C.R.A.F.T. #85: Waste Canvas and Free Patterns

How stinkin’ cute are these? A polka dotted dinosaur and a peace sign cross stitched on a onesie. Adorbs. If I do say so myself!

Cross stitch patterns

Here is what you need (minus the book):

  • DMC Floss (you will use only 3 of the 6 strands at a time)
  • small hoop
  • 10 count tear away waste canvas
  • onesie
  • cross-stitch patten 


Waste canvas cross stitch
Center and baste stitch or pin waste canvas onto onesie…
Waste canvas cross stitch
Waste canvas cross stitch

My mom and Annie are using pins.

 free cross stitch patterns
Next, find the center of your pattern. My mom always starts with the center stitch. If you have no idea how to cross stitch Mochimochi has a great beginner tutorial.
cross stitch patterns
cross stitch patterns


cross stitch patterns


cross stitch patterns


cross stitch patterns

Tweeze out the waste canvas from the cross stitched design.

cross stitch patterns
Hang up to dry and you’re done.
free cross stitch patterns

You can make your own patterns or use a pre made pattern. Annie decided to make these patterns after we could not find anything we really loved in the books or online. Annie is pretty nice, and decided to share with everyone.

Download the peace sign pattern {here
Free cross stitch pattern
Download the polka dotted dino {here}
Free cross stitch pattern

Tomorrow I’ll show you how we (ok, fine Annie) made the patterns! Have you ever heard of waste canvas? Are you cross stitcher?  Needle pointer? How many cross stitched things are in your house? I have 8 at the moment, all made by mama.



  1. This is so neat… think I may have to give it a try!

  2. Yea!!!! Bronto made the blog! He looks so cute up there…and the peace sign is pretty awesome if I do say so myself! Haha :) Such a fun craft night project. I think I have more patterns to send you!

  3. So cute….

  4. Hey Jamie, don't you need that stabilizer stuff for the back? I'm just thinking that commercial things I've seen have used it.

  5. We made 5 waste canvas onesies and did not use any stabilizer… not to say that you can't, I'll ask my mom :) My one concern would be, how does it come off after you cross stitch it? Waste canvas soaks away in warm water.

  6. Sorry, I should be more clear. Stabilizer is on the *inside* of the shirt. So the sandwich is as follows: stabilizer underneath, shirt on top, cross stitch on the shirt. Get it? :o)

    So if you ever see a shirt with what looks like a stitched logo on the chest, flip it inside out and check out the stabilizer.

    I think the stabilizer makes sure the shirt doesn't pucker where the stitching is. You know, keeps it flat.

  7. I love this idea. Thanks for the tut.

  8. You can buy an iron on type backing to use as a stabilizer at Joanns for like $2 a yard or less. It just irons on and fuses to the fabric. Hope this helps

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