Super simple instagram collage

I think I might be a genius, ha! You know when you have a really good idea and it actually works and it wasn’t even hard? Yea, that happened to me recently.  Are you prepared to be amazed? First, just admire my super simple instagram collage above the old crusty clean bar

How to make a simple instgram collage

Notice anything interesting? I posted this similar pic on instgram right after I finished the collage, but I didn’t even mention my genius idea.  I wanted to see if anyone noticed. They didin’t! And that’s ok, that’s actually the point! So here’s the genius part, can you see it now?


How to make a simple instgram collage



If you’re very observant, you’ll notice I disguised my light switch with a fun little instgram pic! This was such an easy and cheap fix! Before I had a frame over the light switch, which proved to be pretty dang annoying.

How to make a simple instgram collage


Here’s what I did, I ordered 2 sets of 4 x 4 instagram pics from Printstagram for a grand total of $24 for 48 pics. (Oh and I was not paid or perked for doing this, I had just heard great things about printing instas with them and decided to test ‘em out!) Then, I literally just taped them up with washi tape, and used an XACTO to cut out the light switch holes for my genius idea! The light switch holes aren’t perfect, but I’m ok with that for now.

easy way to cover a light switch

I didn’t measure or anything crazy like that. I used the light switch as a starting point, because that sucker can’t move. Then, just decided how many pics I wanted my collage to go across and up and started taping. That’s the greatness of tape, you can move it!

How to make a simple instgram collage

Oh and notice anything interesting about our molding? I just realized I was going to tell you the molding tale in this post, back in August 2013, but never actually did! Basically, we just painted a white  line to fake modling, ha! Any who, this is one of the reasons I think you should save all molding during remodel projects (our bathroom remodel will soon solve this issue)! Do you have a light switch in an awkward spot? Do use instagram? (Follow me here, if you’d like!) What was your latest genius idea? I’d love to hear…


Nursery gallery wall

Note: Sorry I’ve been MIA, but Baby Max is in charge around here! He’s pretty dang cute! If you want to see ridiculous amounts of proud mama pictures, check out my insta feed. And I’m going to attempt to write up our natural birth story post and pictures galore soon. Just trying to keep myself showered and baby boy fed is proving to be pretty tricky these days :)

Now that Max is finally here, the nursery is complete! Well, honestly he hasn’t slept a single second in his cute crib. But, it’s so fun ot actually get to use the clothes in the closet and change the diapers on the changing pad (sometimes that is fun).  I did do a few last minute nursery additions in my final weeks. Some call it “nesting”. I shared an instagram pic of the nursery wall in action back in mid February, but hadn’t had a chance to share it on the ol’ blog. So here we are… the DIY nursery gallery wall in all of it’s glory. It cost me nothing to make. It’s just a collection of goodies my mama made, I had on hand (hats, clip board, free printable, and Cricut event goodies).

nursery gallery wall

The nursery has been a major work in progress over the past 5 months. If you’re new here, here are all of the deets on Baby Dorobek and the DIY nursery: Spilling the beans10 nursery must havesPainting the iglooBambino gets a crib, the great rug hunt, mirror hanging trick, DIY ledge shelves, IKEA bench hack and envelope slip covers, and how to make super easy valances. I’m going to share pretty pictures of the final nursery soon, promise! Here’s what the gallery wall looked like for a couple of months… it was just ok. I love all of the cross stitches that my mom made and knew they would stay, it just needed a little more spunk. Not to mention, it was all hung so low, and baby could potentially pull those suckers off of the wall someday. The original plan was to hang a shelf above the gallery wall, but that seemed like a lot of work, and the caddy next to changing table did the trick.

DIY gallery wall


I knew I wanted to include my embroidered burlap canvas I made that says “hello world”, the card stock deer craft from the Cricut product launch event, and the free “I love everything about you” printable from Tried and True. Plus of  course the 4 pictures my mom made. Now, let me start with… I love gallery walls, I’ve put lots of them together, and I don’t like rulers or measuring. (See giant Florida gallery wall and the corner gallery wall.) I’m a “eye-baller”. It’s gallery wall after all, it’s not supposed to be perfect! Here is the thought process I use,

    1. Gather what I want on my wall.
    2. If there are already holes in my wall, I start with those. In this case, I re-used all 4 of my original nail holes, as you can see in picture 2.
    3. Then, I consider the center of the gallery wall. In this case, I was attempting to center the pictures in the center of the dresser and caddy. Which happened to be the paper mounted deer.
    4. Clearly, I needed some more weight on the right side, above the caddy. So, I added the free printable in a yellow frame I already had on hand. I used washi tape to tape up the printable and my trusty 3M picture hanging strips to hang the frame. I wanted that spot to be something that could easily be changed out.
    5. Then, I realized the card stock deer was floating and need to either be moved or something added to the space. The “hello world” sign was a perfect fit.
    6. Now, there was a blank spot where the “hello world” sign lived. Those hats have been homeless in our house for months, and assuming I could find them, I knew they’d be cute on the wall! (I used Command Brand clear hooks left over from the kitchen door organizer project back in Florida.)
    7. I really wanted all 4 of my mom’s cross stitches on the wall, so I added one above the card stock deer, and that left an awkward spot to the left. I got the plate charger for free from the Cricut event and hung it on the wall with my all time fave, Command Brand picture hanging strips!

Nursery gallery wall


I decided the plate charger needed some personalization, so I glued a chalkboard clothespin to the middle of it and added a picture! Easy fix. And I love that I can change the picture out often. Here it is up close. That’s an old pic from when Andy and I lived in China!

nursery gallery wall

And here are a few fun pics of the finished (for now) nursery gallery wall!

nursery gallery wall

nursery gallery wall


nursery gallery wall

What do you think? Are you a gallery fan? A lot better than what I started with, huh? And all for free! Are you an organized gallery wall creator or do you just throw up pics and goodies, like me? I’d love to hear…


Free nursery printables {Hush little baby}

I heart Vanessa’s printables! Her blog, Tried and True, is a must read, in my humble opinion. I feel very lucky to have her as a monthly contributor on C.R.A.F.T.! Last month, she whipped up these adorable thankful flags for St. Paddy’s day and in January she made the “You are my everything” printable in honor of love day. This time around, she made a very  special printable in honor of Baby D! It’s a free nursery printable that you can color in yourself and hang right up on the wall! (P.S. he’s now officially 5 days over due. Come on buddy… We’re dying to meet you!) 

Nursery printable

Hello, awesome readers of C.R.A.F.T.! It’s Vanessa from Tried & True back with another free printable. I thought it would be fun to offer a hand-printed free coloring page to celebrate the arrival of Jamie’s sweet baby boy!

 Free nursery printables


If you’re not familiar with the process (view all of the Tried & True Original Coloring Pages here!), each print is hand-drawn by myself and cleaned up in Photoshop so that you can print and color any which way your heart desires! You can use any coloring medium you want…colored pencils, watercolors, markers, crayons, etc. I used watercolor in this example but really, anything you have on hand will work!

{Download the hush little baby free printable here}

DIY nursery printable

Hope you all enjoy coloring the Hush Little Baby Free Coloring Page! Can’t wait to meet the new C.R.A.F.T. baby, Jamie!