Baby checklist… 15+ tips I’ve learned about newborns!

Oh my sweet little Max baby you’ve taught me a ton in the last couple of weeks! (Here’s our birth story if you missed it!) You’re adorable and cuddly and smell so good, but you don’t really like to let mama sleep! You’re a hungry growing boy, and I’m happy you’re such a good eater (or uhh… drinker)! Being a new mama is a lot of things including amazing, but let’s face it, anything to help us get a little more sleep/ make life easier is always good! Here are 15+ tips I’ve learned and utilized in the last couple of weeks of being a new mom to the cutest baby boy in the world (#proudobnoxiousmama). Maybe your baby will like them too… or maybe not :/ !

Tips for taking care of a baby

1. Diaper color line- This is Earth shattering, seriously! Thankfully, I learned it on Day 3 of Max from my friend, Annie. After watching me take off his diaper to check if he was wet/ poopy, Annie kindly made me aware that the yellow line turns blue when the diaper is wet. Freakin’ genius, I tell you! Oh and most diapers have this or at least the couple of brands we have used so far. So, the diaper in the pic below means the front is wet, but the back is not wet. Oh and the line will get more blue than that if you let it sit a little longer.

Baby checklist... things to know about newborns

2. Point penis down in the diaper- A lot of folks told me this, but I guess I needed a hands on learning experience, ha! Just point him down, y’all. Or don’t and he’ll pee all over his belly and clothes. Gross. Oh and pee pee tee pees don’t work that well (see #11). Babies are wiggly.

3. Taking onesies on and off over the legs (instead of head)- We don’t do this all of the time, but if Max is in a mood, we most definitely take the onesie off over the legs and put the onesie on over the legs! Max says this tip is #1 for babies (see his little finger)!

Baby list... taking a onesie off over the legs

4. Olive oil on bum for meconium poop- My midwife taught me this the day he was born. Just rub olive oil all over his bum before diapering to make the meconium poop slide off easier with a wipe!

5. Car seat trick- Gotta give Andy cred for figuring this one out. The little harness and straps were always getting in the way of putting Max in his seat, and then we discovered these slits in the side of the car seat that fit the little straps perfectly! That way you can slide baby boy with out having to hunt for the harness under his bum. Are these little slits on all car seats?

car seat trick

6. Baby lotion (use coconut oil)- Max had very dry hands and feet so I used some Aveeno baby lotion on him. For whatever reason I decided to read the label… here’s what it says: “If swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center immediately!” Really? I thought this was a baby product?!  I put the lotion on his hands, and then watched my sweet baby immediately stick his hands in his mouth! Not a fan. I whipped out the coconut oil and it not only cleared up his dry skin but also makes him smell even more delicious! Read your labels, y’all! Check out this post on C.R.A.F.T. facebook with lots more info about babies, lotions, and brands!

Baby list... Use coconut oil

7. Change diaper before nursing in the middle of the night- This was another tip from Annie, and I find it essential to our (sleepless) night routine. That way if he does fall asleep nursing, I know that his diaper his clean and I can lay him back in his bassinet without waking him up!

8. Lanolin for diaper rash- I went to a cute little class at our birthing center about baby massage and a girl in class told me that lanolin cures diaper rash. It’s true. Lanolin –>(affiliate link to the kind we use) is a life saver for nipples and baby bums! Stock up, friends!

9. Rice sock- I feel a little guilty about this one! I basically trick Max into thinking he is laying against a human. My theory is since we nurse belly to belly he likes the warmth of my body. My friend, Natalia, made me the rice sock to use during labor so this sucker is getting double duty. I just heat it up in the microwave for 25 seconds and lay it next to him. I use it the most at night… it’s definitely worth a try!

Use a rice sock with newborns

10. Frozen food is awesome- This is for the mama. Baby boy is getting fed, but mama needs to eat too! I stocked up the freezer with Amy’s frozen goodies while I was prego. Hopefully, you will have sweet friends bring you dinner in early days of baby, but you need lunch too! Stock the freezer, y’all!

11. Mom’s of boys… tee pee pee pee’s don’t really work. They are cute and seem like a good idea, but Max is wiggly and it always falls off. Just cover that sucker up with a burp cloth or diaper when changing. Or let him pee all over you, him, the wall, his changing pad, and the rug. Laundry is fun… Said no one ever!

12. Double up the crib sheet and liners- This one came from a genius on C.R.A.F.T. facebook:

Tips for taking care of a baby

13. The Happiest Baby on the Block –>(affiliate link)- This is the one book both Andy and I read! Basically it describes why the first 3 months of an infants life are basically the 4th trimester and how the 5 S’s are the perfect recipe for calming a crying baby. The 5 S’s are: 1: Swaddling 2: Side/ stomach 3: Shushing 4: Swinging 5: Sucking At least for Max, swaddling, sucking, and shushing are the perfect combo!

14. Mama’s hair- If you have long hair, wear it in a pony tail or braid to bed. Baby boy has a good grasp and will get a hold of the hair mid nursing if it’s not out of the way. If I don’t do this, then I end up hunting for a hair thing like a maniac in the middle of the night with a crying baby on my hip… not fun. Major plus: my hair looks kind of fun the next morning with braid head. Side part and a few bobby pins… who needs a shower or a blow dryer with a baby?!

 15. I asked for new born tips on the C.R.A.F.T. facebook page… Check it out! There are lots more great ideas including jammies with zippers, phone app suggestions, gas drops, and gripe water + tons more. Lots more infant tips here!

Do you have any tips to add to the list? Did these things work for your infant? I’d really LOVE to hear!

8 Things I didn’t know about natural childbirth {+Our birth story}

Note: I’ve only given birth once and I chose to do it without drugs at a birthing center. With that said, these things might/ probably do happen with epidurals in a hospital setting, but I really don’t know. I’m going to share our birth story along with 8 things I didn’t realize happen during child birth! 

Oh and in between the story I’m sharing Maxwell Dorobek cuteness!

Max natural birth

Max’s official due date was March 15th. He graced us with his presence 8 days later early on March 23rd! Andy’s family was in town. His mama is a teacher in Oregon and always comes to Texas for her spring break. Andy’s brother is in college in NYC and was also in Texas for his spring break. Andy’s dad drove in town to see Casey. And, Russ, Andy’s other brother lives in Austin. All of that to say the birth story starts with a family dinner at a delicious Thai restaurant in Austin on Saturday March 22nd. (The Thai thing comes into play later.)

Natural child birth

After dinner, we decided to grab desert and tea at a cute little bakery down the street called Quacks. I nibbled on a tasty brownie, carrot cake, and the most delicious ginger cookie I’ve ever tasted. As a prego, going to the bathroom once an hour had become the new norm and I did my hourly deed to discover a waterfall gush of what I later determined was some good ol’ amniotic fluid.

1. Your water might break in a coffee shop with your in laws and be a huge gush, not just a little trinkle like people say.

Thankfully, I was wearing my prego uniform of black yoga pants and an over sized shirt and hid the gush well. I quietly told Andy I need to go home. Now. We didn’t even tell his fam. I guess at that point I wasn’t 100% sure if I peed on myself, was dying, or my water broke! It was late enough to play the “I’m so tired and pregnant card” and head home without anyone asking questions.

On our way home, more gushes happened in the car. Yea, I was sitting in a puddle of amniotic fluid. Cute, huh? I called the midwife in the car on the way home. She confirmed that my water had in fact broken and I was not dying. Thank goodness. I was not having any contractions and she told me to go home and get some rest. It was 11:00pm at this point.

natural birth

Andy was freaking out. Running around the house packing bags, asking me over and over if there is anything I need. I felt 100% normal at this point. No contractions. No nothing. Just an amniotic fluid waterfall an hour and half earlier. We decided to watch a little Netflix. Two episodes of the Office to be exact, and calm Andy down, haha! Then it started. A few little menstrual cramp like pains. Nothing crazy.

2. Contraction= menstrual cramp pain. But, the cramping pain gets worse and worse and worse.

By about 12:30am, I couldn’t lay in bed anymore. I was hot, then cold, then hot. Had to go to the bathroom. I was uncomfortable. Thank goodness the bathroom remodel is over and the floors are free of chipping paint! Oh and not only was I uncomfortable with the whole contraction thing, I was nauseous.

3. You might throw up during labor. And I don’t suggest eating spicy Thai food before you go into labor. 

natural birth

Laying on the bathroom floor felt the most comfortable to me because the tile was cold, my bathrobe was available, the bathtub was very near (for the puking) and the toilet was a necessity. Andy would bring me water and ask what he could do to help, but I kept thinking we would head to the birthing center and I would whip out all of my tricks (birthing ball and bag of goodies my friend put together for me). Andy was on the phone with the midwife who wanted my contractions to be one minute long and 4 minutes a part for one hour before I came to the birthing center.

4. Timing contractions is kind of impossible. At some point, I couldn’t talk anymore. Not to mention, contractions (at least for me) were not black and white. There was a lot of grey. It’s not like a contraction ended and I felt 100%. Communicating when a contraction started and stopped was tricky and really tricky for Andy, who was having to judge by my convulsing body or moans! 

All I can say is that I was getting less and less rest time and feeling more and more pain. Finally at about 6:00am Andy made the executive decision that we were going to the birthing center. He threw all of the bags he had packed the night before in the car and helped pathetic me into the car. Thankfully, there was no traffic and I laid the car seat back and attempted to breathe. Not a fun car ride. We beat the midwife to the center by about a minute. She opened the door, I sprinted to a bed, and delivered Max 4 minutes later! She put his sweet body on my belly and it was instant relief.

max and dad

5. You don’t have to physically push. Your body just does it. Oh and it does not hurt nearly as bad as the contractions. 

6. After you deliver the baby, your body shakes for what seems like forever (30 minutes?). It’s kind of scary, but apparently normal. 

7. After you deliver baby, you have to deliver the placenta. I had to get a shot of pitocin in my butt to help the placenta come faster. I was not expecting a shot! 

8. After placenta and baby are delivered, they mush on your uterus. This does not feel good. At all. 

natural birth

After all of the that, sweet baby is still laying on your belly, and they ask you to breastfeed him! And the baby does it! I was impressed. I thought Max was a genius… how in the world did he already know how to do that?! And the sweet little guy breastfed for about 2 hours!

Andy, Max, and I hung out at the birthing center all day. We did have 3 visitors, but mostly just enjoyed our time with the little guy and rested. My midwife took our vitals every hour and helped us get acquainted with the whole breast feeding thing. We were home by 6:00pm that evening. People keep asking me if I’d do it this way again… my answer is, “Absolutely!” I mean as long as there are no complications and everything goes as planned I would love to do the natural birth thing at my birthing center all over again. Although, next time I would insist that I go to the birthing center a little sooner :)

Did you have your baby a birthing center? Did these things happen to you? If you had your babe at a hospital with an epidural, do these things still happen? Or what about after a c-section? Is anyone super brave and had a home birth? I’d love to hear…


Psst… we are doing newborn pics today, check out some sneak peeks on instagram!

Bambino Update

The official due date is tomorrow, March 15th. Ahh! We are getting pretty anxious to meet the little dude! And honestly, as easy-ish as this pregnancy thing has been (knock on wood for an easy-ish delivery!), I’m ready to not have a giant belly and you know, park my car in the Target parking lot without getting stuck between car doors, ha! Oh and not having calf cramps anymore, that is a fun thought! Fingers crossed about those calf cramps. I’m not a fan. And on top of all of that, we get to smooch and cuddle our itty bitty human so very soon… It’s gonna be awesome!

Here’s a fun collage pic of the belly starting at 9 weeks!

Baby Dorobek


This was the first time I looked in the mirror and really noticed a bump! I was 17 weeks and in a public restroom, ha! (This was an instagram.)

Pregnant Jamie 17 weeks

I also thought it would be fun to do a little round up of all of the bambino related posts on C.R.A.F.T. so far. First thing is first, I spilled the baby beans to y’all on Sept. 24, 2013. I actually did a little foreshadowing earlier with gender reveal party ideas on Aug. 29th!

Baby Dorobek


Mama and I were excited about operation decorate a nursery, so the nursery plan happened quickly! I made a list of my 10 nursery must haves on Oct. 15th and oddly enough, I ended up sticking pretty much to the plan! I had to dress the bambino up in his first costume for Halloween. Andy loves when I dress him up too, ha! (Remember Fred Flintstone?!) We were Bob Ross, a happy little tree, and a squirrel! Oh and I rounded up 22 more fun pregnant Halloween costumes here. Here’s our family of 3 costume…

DIY family Halloween costume

October 18th was the very first baby craft… I gave a Craigslist rocking horse a makeover!

Before and after rocking horse makeover

Let’s see, then mama came to Austin and we made big progress on the nursery! We painted it white and deemed it the igloo. I added black vinyl triangles to the crib wall.

DIY nursery

Baby D got a crib and a mattress (those things should really be sold together!), and I started playing with accessories. (More on that here.)

DIY nursery ideas

We found a rug, mirror, space mobile, and did a little IKEA hack. (All of those DIY nursery deets here.) Oh and mom taught us a handy dandy trick to hang anything with 2 hooks!

Black and white nursery ideas

Then, we found out he was a he! And we decided to to a joint Andy b-day/ gender reveal party complete with a cotton candy machine and a giant pinta that fell on my head. You can see a few blue guys attempting to sprinkle out…

Gender reveal ideas


What’s next? With ugly sweater season upon us, I made the 3 of us some festive wear for 2 little Christmas shin digs we attended… Check out these awesome, DIY tacky Christmas sweaters! My sweater was a giant ornament complete with 3 little cacti at the bottom (Andy, me, bambino).

DIY Tacky Christmas sweaters

Me and 2 of my prego blog girls, threw ourselves a little B is for baby, blogger, book shower!

B is for baby shower ideasThen we needed a place to store all of those books, so Andy built and I painted some DIY ledge shelves for books and pictures… 7 shelves for $65 bucks!

DIY picture ledge shelves

Mama and I made super easy valances for the nursery… out of insulation and felt!

How to make easy valences

Then I had my first of 2 baby showers in my hometown of College Station! The shower was black and white and even had a DIY onesie station!

DIY black and white baby shower


The bambino and I went on a few plane rides throughout pregnancy (Minneapolis for Bloggy Boot camp, Anguila for fun, St. Barth’s for turkey day/ babymoon), and his last airplane ride was to Salt Lake City for the Cricut Explore launch party! I was 33 weeks prego! Oh and I crafted up a little embroidered burlap canvas for his room and that paper deer head is from the Cricut event!

nursery gallery wall

Mom and I did some more nursery work… we made envelope cushions for the IKEA hacked benches!

How to make envelope slip covers

I had my 2nd baby shower in Austin. It was crafty and star themed! Baby D is very loved (or uhh spoiled, he is after all, the first grand kid on both of our sides)! (More on that modern star themed baby shower here.)

Modern twinkle twinkle little star baby shower


I did 32 week maternity pictures with my fave local blog girls, Kristen! Love how they turned out!

Maternity pictures

What else, oh yea, Andy and I got a wild hair and decided to start a major bathroom remodel 8 weeks before baby is due! Ahhh! We ended up not doing as much of it ourselves as we would have liked, but we got it done! And I freakin. love. it. It’s so, so, so, much better. It’s beautiful! Andy snapped this pic of me and the bambino on our 67th trip to Home Depot in the 8 week period… I am 35 weeks pregnant in this one (that’s another instagram)!

Jamie Dorobek pregnant


And one last fancy 39.6 week pic for y’all… this was yesterday! I even posted a bare belly 39.6 week pic on instagram

Jamie Dorobek


Anyone else about to pop? I’d love to hear…