C.R.A.F.T. ‘s in my house

I’ve always loved pictures, but with Maxwell, I’ve become obsessed. Like, we can’t take enough pictures. Ever. I have thousands of him sleeping. Seriously. And thousands more of him smiling and sitting and jut looking so stinkin’ cute. So, when Laura Morsman asked if I would like to do an ACL style photo session with her, I was thrilled! Pictures of the 3 of us, yes please! For those of you who are not in Austin, ACL stands for Austin City Limits. It’s a huge music festival that takes over my cute little city for 2 weekends each year. Laura had no rules for the session, she just asked that we pretend like we are getting ready to go to ACL. What would we wear? Who would I go with?  What do we love about Austin? The session was simple, cozy, and natural. Laura rocks.

She makes picture taking easy. You know, chit chats, and makes you feel like she is not taking pictures of you. Like this one below, of the lamp. I love it. Me and my Max baby just walking by the window, and bam! Amazing picture that I did not even know what being taken. Love.

For more pictures of the 3 of us and to read my interview, check out Laura’s blog post. Below, I’m sharing pictures she took of C.R.A.F.T.’s in my home. It was such a fun shoot to do because there were no rules or expectations, just my sweet fam and Laura hanging out on a Saturday afternoon.

1. Balsa wood lampshade: I rescued the blue lamp from the dumpster when we lived in Florida!

2. Wood sliced coasters: I also made those for our living room in Flordia. I love how they look, but they do stick to the bottom of sweaty glasses.

Jamie Dorobek

3. Painted shoes: Still love these things. I wear them even more with Maxwell since they are so easy to slip on.

Jamie Dorobek CRAFT

4. Chalkboard calendar (tutorial coming soon!) And this might be my very favorite picture Laura took of the 3 of us!


5. Embroider burlap: This is such an easy craft, and it makes me happy every time I see it.

6. Cricut Explore paper deer head: So cute and I made it at the Cricut Explore product launch!

Jamie Dorobek CRAFT


7. Nursery gallery wall: I love all of my mama’s cross stitches!

8. Hush little baby free printable: Vanessa sent me a water color of the free printable she made in honor of Maxwell, how sweet is that!?


Jamie Dorobek CRAFT

9. Gender neutral nursery: I still really love his black and white nursery!

Jamie Dorobek CRAFT

10. Instagram collage: I need to add some more instas to my wall! These were all pre Maxwell. Can you spot my big trick? (I disguised the light switch!)

Jamie Dorobek CRAFT

And Laura took these pictures of us on our tandem bike, this balck and white makes me happy! There are so many more great pictures (see lots more here)! I’m in the process of trying to decide which ones to blow up and where to hang them! I have so many amazing pictures on my devices, I feel like it is sad that I don’t print more out!

Jamie Dorobek CRAFT


When is the last time you printed out a real picture? Had pictures taken of your family? Been to a music festival? Thank you, Laura! I love them all. Truly!

Maxwell monthly (The first 6 months!)

I had big plans to do a monthly Maxwell update. Yea, that big plan went right out the window oh… about 6 months ago when I realized being a new mom was insanity! Alas, I bring you 6 months of Maxwell updates all in one little post. My sweet baby is a curious, smiley, determined little munchkin who is on the move, all of the time! And getting bigger way, way too fast. Oh and if you are new here, here’s the pregnancy announcement, gender reveal party, natural birth story, and his black and white nursery!

(Oh and you can get a set of Wood Alphabet Factory Blocks that I use in the monthly pictures on Amazon for $78 and free shipping.)

0-1 Month:

  • We gave Maxwell his first bath at home on 3-28-14, 5 days after he was born. We were scared!
  • Maxwell took his newborn pictures on 4-4-14, so stinkin’ cute!
  • We left Max at home with Grammy and had a sushi dinner date.
  • He took his passport picture!
  • Dyed his first Easter egg (with a lot of help!)
  • Started smiling and loves celling fans!

Baby photography

1-2 Months

  • Went to his first baseball game!
  • And museum!
  • Maxwell starting blowing tons of spit bubbles and smiles all of the time!
  • He loves rocking on the front porch and staring at celling fans!

Baby photgraphy

2-3 months

Baby photography


3-4 months

  • Max giggled for the first time at 3 months and 1 day old!
  • Maxwell went on a boat ride for mom’s surprise party. Not a huge fan of life jackets!
  • He went to 2 blog conferences in Utah and Georgia via plane with mom!
  • On 7-12-23, you started doing multiple rolls and moving all over the place!

Baby photography

 4-5 months

  • Maxwell is up on all 4’s!
  • He can sit up for a few seconds by himself.
  • Traveled to New England to visit mom’s bff! (Free things to do with kids in Rhode Island and NYC)
  • Started sticking out his tongue all of the time!
  • Maxwell had his first sleepover with his great aunt while we mom and dad went to a wedding!


Baby photography

 5-6 months

  • Pulled up in his crib for the firs time!
  • We had to lower the crib all of the way and remove the bumpers because he was using them as a ladder!
  • Started for real crawling on 8-31-14, 5 months and 8 days old… He’s officially on the move and into everything!
  • Loves turning the pages of books, playing with his soccer ball piggy bank, putting tags in his mouth, playing with his sound machine, pulling up on anything, and taking walks in the stroller!
  • Tried his first real food, sweet potatoes! Not a huge fan.
  • Maxwell sits up very well now.
  • Discovers something new everyday! (Fireplace, vents, lamp cords, shoes, his closet, the printer, opening cabinets) We have to get this house baby proof!

Baby photography

I love looking at how he’s grown over time, his hair has gotten so thick! And he’s just so stinkin’ cute!

baby photography monthly picture idas


And here his is super cute 7 month picture, we took last week! He’s pulling up on everything, says “dadadada” all of the time. And stands on his own for a few seconds at a time! Oh and all of these pictures are taken on random quilts, rugs, pieces of fabric, and blankets we have at home. The blocks are from CB2, but I think they are discontinued. Boo. My friend got them to use as decor for one of our baby showers and I love them! Anyone else have a fun way to docuemnt their little ones? Do you take monthyl or weekly pictures? Have any advice for teaching a 7 month old not to pull on lamp cords? I’d love to hear…


Alt Summit {& what do you think about Martha Stewart?}

Oh Alt Summit, how I heart you! Alt Summit is a blog conference for creatives that happens twice a year in Salt Lake City (January and June). Let’s just put this out there… I spoke at a conference (about Google +) where Martha Stewart was the keynote, ahh! That makes this girl freakin’ excited. I kind of love Martha. I’m fully aware of the not so nice comment she made about bloggers (1:47 in video). But honestly, there are some not so great bloggers out there who steal people’s content and claim it as there own. Luckily, the vast majority of bloggers are very talented, real people who share their genius with us fo’ free! I love blog world! Maybe Martha said something she didn’t mean? I’ve certainly never done that, ha! And for the record, I don’t claim to be an expert, I’m just a mom who likes to make really awesome free things. Anyone can do it.  Clearly Martha is a genius entrepreneur, and has some mad baking/crafting/party planning skills or she never would have made it as far as she has today! Moving on…

This was Max baby’s second plane trip of his life (we took him to the Dominican Republic). But, this was the first plane trip that I took him on by myself. I was oh so nervous, but honestly all went well! (Coming soon: my tips for traveling with a baby via airplane.)

Alt summit


Max and I took 2 planes and a train to the hotel (no car seat or stroller needed!), we stayed at Little America, the cheaper little sister of the Grand America where the conference was held.

TIP #1: The Little America is way cheaper than the Grand, super nice, and a super short walk across the street!

This is a baby friendly conference y’all! And honestly he was such a good little conversation starter. Everyone wanted to grab his little toes and tell him how cute he was, and he would give them a big smile back!

TIP #2: If you have a little one, bring him to the conference! 

Alt sets things up so that everyone gets to attend a sponsored dinner the night before the conference actually beings. I love the Honest company products and was lucky to attend this dinner at Pago. I got a baby sitter for the Max man and had a seriously delicious (baby free) dinner.

TIP #3: Bring that baby, but get a sitter for a few hours here or there. Ask around or e-mail me, I’ve got a good one in Salt Lake City!

alt summit

He loves his baby backpack, so he just hung out on my chest while we learned and chatted at the conference. This was the first nights food truck party. We hung out on picnic blanket and ate yummy Salt Lake City food truck treats! Maxbaby fell asleep.

TIP #4: If you bring a baby, baby wear! It’s so much easier than a stroller!

alt summit


I spy me at the Lewis Brothers food truck waiting for my falafel salad. I need more falafel in my life, y’all!
alt summit

I did not get to attend all of the sessions, Max baby needed naps and nursing. I went with that expectation, and all was well. I actually only missed one session! I certainly stood in the back of a few and had to sneak out when sweet Max started crying. For the most part, he was content just hanging out on my chest and talking to all of the ladies and gents! This was the photo styling session…

alt summit

TIP #5: Alt has professional photographs, so don’t worry about taking pictures! Just soak up the info and meet new peeps! They upload all of the pictures to a Flickr stream and you are allowed to use them!
alt summit

Max and I even had some fun at the Bing photo booth! Oh wait, he slept through the fun in this one…

TIP #6: Interact with everything there is to offer at Alt! Even if it means grabbing the sweet girl next to you to snap a picture in the photo booth!

Alt summit

alt summit


Max and I attended a round table about starting a podcast!

TIP #7: Check out the schedule before hand. Circle the sessions you don’t want to miss! It’s easy to get carried away and forget about the time!

alt summit

And then I did my Google + presentation with these talented ladies (Meg and Kris)! Our session was called: Media You’re Not Using, But Should Be: TV, Radio, and Google+. If you’re interested in learning more about Google +, here is a little Google + guide I put together for getting started! 

alt summit

So, have you ever been to a blog conference? How do you feel about Martha Stewart? Do you love falafel? Are you on Google +?

(All photos by Justin Hackworth or Brooke Dennis for Alt Summit)