C.R.A.F.T. #90: Photo Cupcake Toppers

I meant to show y’all how to make these picture treat toppers in the 30th party detail post…slipped my mind. Oops.
Better late then never, right :)

Materials: Toothpicks, card stock, computer, printer, tape, glue stick

First, find a few pictures you like and throw them in a word document…Make the margins as big as possible to not waste paper :) Print out on card stock…

Cut out the pictures. Cut out card stock to fit the pictures. Tape a toothpick to the card stock then use the glue stick to glue the picture over the toothpick. It’s basically a toothpick sandwich :)
Super simple and very festive :) My favorite kind of crafts! Mix in the balloons toppers too…

Want to see more easy peasy cake toppers? or how about the 30th B-day cake catastrophe?!

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