C.R.A.F.T. # 71: Suspended Desk– Part 3

We built a suspended desk that hangs from our wall. Yep, we’re officially nuts. Here’s the original plan,  desk dilemmapart 1, and part 2, of the desk building soap opera  Today we’re tackling part 3, the finishing touches (minus a knob issue)!

How to build a desk
  Part 2 left off here:
How to build a desk

The staining of the desk was a smelly, semi-awful project since we could not take the desk outside. It’s attached to the wall, remember? We opened all the windows and doors, but the fumes stayed for days! Please, please stain your wood before you attach it to your wall.

How to build a desk

We did 3 coats of stain on the tops and sides…

How to build a desk

Next, we cut and sanded the both of the cabinet door pieces:

How to build a desk
 Then, we used this awesome stuff my dad told us about it called Band It.  It worked wonders and looks great… I highly recommend Band-It veneer binding for all your binding needs!
How to build a desk
To use Band It, you need a razor blade, iron, and aluminum foil.
 How to build a desk
I’ve got big plans brewing for the left overs!
How to build a desk
Andy was really diggin’ the Band It!
How to build a desk

The aluminum foil protects the iron from the glue from the veneer… Use the iron on the veneer for about 20 seconds…

How to build a desk

Use the razor blade to cut off the extra:

How to build a desk

The edge of the ply wood looks fancy, don’t you agree?

How to build a desk
And here she lives, in her suspended glory… oh i love her!
How to build a desk
What do you think? Do you want a suspended desk? Have you ever used Band It? Do you own a Dremel? It’s small, powerful tool that can do anything… I’m serious!
How to build a desk
Knob issue: The knobs in the picture are not in working order… they have already fallen off and taken back to Hobby Lobby! The BF broke them both during installation. I saw these super cute, white animal head knobs at Anthropologie…but, they were $20 bucks a piece! Does anyone have any good knob suggestions for my lovely new desk? *The knob issue has been resolved!


  1. Wow – great job! I love the idea of a floating desk with floating shelves! The chair completes the look – this looks awesome!

  2. Check Etsy!!! I've seen some absolutely adorable knobs there and on Artfire.

  3. The whole desk area looks great. I love the shelves. I would love for you to link to We're Organized Wednesday if you get the chance.

  4. This looks fantastic! Thanks for the tutorial on the veneer. I will have to try that sometime. :)

  5. I am in LOVE with this desk! It is so neat!

  6. AMAZING! I'll be showing this to my husband later tonight with a very big grin on my face 😉

  7. Hello!! I'm a new follower and love your desk! looks great!!


  8. hiya , great idea and tutorial, love your pantone chair and your doiley banner sooo cute all in all great mac station , tfs , i am visiting from someday crafts and am your newest follower maybe you will pop by mine and follow too

  9. looks awesome! Make your shells into some cool knobs! haha!

  10. WOW I love it! Love the chair too (so jealous!)…it goes perfectly with the desk! Really great job!

  11. you could buy plastic animal toys, cut the heads off and spray paint them white (with that paint made for plastics), drill a hole in the back & install just like regular knobs! Love the floating desk!

  12. what a great idea,,I never thought of a floating desk..

  13. What a fun idea, love it floating! Thanks for linking up to Beyond the Picket Fence.

  14. What an awesome job you did!!! The whole area looks great!

  15. What drew me to your desk is the Pantone chair. I have a thing for Pantone chairs and sadly none in my house – yet.

    Is there some way you can spray paint animal head kid's toys and glue a screw on the back and use it for knobs? Otherwise I might just eat the price and buy the Anthro knobs since you only need 2.

  16. Love it, especially the pairing of the white chair. I would be soooo tempted to pile stuff underneath, but it looks so great just hanging there!

  17. I am in love with this desk!!! Such a neat idea and gives you plenty of room underneath on the floor! Love it! Stopping by from House of Hepworths today! :-)

  18. I really love this floating desk. The chair looks perfect with it!

  19. Saw your feature on HOH… LOVE this floating desk! How awesome!!


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