Laundry room ideas

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Our apartment in Florida had one washer and one dryer on every other floor of the 16 story building we called home. True. So, when we moved into our current house almost 2 years ago, a washer and dryer that we did not have to share was uber exciting news! We spent way too long trying to decide if we wanted a front loader or a top loader washing machine, and ultimately decided on a front loader for this reason, we could (at some point) stack them into this little nook! And 18 months later, we did just that. All of the building details are over at The Apron. So, I’ve got some laundry room ideas to help you keep even the tiniest of laundry rooms organized and cute!

Tiny laundry room ideas


Since our laundry “room” is in our garage and is way more of a nook than a room, we had big plans of stacking the washer and dryer. We ended up getting an awesome deal on a washer and dryer (all about that here), but they are not the same brand and so the pre made stacking kit wasn’t going to work for us.  We were going to have to build our own. And 2 years later, voila! It’s finally done! This project could be done in a weekend, but we made it last 4 months… you know, just for fun! (Maxwell makes big DIY projects very tricky these days!) Here’s the simple plan I had brewing in my head for our tiny laundry room:

Tiny laundry room ideas

And here are my tiny laundry room ideas to make it as organized as possible:

1. Hanging space: Andy used pipes to build a super functional hanger. Any hanging space is better than none!

2. Lights: We added rope lighting on the inside of  both of the square frames since our garage is pretty dark.

3. Baskets: We have 3 labled: Pods, Stains, and Lint

4. Wire shelves: Instead of building fancy wood shelves, we opted to make the stand alone wire shelves work.

5. Rug: So when you drop laundry it doesn’t fall on the garage floor. Oh and it looks cute!

6. Top shelf: This shelf is not necessary, but super useful to store larger items in your garage.

Tiny laundry room ideas


I love how our laundry nook turned out! It so much more functional and cute. We even have hanging space! The 3 baskets are labeled: Pods, Stain stuff, and Lint! It’s a laundry miracle.

Tiny laundry room ideas


To see the step by step tutorial (and tons more pictures) of how Andy built the laundry nook, check out Home Depot’s blog, The Apron!

PVC Pipe projects

PVC pipe is cheap and oh so useful! Check out these 40+ clever ways to use PVC pipe to organize every room of your house!

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8. Movie screen

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10. Crazy sprinkler

11. Sand table for kids

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14. Easel

15. Book caddy

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16. Marshmallow gun

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17. Puppet theatre

18. Soccer goal

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20. Ladder golf

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22. Play house

23. Wine rack

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24. Tee Pee

25. Bubble blower

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26. Bow and arrow for kids

27. Telescopes

28. Play tent

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34. Utensil holder

35. Tooth brush holders



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