How to give cash {ways to give money}

With only 3 days left until Christmas, here is a super simple last minute gift ideas. Cold, hard bacon! But it’s boring to just hand someone a card and a $20 bill. So, here are 21 clever ways to give cash as a gift this Christmas (or any holiday for that matter)! 
21 Ways to give cash creatively

1. Money bags

creative ways to give money

2. Matchbox money

ways to give money

3. Hide cash or gift card behind an embroidered canvas

Creative ways to give gift cards

4. Free printable pillow box

Fun ways to give money as a gift

5. Money balloons @ She’s crafty

How to give cash

6. Chocolate money @ Life as a mom

How to give cash

7. Origami money @ Homemade gifts

money origami heart
 8. Peppermint Money Rolls @ Martha Stewart

9. Gift Card Cuff @ It’s Toile Good

How to give cash

10. Canned Money @ What I live For

How to give cash

11. Money Tree @ Then She Made

How to give cash

12. Money Lei @ Lil luna

How to give cash

13. Scavenger hunt @ C.R.A.F.T. (and here’s another post about scavenger hunt games)

How to give cash

14. Money Lottery: My brother invented this method. He puts various amounts of cash in envelopes, fans them out and allows us each to pick one envelope. Typically this happens on Christmas afternoon. One year the big prize was $100!   I must say it is pretty exciting, and my siblings and I look forward to it each year!

15. Gingerbread “dough” +poem @ Heart and soul scrappers

How to give cash

16. Book Money- Hide a crisp $20 bill in a good book. Freakanomics, Matilda, or maybe even a cook book. The hard part is not telling the recipient. Just let the recipient find the hidden treasure as they flip through the book. I promise they will be excited…it is like finding $10 in your winter coat pocket!

17. Kleenex money box @ Lovezilla

How to give cash
18. Brown bag envelope @ Mish Mash
How to give cash

19. Frame money @ Create my event

How to give cash


20. It’s raining money @ The seasonal home

How to give cash

21. Pizza box

ways to give money


With Christmas just around the corner, I feel like this might be a handy post! Do you have any other ideas about how to give cash creatively? I’d love to hear…

How to give cash creatively

Creative Ways to Give Gift Cards

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Groupon Gift Shop for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Maxwell is in a little swim class right now, and we love Mr. John. As a former gymnastics and public school teacher, I am fully aware of how nice it is for students to bring their teachers a little something to say thanks you… Maxwell decided to bring breakfast!

Creative ways to give gift card and money!


Get it? Thanks a bunch? With a bunch of bananas, hardy har! But, are you confused about the oat-standing part? This should clear things up:

Creative ways to give gift card and money!


It’s 5 Groupons  for 5 free oatmeals at Jamba Juice! Mr. John can have a healthy little breakfast for 5 mornings on Maxwell! I made a fun little envelope for all of us to use again and again. Just cut on the dotted lines and fold on the straight lines. After you cut and fold, just use 2 small pieces of tape to form the envelope, voila! Tiny envelope cuteness to attach to your bunch of bananas!

{Download the free printable “Thanks a Bunch” envelope here}

Good teacher gifts

 Do you have a go to teacher appreciation gift for Christmas? I’d love to hear…

Psst… If you are looking for more fun ways to give Groupons, check out this post!

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24 Gift Wrapping Ideas

Rachel of Lines Across launched Let’s Wrap Stuff a few months ago! It’s a website devoted to really awesome DIY gift wrap ideas. To celebrate its launch, Rachel challenged a group of bloggers to come up with a creative gift wrap idea using plain ol’ kraft paper or brown paper bags. Check out all 24 brown paper gift wrap ideas below, and get ready for the easiest gift wrapping idea ever! And not only easy, but free! Well, assuming you have brown paper bags at home. I’m seriously pretty excited about this one. Check out this cuteness:

Gift Wrapping Ideas


I start with a stack of these:

Gift Wrapping Ideas


And then cut off the bottoms and the handles. Then my secret trick to cute brown paper bag wrapping: Crumple! Put the kiddos on cutting the bags flat and crumple duty. Max happily helped with the crumple part!

Gift Wrapping Ideas


Then wrap up the package like normal, I used Scotch double sided tape!  Now it’s time for the fun part… doodle on bows and gift tags with a plain black Sharpie! I used a thin black Sharpie too. Talk about easy! And no need for gift tags.

Gift Wrapping Ideas


Cute, right?!

Gift Wrapping Ideas

And here are 23 more awesome brown bag gift wrapping ideas! The list at the bottom corresponds to each picture, so you can hop from blog to blog for tons of great wrapping ideas!

Brown Paper Packages - 24 Creative Gift Wrap Ideas

1. Pom Pom Ice Cream Cone Gift Wrap by Let’s Wrap Stuff

2. Embroidered Wrapping Paper by Lines Across

3. Holiday Lights Gift Wrap by Burlap and Blue

4. Printable DIY Watercolor Gift Tags by Dawn Nicole

5. Chalkboard Painted Wrapping Paper by The Winthrop Chronicles

6. Let it Snow Neighbor Gift Printable by Ginger Snap Crafts

7. Upcycled Cardboard Gift Tags 3 Ways by Eat. Sleep. Make.

8. Kraft Paper Gift Card Envelope Printables by Delia Creates

9. Make + Give Christmas Tree Gift Topper by Make and Tell

10. DIY Wrench Wrapping Paper by Maker Mama

11. DIY Stamped Trees Gift Wrap by Shaken Together Life

12. Brown Paper Packages by Delineate Your Dwelling

13. Yarn Tassel Gift Wrap 2 Ways by Hands Occupied

14. Holiday Writing with Washi Tape by Club Chica Circle

15. Glitter-Dipped Gift Tags by The Thinking Closet

16. Coffee Container Christmas Gift Tags by Simply Kelly Designs

17. Gift Wrapping Ideas by C.R.A.F.T.

18. Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas by Making Home Base

19. Sewn Brown Paper Gift Card Gift Giving by Dream a Little Bigger

20. Chalkboard Gift Tag & Ornament by Tried and True

21. Easy Holly Ornament Gift Tag by Rae Gun Ramblings

22. Printable Hand-Lettered Christmas Tags by Persia Lou

23. Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas by Eighteen25

24. Washi Tape Christmas Tree Gift Card Box by That’s What Che Said