any gifts this year? I’d love to hear…

Birthday scavenger hunt

Andy’s birthday is November 7th, and I got him tickets to a show that played in Austin on Oct. 8th. I didn’t just want to hand him the tickets, so I decided to do a little birthday scavenger hunt action. My mom used to do these for us when we were kids. And I’m happy to keep the tradition alive! I put together a birthday scavenger hunt for a friend awhile back when the blog was just a baby. Scavenger hunts are creative ways to give a gift or gifts to anyone! My mama used to do a very similar thing with us but instead of rhyming clues she just drew super simple pictures!

Here are the 8 clues I crafted up for Andy. Many are inside jokes, and 2 are drawings. I like to make him run all over the house and even outside.

How to make any sized gift more fun!

Here is what goes into the planning. I write up the clues in a word doc and try to make them fit on one sheet. Then, print out the clue sheet. The tickets are in a little magazine envelope I made. On a side note, he did not find the”Surprise! I got you a cat” note funny. I think he really thought I got him a cat, ha!

Clues 2

Then on the back of printed out clue sheet, write where each clue should be hidden. This will cut your clue hiding time in half!

Clues 3

Next, cut the clues and hide ‘em where they go. Make sure and leave the first on out to hand to the hunter.

Clues 4


Just a little warning, I’m so bad at editing videos. But, here’s a 1:20 minute clip of Andy doing his birthday scavenger hunt and me giggling.

And here are all 8 clues hidden and ready to be hunted. I used washi tape to attach most of the clues. It’s cute and doesn’t mess things up. The first clue is taped to the front door for him to see when he gets home from work, which led him to the toilet, to the freezer, to the bamboo, to the sonogram picture, to the money tree, the change jar, to a cactus plant, and then to grand prize which was hidden in my car!

Birthday scavenger hunt


Have you ever made clue games for family or friends birthdays? It’s easy and fun and seriously makes even the smallest of gifts way more fun to give and receive!