Halloween 2014 {DIY Halloween costumes}

Halloween 2014 rocked the DIY Halloween costumes! I’m always so impressed and inspired and just want to high five everyone who makes their own costumes. And take their pictures, ha!  Andy and I went as Crown and Coke to 3 Halloween parties last week! Grammy (or Bubbie), we are letting Maxwell decide on that one, came to babysit her favorite (and only) grandson on Friday night so that Andy and I could enjoy a baby free evening dressed up like beverages (good thing Maxwell’s parents are so mature?!).  We once again attempted the glow in the dark stick figure costumes. I’ll share the truth about glow in the dark stick figures soon (sneak peek). Last minute, we threw on the DIY Crown and Coke costumes from Wednesday night and called it a day! Oh and if you are new here, here’s Halloween 2013 and Halloween 2012. And not to worry, our son did not miss out on Halloween excitement, here are his 6 DIY baby costumes!

DIY Halloween costumes

We’re lucky and have super crafty and creative friends… so I thought it would be fun to share some of their genius DIY costume ideas! Tabitha put together a super clever costume. Can you guess what she is?

DIY Halloween costumes

She even made her “Press” button out of a stick on light, like this! Tabitha used stickers to spell “Press”, taped the outside of the light, and spray painted the entire thing red! Pretty clever, huh? Oh and if you still don’t get it, she was a french press! If you guessed right, she offered you a chocolate covered espresso bean from the cappuccino cup in her hand! Interactive costumes are pretty fun! Here’s another DIY couples costume that kids of 80’s will appreciate:

DIY Halloween costumes

Quail Man and Patty Mayonnaise from the Nickelodeon cartoon, Doug! I kind of loved that show. And Rugrats too. Although, I was not a fan of Ren and Stimpy. One of the hostesses with the mostess, Rachelle and her roomie, Kim (Happy 30th!) whipped up this clever couples costume from a 1991 movie, Thelma and Louise! They even DIY’ed the cardboard car!

DIY Halloween costumes

Here’s a better picture of Louise (and the coke can and french press)!

DIY Halloween costumes


Also in attendance were 2 Sriracha bottles!

DIY Halloween costumes


And how cute is this? A Sriracha bottle and Rooster as a couples costume keeping things spicy! (Last year Rick and Emily were the stars of the movie, The Birds!)

DIY Halloween costumes


We also had a New York City tourist that stumbled into the party (here’s our friend Sabin as a tourist a few years ago)!

DIY Halloween costumes


Remember chia pets? Check out this DY Halloween costume:

DIY Halloween costumes


And who doesn’t love the movie, The Princess Bride? How cute are Buttercup and Wesley?!

DIY Halloween couples costumes

I’m not going to lie, I suck at pop culture and have never even heard of this movie, Moonrise Kingdom. But, after a quick google search they clearly nailed the Moonrise Kingdom couples costume! And I need to see this movie!

DIY Halloween couples costumes


And last but not least, the hostesses of Halloween par-tay numero dos, rocked Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers. Seriously! How awesome do they look?!

DIY Halloween couples costumes


And just for fun, here’s the Coke can, Buttercup, Rooster, and Louise getting photobombed!

DIY Halloween costumes


I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween! And have you ever seen the movie, Moonrise Kingdom? Did you love the cartoon Doug? Did you guess Tabitha’s french press costume? I’d love to hear…

Crown and coke anyone?

So, I kind of like Halloween, and I kind of love handmade costumes… and candy. This year Andy and I decided to be Crown and Coke for our friends Halloween party. That’s right, we left baby boy at home with a baby sitter for an adults only evening! If you’re throwing a Halloween party, I highly suggest setting up your bathroom to look like a murder scene… so creepy and awesome! The Crown bottle bag looks tricky, but I assure you this is not a hard costume to make! You have to sew 2 straight-ish lines and then the most time consuming part is embroidering “Crown Royal” on the front of the bag. Here are all of the deets on our DIY Crown and Coke couples costumes!

DIY Crown and Coke Couples Costumes


Here’s what you need to make the Crown Royal bag:

  • 3 yards of purple fabric… bring a Crown Royal bag to the fabric store to match the best color. I just bought cheap cotton fabric!
  • A spool of thick gold cording for the draw string
  • Gold yarn and an embroidery needle

So, here’s how I made the Crown Royal bag. I laid out my 3 yards of fabric, found the center and cut a hole for Andy’s head. I’m not a perfectionist. And it is just a Halloween costume, so I don’t measure or do anything too fancy. Like so…

DIY Crown and Coke Couples Costumes


Then, I placed the gold cording around the neck hole and literally just sewed it into place with a zig zag stitch. I sewed the sides up leaving space for 2 big arm holes. And voila you have yourself a purple sack! Like I said above, the stitching of the Crown Royal onto the sack was the hardest part. I used a white pencil and hand wrote Crown Royal in my fanciest hand writing. Then, I used my embroidery needle and stitched over my white letters with gold thread. I used the same gold thread and stitched around the neck and half way down the sides of the sack. (I got lazy!)

DIY Crown and Coke Couples Costumes


To make the coke dress and hat, you’ll need:

  • A red strapless dress
  • Silver Duck Tape
  • One sheet of white Duck Tape
  • Cricut Explore machine
  • Cardboard
  • XACTO knife
  • Cutting board
  • Hot glue gun
  • Plastic headband (I used black since my hair is dark!)

The dress literally took about 10 minutes to craft up. I could not have done it without the Cricut Explore! I uploaded an image of the Coca Cola logo, using this tutorial. Make sure that you have your dial set to custom and choose the Duck Tape setting before cutting. And then voila, the magical machine cuts out your perfect logo and you just tape on yourself! I love that, because then you don’t even ruin your dress! DIY Crown and Coke Couples Costumes



Now, to make the fancy facinator coke tab! This takes a little more crafting. I doodled an outline of a Coke tab onto a cardboard box and cut it out with an XACTO knife. I used a dinner plate to trace a perfect circle and cut that out of cardboard too. I covered them both with silver Duck Tape and hot glued them together. Easy!

DIY Crown and Coke Couples Costumes



My giant coke tab getting covered in Duck Tape:

DIY Crown and Coke Couples Costumes


A little tip: Duck Tape easily rips with your fingers vertically. This will help easily cover the skinny parts of the tab! Oh and I covered the front and back of the tab and circle!

DIY Crown and Coke Couples Costumes

Then stick your fancy hat in your hair and start poppin’ bottles… or tabs, hardy har!

DIY Crown and Coke Couples Costumes

Oh and remember how I mentioned murder scenes in the bathrooms, check it:

Halloween party ideas

For more fun Halloween couples costume ideas, Andy and I have been Fred and Wilma:

Fred and Wilma costume


Bob Ross and a happy tree:

DIY adult Halloween costumes


And one year, we couldn’t get it together and last minute whipped up a 70’s girl and a 7 year old!

Couples costume ideas


We’ve also been Dorothy and tin man from Wizard of Oz (tin man was store bought) and a ladybug and sumo wrestler (more of those pics here). We are (fingers crossed) going to have different costumes for Friday night! We’ll see how that goes! Cheers to costume making fun!

Candy recipes and crafts

So the kiddos are about to go trick or treating and bring home, excuse my french, butt loads, of candy. What do you do with all of that candy? I remember the insane amounts of candy my brothers and sisters and I used to bring home, it was crazy town. There is no way any family should eat 26 pounds of candy! I’ve rounded up 44 candy recipes and crafts that anyone can make with the Halloween candy surplus! Plus a few other fun things to do with leftover Halloween candy like send it to our troops, save it for ginger bread house making, or make business cards with it!

Tons of candy recipes and crafts

17 ways to use candy in crafts

1. Starburst wrapper bracelet

2. Make candy trees for Christmas

3. Candy wrapper light switches

4. Save it for decorating ginger bread houses

5. Make a November advent calendar

6. Make candy trains

7. Candy wrapper headbands 

8. Make a candy card and send to Grandparents

What to do with leftover candy

9. Make and hand out butterflies

10. Candy wrapper pencil cube

11. Turkey hand cookies

12. Oreo turkeys

13. Make a pinata and fill it with candy!

14. Hand out turkey toes to neighbors

15. Decorate a cake (and bring it to a nursing home, police station, or fire station!)

16. Make candy sushi

17. Make business cards (tutorial coming soon!)

Candy recipes and crafts



14 ways to use candy in recipes

1. Peanut butter Snicker brownies

2. Chex Mix

3. Candy bar pie

4. Make mud pies

5. Applesauce with red hot candie

6. Candy corn no bake cookies

7. Snickers carmel apple salad

8. Biscoff Rolo popcorn

9. Deep fry a Snickers bar, because you can.

10. Make owl brownies

How to make owl brownies

11. Make 2 ingredient cookies!

12. Jolly rancher lemonade

13. Starburst infused vodka

What to do with leftover candy

14. Skittles vodka


12 other interesting ways to downsize your Halloween candy stash

1. Sell you candy to your dentist! Most dentist pay $1 per pound of candy that you bring in. If you live in the Austin area, here is a great resource of dentists who participate!

2. Send it to Operation Gratitude… This candy will get sent to our troops in care packages! How awesome is that?!

3. Freeze it! You can add a few pieces of candy to milkshakes, ice cream, or cookies throughout the year!

4. Add a chocolate (or 3) to your morning cup of jo!

5. Bring it to your office and share!

6. Send some snail mail packages to college age kids in your family!

7. Send candy to Operation Shoebox. They also send care packages to our troops!

8. Use candy as BINGO pieces!

9. Save some to make s’mores all winter long! A Resses Peanut Butter Cup makes a s’more magical. True.

Candy recipes and crafts

10. Donate your wrapped Halloween candy to The Ronald McDonald House!

11. Use candy to teach little ones estimation, patterns, sorting, graphing, or word problems!

12. Do sink versus float test with your candy!