Monday Funday #78 {Crafts}

I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday! We had a low key weekend just hanging out in Austin with friends and family. You can see some of our weekend adventures over on instagram. Speaking of instagram, did you know that you can print those suckers out and make really awesome crafts with them? Check out 23 instgram crafts here! And here’s how I display instgrams in my house! Can;t wait to see your crafts! Link ‘em up, baby and if this is your first time here, welcome to the Monday Funday Link Party!


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Hey Y’all! We are excited to show you our picks from last week’s party! We are true crafters at heart so we are happy to feature these 10 Adorable Craft Ideas for you…



Nate Berkus Pillow Knockoff by View From The Fridge ~ Vintage Map Travel Journal by The Pin Junkie

DIY Retro Patio Lanterns by Fynes Designs ~ Tassel Tea Towel by Homey Oh My!

White and Gold Striped Napkins by Mabey She Made It ~ Dip-dyed Kool-Aid Tassels by Coco and Cocoa

Matryoshka Tote Bag by Over the Apple Tree ~ Simple Watercolor Gift Tags by Live,Laugh,Rowe

DIY Tassel Key Chain by Made in a Day ~ Fishtail Loom Bracelet and Printable by I Should Be Mopping The Floor


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A DIY cake stand (or rock stand)

This craft started with a few rocks. I love the idea of bringing home a simple, free souvenir from vacation, and I discovered that rocks are small and easy enough to sneak in a suitcase. I also love that the rock represents the place you visited. You’re not going to find the same rock in Nantucket as you would in Cosrica, ya know what I mean? I don’t remember to do it every vay-cay, but I try. So, the rocks have been piled in the phone booth in our hallway. Not cute and honestly, a slight hazard, ha! We kept knocking them with off the shelf with our wild limbs! So, here’s the solution. Oh and for most normal people that don’t collect rocks, this could easily be used as a cake stand!


DIY cake stand

I found this plate at Good Will for $1.50 and the wooden candle holder was 50 cents! You’ll also need some Krazy Glue.

DIY cake stand

Paint your wooden candle holder, I choose plain ol’ white. And glue that sucker to the bottom of your plate. Talk about easy. Seriously a 3 minute craft, if you don’t count the paint drying thing. And now our vacation rocks get to live out in the open!

DIY cake stand

That’s my kinda craft! Do you collect rocks on vacation? Or do you need a cake stand? Either way, this was easy!


Psst… here’s another 5 minute paper craft that I use all of the time!

How to hang a bike from the ceiling

Where do you store bikes? Back in our Austin condo, we had to store them in our laundry room. That wasn’t fun. And in Florida, we had to cram them in a tiny hall closet on the 16th floor of our apartment building. Needless to say, the garage thing is so nice. And the fact that you can just hang bikes from the ceiling seems like a miracle! Not to mention it costs less than $4 a bike to hang! Back in December, Andy and I organized the heck out of the garage and stuck these bikes on the celing.
How to hang a bike from the ceiling Here’s our bike storage system before the the magical hooks… Our mountain bikes rested against the back wall and the tandem lived in the middle. Oh, and that 4 wheeler is my parents’, it does not live permanently in our garage, thank goodness! Cheap bike storage So, the first step is to collect your materials. You will need:

  • some long screws
  • sheet rocks anchors
  • the bike hooks from above (2 per bike)
  • scrap plywood pieces (2 per bike that you want to hang)

Then you need some tools:

  • screw driver
  • drill
  • stud finder
  • tape measure

Here are the miracle-maker bike hooks from Home Depot for $1.87 each: Hang your bike from ceiling After you have all of your tools and materials gathered, start searching for studs in the ceiling. Ideally you will be able to hang your bikes in the same direction that your studs are running. This will allow you to anchor both bike hooks into a stud. Due to the layout of our garage, we had to hang bikes in both directions (parallel to the studs and perpendicular to the studs). This meant that only one of the bikes could have both hooks secured to a stud. Andy had to secure some of the bike hooks to the sheet rock without being able to hit a stud because the spacing between the bike wheels is not the same as the spacing between the studs. Hanging things from sheetrock only makes Andy nervous, so he puts enough anchors in the plywood to hold up hundreds of pounds! Andy located the studs and made some pencil marks so he knew where to place the screws. Then he measured the space between the tires. The trick to this is to see where one tire touches the ground and to measure from that spot to where the other tire touches the ground. This is the amount of space you want between your hooks. Andy pre-drilled holes in the plywood for the bike hook and for the screws he was using to attach the wood to the ceiling/studs. Pre-drilling holes is a good idea to avoid splitting the wood.       Cheap bike storage   Andy wanted the plywood up there to give the bike hook a little more “meat” to screw in to. If studs are available, you can screw the hook right into a stud and forego the scrap wood pieces. This is Andy over engineering all things hanging… see this giant mirror and this mirror. Hang your bike from ceiling

Once you have attached the plywood to the ceiling/stud in a couple places, just screw in the bike hook to your pre-drilled hole. And voilà, you have instant space in your garage!

Hang your bike from ceiling

Hallajula! The bikes are on the celiing! And we can walk in our garage now. Woot woot! How do you store your bikes? I’d love to hear…