Ornament Christmas Cards

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I’m pretty proud of myself right now… My Christmas cards are done! I know, I’m shocked too. Don’t worry, I did not send them out yet, but they are stuffed, sealed, stamped, addressed, and ready and waiting for their postal debut at the beginning of December! The 2014 Dorobek ornament Christmas card features none other than, Maxwell!

Ornament holiday cards

I did a little photo shoot action in his nursery with a few red ornaments and some with our “D” Christmas wreath I made a few years ago. Here’s a little Christmas card tip: If you have your heart set on a certain Christmas card, show your photographer so that she can make sure you get a good picture for that specific card. Is the card you like horizontal or vertical? Are the words at the top or bottom? In my case, the “D” pictures got cropped funny in the ornament card since it is a funky shaped card.

Ornament holiday cards

I love the idea of an ornament Christmas card because the card pulls double duty… It’s a festive piece of Christmas snail mail that can also hang on your tree if you’d like! And who wouldn’t want that sweet face on their Christmas tree?! I choose the Sparkling Be Merry card at Minted.  There is a little assembly involved, you have to attach the ornament hanger and then insert the adhesive envelope liner. Super simple. Here’s what came in my package:

Ornament holiday cards

And here’s the Christmas cheer all laid out and ready to be sealed!



Oh and my very favorite part…. minted offers free recipient addressing with pretty designs that even match the return address. True! All you have to do is upload a simple Excel spreadsheet and voila, envelopes printed and addressed. Bam. Greantess. And such a time saver. More about the Minted Envelope here. After much internal debate, I picked the modern delivery style, see below. There are tons of cute options, here are just a few:

Ornament holiday cards


As for the back of the ornament card, you’ve got options! I choose the golden sparkle with one picture option. Pictures make everyone smile, right?! But, for those of you that like to write a note, there is a text only option!


Ornament holiday cards


Have you thought about holiday cards yet? I almost went with post cards again this year... major decision over here! (I love this one and this one!) Postcards are a great option because they are cheaper and you don’t have to stuff anything! Literally, just stick on that stamp and voila! Ohhh and these Booklette cards are pretty amazing too! I’m pretty psyched to send out our ornament Christmas cards… they make me smile every time I see one!

11 Creative ways to wrap gifts

Christmas is only 11 days away! Ahh! Hopefully you’ve had a chance to get your Christmas shopping done and now it’s time for the gift wrap portion of the holiday extravaganza! I don’t like buying fancy themed wrapping paper, I like to use really awesome free things, hardy har! And here are 11 unique ways to utilize thing you probably already have on hand! Like old clothes, fabric scraps, packing tape, and even old stockings!

Creative ways to wrap gifts at C.R.A.F.T.

Probably my favorite gift wrapping method is buying a huge roll of builders paper at your local home improvement store (or on Amazon), and then sprucing it up with stamps, tape, old clothing bows, plants, or glitter! That way you can utilize the same paper for year round occasions! Check out all 11 creative ways to wrap gifts:

Creative ways to wrap gifts at C.R.A.F.T.

1. Kraft paper and washi tape with C.R.A.F.T.

2. Stamped fabric with Lines Across

3. How to sew a pillow case with Sew Caroline

4. Using old clothes with Our  5th House

5. Cupcake liner bows with Craftaholics Anonymous

6. DIY Picture gift wrap with Kristen Duke

7. Kraft paper and stamps with Positively Splendid

8. Mini fabric gift bags with Ellison Lane

9. Old stocking gift wrap with owen’s olivia

10. Kraft paper and glitter with Sarah M. Dorsey

11. Kraft Paper and EZ Start Printed Packaging Tape with C.R.A.F.T.


How do you usually wrap gifts? Do you DIY it? Use things from around the house?Buy fun warping paper?  I’d love to hear…

Wrap it Up #11: Monogrammed kraft paper

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Duck Brand provided by ShurTech Brands, LLC. All opinions are 100% mine.

Today is the final day of the Wrap it Up series on C.R.A.F.T.! And tomorrow morning I am going to share a round up of all 11 DIY gift wrap ideas. The last idea of this series utilizes EZ Start® Printed Packaging Tape, brown paper, and plants. I happen to have a ton of Nandina in my yard and those berries make for perfect free wrapping accessories! Use what you’ve got though, any green sprig or pinecone will spruce a package right up!


DIY gift wrap ideas

I used a cute roll of EZ Start Printed Packaging Tape in peppermint to spruce up my packages. First, I crafted up some super simple gift tags. All you need is the tape, card stock, scissors, and a hole punch. No ruler necessary! And one sheet of card stock will make about 20 gift tags. Here’s how I made the Duck Tape gift tags in less than 1o minutes:

Gft wrap ideas with Duck Tape

This year I bought a roll of brown builders paper, and am using things from around the house to spruce it up. I used the duck tape to monogram the front of a package with the gift recipients initial, see:

diy gift wrap bows

Then, I also cut the peppermints out individually and used them to decorate another little package. This package got a bell and a berry sprig too!

DIY gift wrap ideas

One roll of tape would wrap a ton of gifts! Use your creativity and see how many different packages you can craft up from one roll of EZ Start® Printed Packaging Tape! There are endless possibilities!

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