Halloween party ideas {Duck tape pumpkins}

No carve pumpkins are my favorite! (I used thumb tacks and Sharpies last year.) Not only is no carve easier, but the pumpkins last way longer! Or you can even use fake ones, which last forever. As for Halloween party ideas, these pumpkins could be used tons of ways: As outside or inside decor, centerpieces, or you could have a no carve pumpkin decorating contest and the let everyone make their own! It’s a BYOP kind of party, P= pumpkin! You could supply the decorating supplies and let everyone go to town!

No carve pumpkin ideas

And just for fun, can you guess which one of these pumpkins is real and which one is fake? (The orange one is real and the white one is fake!) And would you have guessed that the fun faces are made out of tape? Duck Tape to be exact! I’m just full of exciting surprises today! Oh and did I mention this project takes all of 10 minutes with your Cricut Explore machine?! I kind of love it.

What you need:

  • Duck Tape Sheets<– Get them on Amazon for $4.09 a sheet or use a 40% off coupon on one sheet at Hobby Lobby!
  • Cricut Explore machine
  • Any kind of pumpkin
  • Pumpkin face templates

As for pumpkin face templates, I just googled “free pumpkin face templates” and picked the 2 you see above! Then, I used this tutorial to upload the pumpkin face and skull images to my Cricut Explore. Once the image is uploaded, you can make it as big or small as you need to based on the size of your pumpkin. Also, not to waste your Duck Tape sheets, if you click the complete image, adn then hit the “contours” button in the layers screen. You can separate each of the pieces so that you can print them closer together! The purple shapes with the terquoise lines around it will be hidden, allowing you to freely move the one large eye around. Does that make sense?!

Cricut Explore Tip

Once your image(s) are all set, just press the green “C” and this pops up. Here’s what you need to do now:

1. Change the “Select a material” to Duck Tape in the pull down menu

2. Change the dial on your machine to “Custom”

3. Put your sheet of Duck Tape on the sticky Cricut mat.


No carve pumpkin ideas


And then your machine magically cutes perfect pumpkin faces! I kind of love it, y’all! And you seriously just use your fingers to stick the faces on your pumpkins. Easiest pumpkin face ever!

No carve pumpkin ideas


Look how fun these guys are on my front porch! And since it’s just tape, I think I’m going to make another set of faces for the back of the pumpkins that way  I have 4 pumpkin face options!

No carve pumpkin ideas

For more Halloween party ideas check out these 34 fun Halloween party food ideas and Happy OWL-loween party ideas!

Are you planning on throwing a Halloween party this year? Any good tips? Did you guess the fake versus real pumpkin correctly? Are you a good pumpkin carver or would you rather do the no carve thing too? I’d love to hear…

Koala bear baby costume {cute baby costumes}

I’ve got all kinds of cute baby costumes brewing for my sweet Max baby this Halloween! First up, a DIY Koala bear costume! This one is easy peasy, y’all! And it all started with a grey onesie and grey pants. (Here are 18 more DIY cute baby costumes that all started with a onesie!)

Koala bear baby costume {+ cute baby costumes}

Here’s what you need:

  • Grey onesie
  • Grey pants with footies (His are from Baby Gap.)
  • Grey hat
  • Black, grey, and white felt
  • Safety pins
  • Koala bear mask template
  • sewing machine or a thread and needle

My Poppet has a really cute Koala mask that you can print and use to make this piece of the costume for free! I utilized her template, but decided not to make it out of cardboard since I wanted to attach it to a hat that would cover Maxwell’s forehead. He’s a pretty easy going baby, but I’m pretty sure a cardboard mask covering half of his face would be a no go! After I printed out her template, I traced it with a sharpie onto grey felt and cut it out.

Koala bear baby costume

I used her pattern to cut the rest of the nose, ears, and eyes out of felt too. I decided to make the ears a little bigger and used white and a darker grey felt.

Koala bear baby costume {cute baby costumes}

I attached all of the Koala bear mask pieces with just a needle and thread. I always save those hotel sewing kits for small projects like this!

Koala bear baby costume {+ cute baby costumes}

Then, I attached the mask to the grey hat with safety pins. Like this… Koala bear baby costume

I cut the Koala paws out of black felt and safety pinned then to the feet of the pants. I did the same thing with the white felt oval on the belly! And here’s Maxwell sporting his handmade Koala costume…

DIY Koala bear baby costume



And here’s my sweet little koala bear enjoying a little eucalyptus! Koala 2

Need more baby costume ideas, check out my sister site, Really Awesome Costumes for tons of handmade costume greatness! And here are 18 more DIY baby costumes that all started as a onesie!

Halloween party food

Now that it is officially September, let’s start talking Halloween!  If you are planning on throwing a Halloween party this year or even need some healthy options for a fall festival at your kiddos school… I’ve rounded up 34 fun and a few creepy looking treats perfect for spookiest day of the year! Oh and if you’re in the market for handmade costumes for adults or kids, I’ve for you covered! Here are 29 DIY Halloween costume for kids, 29 handmade costumes for adults, 19 group costume ideas, and 36 animal themed costumes for kids and adults!

You are going to love these 34 Halloween party food ideas…

Halloween party food ideas + lots of healthy options

Warning: The following round up contains vivid images of creepy/gross/disgusting food. Look at your own risk.
Toe treat for a Halloween party
Healthy Halloween party food
Healthy Halloween party food

34: Carrot and plum pumpkin tray

Healthy Halloween party food

Do you love Halloween? Which one of these do you have to try? The tacos and the toe treats might be my favorites!