Homemade Halloween Costumes {for babies}

I know, I know. Halloween is still a few months away. But, I’ve started seeing all of these adorable handmade Halloween costumes popping up on Pinterest and now that I have a Max baby I’m upber excited about baby costumes!  PLus, these are all made with onesies! True! Here are 18 handmade halloween costumes that all started with a onesie.

Homemade Halloween Costumes

1. Flower

2. Candy Corn

Handmade Halloween Costumes

3. Yellow polka dot bikini


4. Pumpkin


5. Wilson

Handmade Halloween Costumes

6. Game Boy

7. Sushi

8. Owl

9.  Superhero

10. Mickey Mouse

11. Kitty cat

Handmade Halloween Costumes


13. Turkey

14. Chef

15. Baby Bowie

Handmade Halloween Costumes

16. Fried egg

17. Parrot

18. Strong man


Have you ever made a oneise costume? I’d love to see some more ideas! And just to get your brain in Halloween gear… here are 29 DIY Halloween costume for kids, 29 handmade costumes for adults, 19 group costume ideas, and 36 animal themed costumes for kids and adults!







Homemade animal costumes

Halloween is still a few months away, but summer is a great time to whip up Halloween costumes for October! The kiddos have lots of time on their hands, and once the new school year gets started things get crazy! So make those costumes now! Here are 34 homemade animal costumes  for kids and 9 DIY animal costumes for adults! The whole family could trick or treat as a zoo, ha!

Homemade animal costumes

1: Bat

Homemade bat halloween costume

2: Butterfly

3: Chicken

4. Crocodile

Homemade alligator halloween costume

5: Dinosaur

6: Elephant

7: Flamingo

Homemade halloween costumes

8: Fox

9. Fox

Homemade fox costume

10: Giraffe

Handmade halloween costumes

11: Goldfish

12: Hedgehog

Handmade halloween costumes

13: Jellyfish

14: Lamb

15: Lion

16: Lobster

17: Moose

Homemade animal costumes

18: Mouse (+mousetrap)

19: My little pony

20: Octopus (funky)

Homemade animal costumes

21: Octopus

22. Octopus

23: Owl

24: Panda

25: Peacock

26: Penguin

Homemade halloween costumes

27: Shark

28. Shark

29: Skunk

30. Skunk

31: Squirrel

32: Unicorn

Homemade animal costume

33. Wolf

34. Zebra

Adult animal costumes:

1: Dinosaur

2: Fox

Homemade animal costumes

3. Lobster

Homemade halloween costumes

4: Owl

5: Panda

7: Peacock

8: Shark

9: Wolf



Have you ever been an animal for Halloween? I don’t think I actually have. Crazy, huh?  I love the idea of having a family Zoo for Halloween. You can totally use some elements of the kid ideas for adult animal costumes(and vice versa). Here are 29 more adult homemade costumes29 more DIY kid costumes, and 19 group costume ideas for the whole fam! Happy almost Halloween!


Halloween 2013 {homemade Halloween costumes}

There are only 359 days until Halloween 2014! I’m already getting exciting, ha! And I’ll have a 7 month old bambino to DIY up another costume!  And Halloween is on a Friday night, which is always good. Anyhow, my party throwing friend, Rachelle, threw one heck of a Halloween/ b-day for her roomie bash last Thursday. I wanted to share all of the awesome DIY costumes with y’all! Here’s Andy, me, and the squirrel in our homemade Halloween costumes. I’d say only 60% of people knew who Bob Ross was, and if Andy wasn’t standing next to me, people were kinda confused about what the heck I was, ha! Oh well, I love Bob and our squirrel!

DIY adult group costume ideas


Here’s a unique  DIY couples costume, tandem bicycle racers complete with a cardboard bike!

DIY adult Halloween costume

One of my personal faves was a fellow prego’s unicorn costume! Check out that little horn poking through the belly! Oh, the cuteness. (Here are 22 more DIY pregnant Halloween costume ideas!)

DIY pregnant Hallwoeen costume

The hostess with the mostess, her boyfriend, Andy, and her sweet pup, Gigi, were the 3 amigos! They rented their costumes from the most awesome costume store in all of the land, Lucy in Disguise, here in Austin. Pretty dang cute, if you ask me!

DIY adult Halloween costumes


Rachelle is the queen of costumes, and I must show you the costume she wore to work the day before. I already posted it on my instagram feed, it was so cute! It’s Elliot and E.T.!

DIY adult Halloween costume

Speaking of clever friends, Sabin (who was a DIY tourist a few years back) and Tabitha, were Batman and Indiana Jones this year.

DIY adult Halloween costumes

The best part was that there was another Indiana Jones couple at the party and John crafted up an Arc of the Covenant and brought a girl to fight over, ha!

Hal 6

Here’s Indiana peeping into his candy/ light filled Covenant… 
DIY adult Halloween costumes

Besides being graced with the presence of 2 Indiana Jones’s, Batman, and Bob Ross, we had lots more famous people show up… Here are Kayne West and Kim Kardashian…

Hal 10

And M.I.A. the rapper even made an appearance!

Hal 13

(image via here)


Oh and the star of the movie, “The Birds”. Emily’s pose is awesome.

DIY adult costume

(image via here)

Genna Davis came dressed in her Rockford Peaches uniform… Isn’t she cute!

DIY adult Halloween costumes

(image via here)

What were you and the kiddos for Halloween this year? Did you DIY costumes? I’d love to hear…

Psst… here’s the low down on Halloween 2012. And just for fun, here are 29 more DIY adult costumes and 29 DIY kid costumes!