DIY Christmas Decorations

Hello there! It’s Corey from TinySidekick and I’m happy to be visiting again to share a really easy way to add a ton of color to your Christmas decor without spending lots of money or making a big color theme commitment that you’ll have to live with every year! These DIY Christmas decorations have been go to Christmas decor at both my mom’s and my own house for a few years now.

Why do we love these simple paper wrapped frames so much? It’s a really easy way to add a ton of color and fun Christmas pattern to your Christmas decorations. It doesn’t cost a lot of money. And if you are anything like us you want to change things up from year to year, so this is perfect cause it is zero commitment.How to wrap frames in wrapping paper... easy Christmas decor!

We started out just wrapping the entire frame in paper, but it covered up the photo. And since Christmas is all about family, we want to see the cute faces in the photos. Am I right? Wrapping frames in holiday paper is really easy, but there is one trick that I want to share with you that will save you lots of frustration.

Easy Christmas decor with wrapping paper


You’ll need:

  • a frame
  • tape
  • scissors
  • wrapping paper

Easy peasy.

DIY Christmas Decorations

The first thing you’ll need to do is remove the photo, backing, and the glass from the frame. Then lay it face down on your wrapping paper just like you would to wrap a present, leaving enough at the edges to wrap it all the way to the back in a later step. With it in place, you are going to punch a small hole in the middle of the frame and slice the paper to each inside corner of the frame. Be sure to go directly to the corner. Do this for all 4 corners.

decorating with wrapping paper

Then go ahead and secure the outside edges with tape leaving the flaps in the middle free.
decorating with Christmas wrapping

Here is the trick to avoiding frustration: 

Without securing the middle flaps, place the glass back into the frame gently and pull the flaps tight. If you tape them first your paper will rip when you put the glass in. Once the glass is in place and the paper is pulled tight, cut off the excess and tape it in place.

Christmas decorating on a budget

Last, you’ll add your photo and the backing back in.
DIY Christmas Decorations

And now you have some fun Christmas frames that still allow you to see your family!

easy ways to add color to your Christmas decorations

This is my mom’s shelf all done up with the grandkids displayed! Last year she had all blue and white going. So you can see how easy it is to change from year to year. So if you are still in need of some easy pops of color before Santa and your guests arrive, just go grab some wrapping paper and get wrapping!


Thanks for having me again today! I’d love for you to pop over and peek around at all of my Christmas decorations at my Christmas Home Tour! See you there!

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Christmas Costume Ideas

The ugly sweater Christmas party thing is such a big deal these days. And I’m not going to lie, I kind of love it! It’s casual and easy and fun and you get to wear costumes! Best of all, no fretting about what cute holiday outfit to wear. At this party the goal is riduclousness! Our friends kick it up a notch and host a hideous Christmas party (see the amazing 10 year history of their costume party here). Andy and I attended hideous Christmas for the first time this year and whipped up these hideously awesome costumes just in the nick of time! I’ll do a post soon with the amazing prize winning Christmas costume ideas…! Here’s Andy and I’s 10 minute super easy costumes: A candy cane and a Christmas tree!

Christmas Costume Ideas


Remember last year, we did a Texas theme ugly Christmas sweaters? (And then I cut off Andy’s sleeves to make ugly sweaters for wine bottles.) This year, we needed entire outfits! So, I pulled out my all time favorite red, strapless costume dress and figured I could turn it into something Christmasy awesome. That dress has been the base for a lady bug and a coke can costume! And now it gets to be a candy cane, lucky dress. All I had to buy was some silver tinsel, candy canes, and a green long sleeved  t-shirt for Andy. Here are all of the hideous Chrsitmas costume supplies:

Christmas Costume Ideas


The white stripes on my dress are white Duck Tape and the candy cane headband is from a red cardboard box with white Duck Tape, easy peasy.

Christmas Costume Ideas

I used an X-ACTO knife to cut out the candy cane shape. I made the shape fit my face perfectly, ha! Then I added white Duck tape stripes. I even used the same headband I used to make the bottle top for my coke can costume. I juse ripped off the coke tab and hot glued on the candy cane, voila!

Christmas Costume Ideas


As for Andy, his tree was inspired by this Christmas tree costume. His entire costume was safety pinned together 10 minutes before we walked out of the door! I pinned on the tinsel, led light pack and 3 giant red ornaments and then hung the candy canes from the tinsel. Oh so fancy! I cut him a star out of yellow card stock 2 seconds before we left!

Christmas Costume Ideas

Oh and his tree skirt just Velcroed around his waist. He wore that thing as a cape to another Christmas party a few years ago, ha! Here’s my big candy cane mug shot complete with a crafted bow tie made by Rachelle! Yep, this party even had a craft table!

Christmas Costume Ideas

I’ll share lots more hideous Christmas costumes soon! Has anyone else attended a full out Hideous Christmas party? Any awesome costumes ideas I must know about? We had Christmas Wrappers, an Elivs Santa, and even a Chrsitmas story leg lamp in attendance… so fun! Hop on over hereto see who took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize in the hideous Christmas costume contest!